Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 354

Although person Xia Tian in that three place do not like, but he most repugnant is specially Operations Office department head, that is a vixen, Xia Tian really does not do clearly, how this person becomes long. Actually was damaged what by him. Thinks of here, Xia Tian really very much admired Ye Wan to be clear, Ye Wan was this specially Operations Office department head clearly, has been very incorruptible, otherwise the family property already crossed hundred million. Special Operations Office, that is the organization that investigates the Jiang Hai City important person. Others give a present casually can over a billion. Ye Wan is clear, although is also very rich, however her these money do not have with Operations Office relations specially, goes by car that money, she not from specially Operations Office. Xia Tian believes that the people in other three places ride over over a million car(riage)s to come absolutely, only then Ye Wan is clear they to ride the bus to come. Operations Office personnel had been broken the leg by Xia Tian specially, although the Xia Tian under extreme methods, however in three months should not be, therefore in they locate is two personnel. How these two personnel possibly compare with a personnel, first did not say the experience, solely is the strength and vigilance completely not in a scale. If a specially Operations Office personnel, that bomb could not injure the fourth person a moment ago absolutely, but that group of fool unexpectedly stand, had been exploded complete by the bomb. The teams of ten people, exploded eight directly, this did not have the brain. Now specially Operations Office person also remaining two, these two people were the Xia Tian goal: Left that turns over to me, meets you to hit right that makes into the hornet's nest to me him.” Xia Tian remembers that the right that fellow, just started Ye Wan mild Department Head Operations Office to quarrel specially, he even also wants to come out to begin, but by specially Operations Office department head blocking. The following that 20 people have been ready completely.

The place that they hide is very good. In this information post has a company military strength, more than 100 people, they go on patrol in all directions, are guarding the information post. The Hangzhou Operations Office chief teacher has the patience specially, he had not shouted begins, but is investigating, was quick he to gesticulate a hand signal to the people, this was the China military hand signal, the meaning is, three minutes traded wavelet, ten minutes traded a big wave, changing players time had three seconds of neutral, they began in the next three seconds. They must begin, gives me the spirit, after they begin, we begin.” Xia Tian said to the people in a low voice. Although Xia Tian does not like the person in that three place, but they truly is a skilled person, the physical quality of everyone, is very rich with the operational experience, their nobody falls behind, be only Operations Office the speed of that two person slightly was specially slow. Without exposition, they do not use the (spear|gun), is only the flash, they did upside-down 20 people, but in this time specially Operations Office in which person, to retreat time has kicked down a jar, so peaceful time, the jar but actually, that is also very big sound. Idiot!” The Hangzhou Operations Office chief teacher cursed angrily one specially, therefore all person together to open fire. Ping! The snipers also start to begin, the position that all people fight is very good, mutual covered advance. After five minutes, the fight ended. Zhejiang sea city Operations Office died in battle them specially, they altogether died in battle three people, the Zhejiang sea city Operations Office chief teacher looks specially angrily that kicks down the person of jar: You just buy the soy sauce, because my person actually you died in battle, this is the last time, next time I will meet to open fire to kill you.” Other people have not spoken, they stared that two person one eyes. At this moment!

Bang! Xia Tian to open fire, a Xia Tian (spear|gun) has hit directly on the head of that specially Operations Office member. Hits!” The Xia Tian to open fire flash, the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person simultaneously to open fire, their goals have one specially, is other that specially Operations Office person. The flash, over a hundred paintball hit on that person of body. Here has the small reconnaissance aircraft, outside these people can see here situation clearly. Including their this combats, when that person kicks down the jar, Operations Office department head specially is specially awkward, but everybody does not have to complain about her, but takes the first information post with great difficulty. Operations Office person the person projected in the head specially. Meanwhile, they saw most surprised that. Sees only the final that specially Operations Office person, was hit over a hundred paintball from top to bottom, the whole person is buried by the smog. Operations Office, eliminates specially.” The broadcast announced at the same time Operations Office eliminates specially. In other words specially Operations Office was of subregion match first from the bottom. Hears this news time, the department head entire body of Operations Office has gotten down specially directly weak, for this competition, she gave many gifts, including the Zhejiang sea city specially Operations Office department head and Hangzhou specially Operations Office department head. Also because she has given a present, therefore the person of that two team will protect two people who in their team only saves.

That two people but who now only saves also died in battle, her opportunity did not have, the broadcast announced that this time region matches is specially Operations Office first from the bottom, how this may make her gain ground. She always laughs at Ye Wan to be clear before, today she obtained the retribution finally. She hates, she sees clearly, saw Xia Tian in the reconnaissance aircraft their form, her final that two people they were eliminated by Xia Tian, moreover these people also flog a corpse. Has hit her subordinate over a hundred paintball. Withdraw!” Xia Tian issues an order, all people all start. In there, pursues to me.” Hangzhou Operations Office department head shouts specially loudly, saw Xia Tian with great difficulty their trace, how he possibly lets off Xia Tian they. Bang! The quickest that two people of running directly by the booby mine that Xia Tian they laid down eliminating. Stops!” Hangzhou Operations Office department head shouts specially hurriedly: Goes back with the information.” He knows that front definitely also has booby mine, continued to pursue is impossible to overtake, moreover had eliminated a moment ago them, they now altogether only remaining 16 people, although also had the superiority, but he wants to fight steadily, the most minimum information must succeed in obtaining. Teacher, really satisfied a craving.” Seven groups of Leader excited saying. At this moment Xia Tian saw a grasshopper, Xia Tian has been raising up the middle finger to the grasshopper: Vixen, your person was all eliminated, you can start to be unruly.”