Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 351

Hears Ye to speak, all people were peaceful, nobody spoke, this was the status of superior, if the average person spoke, everybody can your my. However the superior speech, that cannot some people interrupt, cannot some people speak. Ye only said three characters, but all people completely looked to him. Ye, what do you have to instruct?” Ye Wan compares to respect Ye clearly, after all she is also an member of Ye, although Ye had not saved her in the past, but she can understand Ye then idea. After all although Ye is formidable, but they do not want, because Ye Wan offends Hidden Sect clearly. Moreover Ye afterward as compensation, made her become the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office department head, therefore she has not gone to blame the meaning of Ye. Graceful clear, I know that the past matter you blamed Ye not to act.” Ye light saying, his sound is very vigorous, one listens to know that is Expert. Ye, I have not blamed Ye.” Ye Wan clear does not know why Ye will mention this matter, but she has not thought. Since you have not blamed Ye, why must handle such excessive matter.” Ye coldly looks that Ye Wan said clearly, a moment ago kind he, suddenly the sound became ice-cold: Graceful clear, Ye these years have not treated unjustly you, for these years Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office each time is first from the bottom, the mission completion quantity is also worst, what has Ye said to you?” Ye, I? I think that entire China should have compared with my mission quantity low person, but why can you solely look for my trouble?” Ye Wan clearly is not a vegetarian, although she respects Ye, but this does not represent her quite to bully. I acknowledged that has the mission quantity to lower compared with you, but you have a look at your this areas, altogether four places, why their three places will isolate you, you should better seek the reason from your body, moreover I heard that your person the person leg that Operations Office specially participated in the competition has broken, what was your this?” Ye reproved. Ye, rubbish I not to say that you were an elder, I do not want to go to go bad your reputation, that side that cheap person has given you advantage, why in I tell you my person to break them to locate now the legs of these people, this floppy disk you can go back to look slowly that is hand that who moved first, was purity that in the stubble that who looked for recorded.” Ye Wan threw on a floppy disk Ye front table clearly.

She knows that Ye received certainly the thing of opposite party, otherwise is impossible so to aim at itself. Deeping frown of Xia Tian, wants to go forward, but actually clearly held on by Ye Wan. Good! Ye, your family work we, no matter, your several can process in private, today is the region competition, now the time also arrived, I think that can start to compete.” Dragon Group Captain Dragon Baichuan broke the deadlock. He knows, if do not open the mouth, perhaps here also really will hit, they come not to stir up trouble, but is wants the result. Their several are the referees, which for determines these four team fiercely. They went back only to need that quota to go back to be OK. Ye, your temperament was really bigger and bigger, among youngster unavoidably boisterous and frivolous.” Saying of military region Senior Official Yu Xiao cloud face smiling face, he looks like very friendly, moreover he also looked at a Xia Tian position. Good, first competes, will have anything to compete will say from now on again.” Ye nodded. Operations Office department head has been seeing a play specially, Ye received his thing, truly spoke for her, but this is insufficient, she must make Ye Wan pay the price clearly. „The Baishan filial piety for first, the elders does not know the person who respect, does not have the human nature simply, no wonder each time competes must take first from the bottom.” Specially Operations Office saying of department head coldly. I could not bear, you sang a duet, had? Compares the non- ratio, whose today comes to be fiercer than mouth? We admitted defeat, your broken fronts probably are rent, BB cannot die, but also any Baishan filial piety for first, him is your father, you such lick to him.” Xia Tian goes forward to say directly.

Has saying that the Xia Tian words said was really too coarse, this is not has been fighting darkly, Xia Tian was cursing at people. Moreover a few words gave to scold Ye and Operations Office department heads specially. Dissolute!” Ye a racket table has stood directly, both eyes look angrily at Xia Tian. Some do unexpectedly people dare to scold him? Moreover scolded was so coarse. All people were all shocked, person corners of the mouth in several other places are twitching, but Xia Tian behind these brothers all with admiring the vision looks at Xia Tian, Ye Wan clearly was also shocked. She first time sees Xia Tian such direct cursing at people. Xia Tian this person is very simple, he has his bottom line, anybody cannot move his bottom line, after his father died, he has treated in the Young Aunt family, although he usually also bickers with Young Aunt, but nobody can bully Young Aunt. I was dissolute, again?” Xia Tian similarly is coldly looks at Ye. Leaf always what person? Ye one of the ten big elders, China altogether dozens special Operations Office, however the China Ye has ten elders. Xia Tian is just specially the Operations Office chief teacher, the status has not compared the Ye Wan clear this department head, his status could not compare Ye, but his unexpectedly dares such to speak with Ye. This is disrespectful.

Your unexpectedly dares to provoke the dignity of Ye.” The meaning of Ye such speech is, I am the honor of Ye, you such spoke to me, was hitting the face of Ye. „Do you fool me with the given name of Ye?” Smiling that a Xia Tian face ponders. Ha Ha Ha Ha, did you call Xia Tian?” The Senior Official Yu Xiao cloud of that military region laughs is looking to Xia Tian. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Really with legend is same, youth.” Senior Official helpless shaking the head of that military region, looked continues to say afterward to Ye: Ye, did your also age, what air/Qi fight with the children? Gives me a face, this matter.” „?” Ye turns the head to look that asked to the military region Senior Official Yu Xiao cloud: Staff Officer in, are you very ripe with him?” No, I am also first time see him, but Xia Tian is the celebrity in our southeast military region, our old fogies very like his.” In the Yu Xiao Yun Hua meaning was saying that big figure of Xia Tian on military region with me had the relations. This gave Xia Tian to put on the mysterious air imperceptibly, moreover this also to a Xia Tian backer. Told Ye, you had Ye Jia to support, Xia Tian also had Senior Official of southeastern military region to support, if really fought, that result was uncertain.