Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 352

Xia Tian has Senior Official of military region to support, this has to make that group of person innermost feelings start to whisper, actually this Xia Tian is what status, why he can know that Senior Official of military region, is the red two generations? Ye is also a brow wrinkle, right, Ye truly big enterprise has lots of assets, but with several greater military area true these Chief, does not have the means to place on a par. If beforehand Xia Tian is one is also small in his eyes, that present Xia Tian had enough and his coordinated status. Most at least he used the reputation of Ye unable to suppress Xia Tian. But presses the opposite party words by own strength, some took advantage of own seniority. People in other three places are also surprised look at Xia Tian, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly knew with Senior Official of military region. Snort!” Ye Lao cold snort, no longer spoke, although he can not look for Xia Tian has troubled, however his imposing manner cannot be weak, otherwise others think that he has feared Xia Tian. Xia Tian is also disinclined to pay attention to him. You, but also really can annoy troublesome.” Ye Wan clear helpless shaking the head, she understands that Xia Tian raises one's head for her scolds Ye. Looks in front of one this look at Xia Tian that grows up, Ye Wan felt clearly suddenly Xia Tian looked like that person probably more and more, initial Xia Tianlong single-handedly killed Hidden Sect for her. Who made them dare to bully Young Aunt you, you made me do not annoy troublesome, I came up to punch.” Xia Tian extends the fist to say. Knows that you loved dearly Young Aunt, met you to be certainly careful, I estimated after their three places went, certainly jointly will cope with us, although the weapon did not have the real bullet, but I was afraid them to use any trick, careful point for wonderful.” The Ye Wan clear reminder said. Relax, they dare to look for trouble, I made them all die in battle in inside.” Xia Tian self-confident saying, when he noticed that the battlefield is half jungle and halfway up the mountainside fight, he knows one won. The jungle warfare is he frequently the subject of training in the military region.

He pursues 20 international mercenary time is also the jungle warfare. All personnel equip well-dressed, this time mission transmits the information, in this altogether ten information posts, but only then three information real, attains the real information, and defense of crossing over inside these armies, reach the destination passes, decides the position at the time.” Dragon Group Captain Dragon Baichuan said. Inside has a military strength of group, you carefully, if were killed eliminated, if some people continue to give the information or the report information after elimination, that team will directly be eliminated.” Yu Xiao Yun Yansu looked that said to people. Time, only then earliest through that team is first, has the opportunity to attend specially the district competition and final of Operations Office.” Saying of Ye coldly, he looked that has not gone to look at Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office. The competition of special Operations Office can be divided into region to compete, district competition and final final. Has first of each group to be promoted. Puts on the equipment!” Xia Tian waved to say to all people, but he arrived to place the local time of guns, he suddenly discovered own here (spear|gun) unexpectedly is old, when he touches on the (spear|gun)'s body discovered that all (spear|gun)s had been fudged: Senior Official, what is this, old I did not say that every time had been fudged the (spear|gun), this cannot hit the bullet.” This, spear head was crooked, is this, the telescopic sights is aiming at own pants crotch?” Xia Tian takes up 11 saying these (spear|gun)s. Dragon Group the staff officer Yu Xiao cloud of Leader Dragon Baichuan and military region turned the head to look to Ye, because today's guns are he arrange. Is your this old fogy, you play was also too dirty.” Xia Tian looks that Ye said. This time Ye blushed the neck root, he was makes the person attempt to pervert in the bullet wound, but has not thought of unexpectedly looking by Xia Tian. Comes the person, changed the (spear|gun).” The Yu Xiao cloud of military region said.

Senior Official, to change (spear|gun), must go to the recent ordnance depot, there arrives at this back and forth to take four hours.” Ok, gives me ten minutes.” Xia Tian does not want to wait for four hours, he disassembles these (spear|gun)s completely, afterward reorganizes the (spear|gun), although finally discarded five (spear|gun)s, but can divide in everyone to well. However Sniper Rifle can only have one, Xia Tian were remaining, he gave the big cow one to clash. Other person of each people is a submachine gun, the pistol, although has not arranged, but also was average per person one person of one. This time Ye probably is a mean villain is always same before the people, but Xia Tian is the prime minister of that big stomach, not only has not haggled over with him, but also reorganized the (spear|gun). Like this their equipment must fall behind other three locate. Sees Xia Tian their equipment, specially Operations Office a smiling face of department head face ridicule. In inside competion is (spear|gun), they are incomplete the (spear|gun), but also how the ratio, the battle efficiency dropped a scale directly. Although equipment of Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office compared with others' difference, but they have been full of confidence, because they have the perfection war-god, chief teacher Xia Tian. All careful.” Ye Wan looks at the people to say clearly. keep it up.” Lin Bingbing has gesticulated a keep it up hand signal to Xia Tian. Xia Tian nodded. Four places enter from four entrances respectively, the distances between these four entrances have about four kilometers, separated such for does not make them just go in has the fight.

However the person in that three place has arranged to go in starts their there to outflank to Xia Tian. All people are listening, except for (spear|gun) and bullet, all threw to me.” After Xia Tian goes , the first order discards heavy item, and will make the people carry a heavy load also all tears down. The present is this giving full play time. Jiang Hai City especially Operations Office must make them all be shocked. Starts!” Xia Tian issues an order, all people all forward run. This speed, full speed, Xia Tian their running speeds it can be said that go against heaven's will absolutely, their several person each people have tied up one week of carrying a heavy load, now will carry a heavy load to cast off, that simply is relaxed incomparable, the speed did not know quickly many. Xia Tian knows certainly that three places must outflank oneself here, therefore he must all first to run the encirclement ring, otherwise the bedding bag gathers round hits, but had the bad dish. „Doesn't teacher, we do them?” The big cow looked that asked to Xia Tian. Good, you go, we walk first.” Xia Tian looked at big cow one to say. Volume!” Big cow awkward flexure continued to follow difficultly: Wait / Etc. I, teacher.” Bang! At this moment an explosive sound remembers, at the same time two people flew.