Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 355

The Xia Tian hand signal and words all looked in another clearly. Grasshopper outside these referees and several Department Head Operations Office watch with specially the stage prop, in the entire battlefield has dozens grasshoppers, this reconnaissance aircraft saw Xia Tian a moment ago the picture of their team. Therefore the record operator enlarged this video recording. Finally he just an enlargement, saw Xia Tian has been raising up the middle finger to the scene, moreover his words were saying specially Operations Office department head obviously. Operations Office department head wishes one could Xia Tian swallow raw and whole specially at this time, her whole face angry looks at the video, both hands make a fist, is nipping own tooth tightly. Xia Tian, I pledged that I must kill you.” Specially Operations Office department head innermost feelings angry was roaring. However she a few words in the reality had not said that because she speaks now is bringing contempt upon oneself simply, Operations Office turned specially first from the bottom, she felt that treats here is one shame, but she also has to stay behind, because competed had not finished. Who looks to her time, she felt that in the eye of opposite party has filled the ridicule and disdaining, although this merely is her idea. This boy.” Staff officer Yu Xiao cloud helpless shaking the head of military region. „His is to irritate that fellow.” Ye Wan shows a faint smile clearly. Was too mischievous.” Lin Bingbing light saying. Scene Xia Tian and the others in continued, here altogether ten information, but three are the real information, that he did not know a moment ago real, but he calculated that. In other words outside the present are least also two real information, they must find one in that two real information fast. Then leaves here, achieves the success of competition.

Teacher, how do we look?” All people looked to Xia Tian. You in this I.” The Xia Tian both feet makes an effort slightly, afterward the whole person jumped up directly a tree, his hands and feet and using, several tuck dive arrived at the most peak of tree, sees Xia Tian such skill, the following that several people are admire must die. Xia Tian that several seethed a moment ago, came compared with the monkey simply flexible. After Xia Tian arrived at the top of the tree, looked to the distant place, afterward jumped down directly: Left front ten o'clock directions, advance.” Hears the Xia Tian words, all people all go forward. My goodness, unexpectedly with this means that I first time saw that some people use this means to look for the information post, he should hold the beginning.” Dragon Group Captain Dragon Baichuan noticed that the method of Xia Tian use said. That reconnaissance meter with Xia Tian they, on Xia Tian the scene of tree it only had patted half a moment ago, but everybody understands that he was doing. I hear this boy , in military region is the wicked idea are many, he once by a person of strength has destroyed completely international most famous hired the Mercenary Group scorpion 20 people of squads.” Military region saying of staff officer Yu Xiao Yun Dandan. Snort, boasted, scorpion was in international mercenary the topest person, killed 20 scorpions to hire the Mercenary Group person by a person of strength, this was impossible.” Saying that Ye taunted, he knows that the scorpion hired Mercenary Group. He he.” The staff officer Yu Xiao cloud of military region has sneered: Possibly, possibly is Senior Official of our southeast military region likes boasting, the Special Force teaching material of our southeast military region possibly is also Senior Official blows.” Hears the Yu Xiao cloud the words, Ye naturally understood his meaning: I also did not say Senior Official of military region.” Lao in, I had heard your military region Special Force teaching material, probably is the video recording of actual combat is right?” Dragon Group Leader Dragon Baichuan turns the head to ask. Right, records, moreover is that 20 scorpions of Xia Tian to fighting hires the video recording of Mercenary Group person in the jungle warfare, that simply is the perfect textbook.” Staff officer Yu Xiao Yun Keshi of military region have looked at these videos with own eyes, at that time he was shocked completely.

He looked repeatedly more than ten. Not is only he, these Senior Official also tossing about of military region looks. Has the opportunity I also to have a look.” Dragon Group Leader Dragon Baichuan said. This I may unable to take responsibility, above Senior Official said that this is the textbook video of southeast military region, the person except for southeast military region, no one is good looks.” The staff officer Yu Xiao cloud of military region said. Their dialog all people heard. Hangzhou Operations Office department head then understands why specially Xia Tian has Senior Official of military region to cover. Specially Operations Office department head, in eye, only then hates. Has not thought that this boy unexpectedly rushed out such big reputation in the army.” Ye Wan clearly is also first time hears reputation of Xia Tian in army. He only left less than two months, but his unexpectedly rushed to such big reputation there, was really the wolf good world eats the meat, the dog good world eats S.” Lin Bingbing says with emotion, Xia Tian is that wolf, where regardless of he arrives at to have the meat to eat, can rush out a reputation. Said that Xia Tian is your there King of Soldiers?” Dragon Group Leader Dragon Baichuan asked. No, King of Soldiers is just his little brother.” Yu Xiao Yun Shenmi saying. Inspects in the region. Xia Tian and the others the rapid march, the speed is fast, in running, Xia Tian has issued the operating instructions to them, the opposite party definitely has not thought that they such quickly can come here, therefore Xia Tian plans to hit opposite party one unexpectedly, takes this information place directly.

After ten minutes, they saw the exact location of that information place, all people flushed fast, although they are very tired, so long as Xia Tian does not stop, their nobody can rest. This is the execution. Two strengths that in a team most needs are, cohesive force and execution. The cohesive force unifies in everybody together, this can display 100% strengths, the execution is a soul of team, if no execution, that this team is in a state of disunity. Xia Tian gets rid to be heavy, he to avoid these people have gone bad the custom, therefore he gets rid knocks down the opposite party. The small reconnaissance meter cannot follow the Xia Tian speed, does not pay attention, Xia Tian did not have the shade, therefore it can only photograph most people's movement. After five minutes, the fight ended, a useless (spear|gun) ball. Your several, the speed was too slow, I have overthrown 60, your several add 30.” Xia Tian discontented saying. Teacher, was not we were too slow, was you were too quick, we just with, you did not have the shade, can only see the ground to lie down more than ten individuals.” Seven groups of Leader suffering from injustice saying. First has a look at the information, does not know really or false.” Xia Tian and the others took the information, is an envelope, envelope inside has a paper, Xia Tian rips open the envelope directly.