Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 353

Two person's shadows that flew a moment ago, one is seven groups of Leader, one is Xia Tian, when seven groups of Leader stepped on the land mine, Xia Tian flew, carried off him using the tiny step. Like this they were separated to explode. Although the land mine is also fake, is the acting in a play special-purpose thunder, but it has her wounding range similarly, so long as in paintball by land mine were exploded, that was eliminated. Shouted! Narrow squeak.” Seven groups of Leader have patted their chest. All people alert, here is a mine field . Moreover the explosion has certainly brought in many guards, fast hiding, hits one wave first, later changes the place fast.” Xia Tian shouts loudly. All people all left their position, seeks for the best fight place to hide. After five minutes, a squad appears here, the population of squad is only 20 people. Bang! With a gunshot, all members open fire together. Round has annihilated the squad of place. Brothers, you died in battle, in this honest is staying.” Xia Tian has said a hello with the person of that squad, afterward gave several other people to gesticulate a hand signal, was makes them lay a mine, with making booby mine. Makes the booby mine using the deceased person, this is the meanest method, but also is the most useful method. After one minute, the booby mine and land mine bury completely, this was Xia Tian on them all land mines and anti-tank grenades. Received their (spear|gun), received their anti-tank grenades , to continue to go forward.” Xia Tian they change the (spear|gun) finally, besides Xia Tian, several other people cheerful received the (spear|gun) of that squad. The person of that squad noticed that Xia Tian their movement very admires, but makes them come, when the corpse makes the booby mine, this little was too truly mean, but they have also studied one move Xia Tian here.

Xia Tian their this squads continue to go forward. After five minutes, people in other three places all came. Person?” Hangzhou Operations Office teacher looked asked specially to that the soldier of several dying in battle. Excuse me, we died in battle.” That several soldiers said. ***, Our teacher teachers asked your anything, you replied anything on the line.” A person reminded the soldier of that dying in battle directly. Bang! Rumbling rumbling! A series of explosive sounds transmit. All people all throw to the distant place. Mahler desert, that group of fellow unexpectedly dare to be cloudy we.” Hangzhou Operations Office teacher cursed angrily one specially. Inventory died in battle the population!” The Zhejiang sea city Operations Office teacher said specially loudly. Report teacher, our three places altogether lost ten people, Operations Office died in battle eight people specially.” That soldier reported. What?” The Zhejiang sea city Operations Office teacher, surprised shouting, unexpectedly died in battle these many people specially, moreover Operations Office unexpectedly died in battle eight people specially. Report teacher, Operations Office person all stood on the land mine specially, a moment ago was also the land mine that they detonated, in addition front booby mine, they exploded was so miserable.” That soldier continues to report.

Idiot, are you idiots?” The Zhejiang sea city Operations Office teacher looks at these people specially angrily, although they are two personnel, but does not need to make these many mistakes. That several person a few words do not dare to say. Hateful, you follow in behind of team, do not die again, otherwise your department heads should say that we harmed this you.” The Zhejiang sea city Operations Office teacher said to that two people who is only saving specially. If on whole army has been annihilated, they were eliminated now, last fell on the body of their specially Operations Office. Meanwhile, outside these people received the latest information. Operations Office died in battle eight people specially, Zhejiang sea city Operations Office died in battle one person specially, Hangzhou Operations Office died in battle one person specially, Jiang Hai City Operations Office died in battle zero person specially.” The record operators were reporting. What?” Specially Operations Office inconceivable of department head face. Was good, your crude person, never has any experience, definitely hit a mine.” The Zhejiang sea city Operations Office department head answered specially, he knows that the temperament of opposite party, the natural disposition was oversuspicious, if he did not explain, the opposite party also really thinks that was he with Hangzhou specially Operations Office department head about plotting to murder the opposite party. I think that your remaining that two people should be protected by our people, relax, will not make you first from the bottom.” Hangzhou Operations Office department head said specially. He also only pledged that gives the specially Operations Office department head is not first from the bottom. Does attractively.” Ye Wan clear there was very actually happy. Should be Xia Tian they do?” Lin Bingbing asked in a low voice. Certainly is, their three places united, will therefore have such loss.” Ye Wan answered clearly. Today's region match is really splendid, but also less than a half hour has eliminated ten people.” Captain Dragon Baichuan excited saying of Dragon Group, but has not entered the reconnaissance scope of miniature reconnaissance aircraft now, therefore they could not have seen inside situation.

Certainly is that boy does.” Saying of staff officer Yu Xiao cloud face smiling face. Snort!” Ye Lao cold snort, anything had not said. This time competition region. „! The teachers, you said that explosion can kill several moment ago?” Seven groups of Leader excited saying. I manage his several, must kill their this fellows in any case, did you see the front that information post?” Xia Tian has referred to a front information post. Teacher, have we carried it?” Fool, carried it, tempted that fellows to swallow the bait with anything, here altogether three real information, this has abandoned in any case, we circled to front, then laid down the booby mine, after waiting for that fellows to carry the information post, we started, only hit one round, fired off runs.” Saying that a Xia Tian face badly smiles. Words this side that he such makes will not have any loss, moreover after the enemy was hit, definitely will pursue, the booby mine is Xia Tian gives their another big ritual. Really does not leave Xia Tian to expect, that group of people came. They see the information post, starts to arrange the combat to capture, wants to take this information post at one fell swoop. You listened to me, saw that specially Operations Office two people? They should die in battle eight a moment ago, this our goal is they, first blew away these two fellows.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. He has not thought that pile of thunder unexpectedly had killed the specially Operations Office eight people a moment ago, this group of person also too idiots. The remaining these two, he must smash at one fell swoop, making that Operations Office vixen department head find the place to cry specially.