Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 357

In Xia Tian is taking nine information, this time region match altogether has ten information, but Xia Tian have attained nine, this made all people all shock, actually Jiang Hai City Operations Office lost joint that time what happened a moment ago specially. Why they can attain these many information, attained nine information to prove they passed. Nine information, this also too legend.” Captain Dragon Baichuan surprised saying of Dragon Group. Worthily is Xia Tian, really did the new positive result to come.” Saying of staff officer Yu Xiao cloud face smiling face. How is this possible?” Inconceivable of Ye whole face, he so felt embarrassed the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office person, but why Xia Tian can also do so splendid. This let him is really too obscure. People in other three places have been shocked completely, Xia Tian has attained nine, moreover he stands in the distance now exits ten meters place, he momentarily can take away the the first quota. However Xia Tian they have not worried, but sits there roasts the wild rabbit. Outside these people have not eaten the thing, such dull looks that Xia Tian they carry on the picnic, so long as Xia Tian they have not come out, that nobody can control them. Xia Tian, are you doing?” Ye Wan clear puzzled asking. Waits to see a play, Young Aunt, this is you spends the elder sister also to have your secretary with the police.” Xia Tian has thrown an entire only wild rabbit in the past. Sees to roast the good wild rabbit, other people pursed the lips, they were also hungry, but the competition had not ended, no one can walk. Brat, in any case is also a military region, gives us also to come one.” The staff officer Yu Xiao cloud started to want directly. Said is reasonable, gives you one, but you know that whom I do not like.” The meaning of Xia Tian is, you can assign, but cannot give that old fogy of Ye. Snort!” Ye heard Xia Tian words cold snort not to speak.

He will have turned directly, does not look at Yu Xiao to say their wild rabbits, floating that but the fragrance of wild rabbit keeps, his belly started rumble to call. Has saying that Xia Tian the move has really damaged, if everybody starves together, that naturally does not have anything, but starve looks that nearby person eats to roast the wild rabbit there, this feeling has probably thrown beauty before you, you can only look that anything cannot be the same. Solves is not good. The department head and personal servant in saliva that three place must flow to the ground, but they can only look, Ye not to mention. Nearby several people eat there, they are away from Ye, only then less than one meter distance, that fragrance, that sound, making him wish one could to open directly snatches. Xia Tian they more eat, afterward simply directly sang. Hey, your several had not to end, finished up quickly came out.” Ye could not bear, shouts loudly. Old fogy, you manages me, I am willing to sit in this, you think that you are the referee on extraordinary.” Xia Tian has raised up middle finger to Ye, at the same time his behind these members have raised up the middle finger to Ye. Your unexpectedly dares to despise the referee, I can deduct points to you, when the time comes your first possibly does not guarantee.” Ye angry saying. As you like then, in any case your there minute I can not be what kind.” Xia Tian is disinclined to pay attention to him. At this moment, the following person came up finally. Is Hangzhou specially Operations Office person and Zhejiang sea city specially Operations Office person, now they altogether only remaining 12 people, moreover spirits are exhausted. SB!” Jiang Hai City Operations Office all people shout specially together. Saw that Xia Tian they are eating the barbecue, but also scolded itself, that 12 people angry they flushed to Xia Tian.

Bang! A series of explosive sounds, least over a hundred explosive sounds transmit, their 12 people eliminate completely, at this time their 12 people from top to bottom all are the different colors, is paintball, although exercises the anti-tank grenade not to have what might, but is in the acting in a play anti-tank grenade also has certain gunpowder. On their several not only the whole body is various colors, but also some clothes were damaged by explosion. SB!” Jiang Hai City Operations Office all people shout specially once more. Zhejiang sea city Operations Office eliminates specially, Hangzhou Operations Office eliminates specially.” The broadcast called the names of these two teams. These people think that were also eliminated in any case, they must come up this foul odor. Bang! Also is a series of explosive sounds. These people do not believe in evil doctrines, runs forward. Bang! The explosive sound has all exploded nearby dust, suddenly there fishy, anything looks to disappear, all people have all been shocked, because the anti-tank grenade series was detonated probably. The explosion has continued for five minutes, several thousand times explosive sounds. Yeah, called the ambulance, 3500 anti-tank grenades, although was only the acting in a play anti-tank grenade, but I think that they for the recent several months were under.” Xia Tian regrettable saying, takes the lead to walk toward outside afterward. They are the victors, they are the King.

The champion of this subregion match is Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office. The Xia Tian great writer has shocked all people completely. „It was good.” The mouth of Lin Bingbing could not close, she had been shocked completely. This boy, which lane from these many anti-tank grenades, must have 3,000-4,000 times explosive sounds probably.” Ye Wan does not know clearly one should say that any was good, although she was guessing that Xia Tian will be up to mischief, but she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly can make such big move. shit, good B.” Dragon Group Leader Dragon Baichuan only said such a few words. This video, if goes back to give Senior Official to look, they completely will certainly be shocked.” The staff officer Yu Xiao cloud of military region completely was also shocked. Ye the complexion is pale, a few words could not say. The Zhejiang sea city specially Operations Office department head and Hangzhou Operations Office department head goes in specially together the life-saving, when they draw these people discovered that the bodies of these people all are covered with blood, could not see the human appearance. When body blood and paintball mix color. Snort! Today this account we took down.” Department head wicked saying of Hangzhou specially Operations Office. This enmity our certain bulletin.” The Zhejiang sea city Operations Office department head stared Xia Tian one specially maliciously. Yeah, you said that you, with ash too wolf, only to say how that I will certainly come back, puts out a real skill? Do not talk only, said that walked, probably leaves behind the multi- cow B pledge to be the same, is actually in looks for in the dessert to comfort to oneself.” Xia Tian stretches out saying that own middle finger despised. Meanwhile, the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person also stretched out the middle finger specially.