Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 356

When Xia Tian opened the letter that flash to be shocked, all was one pile of digit, these digit he could not understand. „Can anyone of you understand?” Xia Tian with looked at to other people the figure, but all people shook the head, does not understand that these digit are any things. Teacher, this probably is a code, but we do not understand these.” Seven groups of Leader depressed saying. „The real information and phony intelligence we do not know, but also plays a wool.” Xia Tian looks the information in own hand soon collapsed, how outside these referees actually think! Outside Xia Tian their here situations saw. Three referees, your what is this?” Ye Wan clear coldly looks to three people. This is the static electricity password, decodes Ye to send is right.” Dragon Group Leader Dragon Baichuan spoke of here time turned the head to look to Ye. I forgot!” Ye awkward saying. Forgot? Did their there you also forget?” Ye Wan clear expression ice-cold asking. Morning that they come, I gave them, evening that you came, therefore forgot.” Ye very optional saying. Ye, do you do a little are perhaps atypical?” Yu Xiao Yun Buman looked that said to Ye, Ye this is wants pit Jiang Hai City Operations Office, unexpectedly not to tell others the decoding obvious specially, how this makes others distinguish true and false. Forgot to forget, that Xia Tian was not the skill is big, making him try to find the solution.” Saying that Ye disdains. At this moment recorded inside Xia Tian to raise up the middle finger to the video recording once more. Old bastard, the lowly person, I knows that definitely is the ghost who you do, good, since you want to play, the father accompanies you to play all the way, I did not believe me to carry all information posts, took all information, did not have.” Xia Tian said that an silver needle projects, went bad camera of instrument directly.

Since he must play, that naturally cannot make this fellows see one are how dry. Your several, investigate the situation to me, has walked forward, the exit / to speak there, you direct in the past, the anti-tank grenade and land mine that will seize a moment ago all buries to me thereby, the more better, there conceal I, I must play with them ruthlessly.” The Xia Tian order said. Teacher, we go with you together!” You are treating, words that I go , the speed is fast enough, I estimated that your Thunder Maihao I arrived, remember, saw that investigates the instrument to call to explode me.” The Xia Tian order said. Yes, teacher.” After Xia Tian said goodbye to their nine, flushes away to front directly, Xia Tian believes they several strengths, although their nine go to the end information place to be a little difficult directly, but wanted to evade these to trace to be simpler. After leaving the people, Xia Tian did not need to keep the strength finally, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step speed full, since he has absorbed this hidden blood, his speed obtained promotion doubled and re-doubled. Now he full speed runs, is quicker than the cheetah, even if the small reconnaissance meter does not investigate him, moreover Xia Tian, so long as is saw that the small reconnaissance meter he starts to destroy. Quick he has locked on the second goal. Xia Tian has not wasted the time, enters the camp of enemy side directly single-handedly, after he snatched the information, starts, has not socialized with the opposite party, waits for these people to respond the time, Xia Tian ran not to have the shade. The spoliators, Xia Tian looks like a spoliator is now same, in all directions is plundering. This boy did any strangeness, the Jiang Hai City Operations Office team loses specially completely has united, the small reconnaissance meter has gone bad, but actually could not search their position.” Yu Xiao Yun Bujie saying. Snort, the small reconnaissance meter may be spends to make, he said that destroys destroys, this account he came out to calculate together.” Ye Lao cold snort said.

Ye, you think after he came out, how to explain that the matter of telegraph code, I may tell you, the Xia Tian temperament was not good.” Ye Wan stared Ye one to say clearly. I had also feared he is inadequate.” Ye sees Xia Tian not in this, time nature of speech unyielding many, his stream of abuse that if Xia Tian in this, several words can scold . Moreover the leeway that talked back continually did not have. What is main was he could not have moved Xia Tian, because Xia Tian behind had Senior Official of military region to support. It seems like Xia Tian must have in a big way acts.” Ye Wan clear innermost feelings secretly thought, she also really very much anticipated that anticipated actually Xia Tian can do to play tricks. Xia Tian this all the way, just started only to take by force the information, afterward he thought not to be feeling well, will start to take by force the anti-tank grenade directly, he all installed in these soldier anti-tank grenades of the bag. An information post, Xia Tian can obtain more than 500 exercise anti-tank grenades. Xia Tian altogether has taken by force seven information posts, altogether has taken by force more than 3500 anti-tank grenades, now his in the hand altogether nine information, he does not believe that these nine information are false. The Jiang Hai City Operations Office person already Thunder Maihao, and other Xia Tian came back specially. How teacher has not come back, he did not say that we bury the thunder to come back.” Can be presents anything to be accidental, or we support.” What do you think blindly? The teachers will have how possibly the accident, the teacher lets us again this, then on, no one can move heedlessly.” Jiang Hai City Operations Office people this has been waiting for specially. Day already gradually soon got dark.

Young fellows, I came back.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, this time Xia Tian altogether took eight bags, in including seven installs is the anti-tank grenade, what in installs is the wild rabbit: Gives me to come, buries to me these thunder, rug -type burying, does not need to fear insufficiently.” Jiang Hai City Operations Office these people noticed specially the Xia Tian back came back these anti-tank grenades to be shocked completely. Although these exercise anti-tank grenades are lighter than the normal anti-tank grenade, but in 3500 hands, this is over a thousand jin (0.5 kg) weight, Xia Tian unexpectedly comes back at the back of such heavy thing, they finally understand why now Xia Tian comes back was so late. After one hour. The referees and these instructor arrived at the end point, is waiting for the result. But when they come discovered that Jiang Hai City Operations Office ten person unexpectedly started barbeque there specially, they were roasting the wild rabbit there, leisurely and carefree serious. Their appearances likely are not compete radically, is more like the picnic. They are away from the exit / to speak, only then ten meters far, so long as they walk, that passed, the premise is on them has the real information, but their unexpectedly sits there picnic. Hey, are you up to mischief? Won't have attained the information?” Ye Wan stands outside clearly shouts. Information? Here has nine, but I do not know real.” Nine information that Xia Tian will snatch high has lifted.