Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 359

If the first person is mean to the feeling of Xia Tian, that second person gives the feeling of Xia Tian is strong. These two people are Expert.” Ye Wan frowns to say clearly that they are specially the Operations Office people, mission is the detection enters Expert within oneself control area. Regardless of where Expert of this rank arrives at to be monitored. However side obvious nobody of these two people monitor, this showed that they have the means to shunt others' surveillance. Altogether ten people, you a bit faster have solved good.” That person who latter comes back said to the head opened that person. Troublesome.” That person said after troubling two characters, the direct fist overthrows that person, afterward the both feet makes an effort to trample on the body of side that person, his fist speed violent like wind. „The military style fist, is becomes a soldier.” Xia Tian stares slightly, this set of military style fist entire China all has worked as the Special Force person metropolis. 20 seconds, were you kidney empty, told you to be little close the female sexual attractiveness, this speed was too slow.” That person discontented saying of latter comes back. 20 seconds overthrew ten people to add slowly, the surrounding these people all visit them with the strange vision. Was knocked down that several people, keep calling out, mutually that several people support by the arm has stood: You are waiting to me.” Halts.” That person who latter comes back shouts suddenly, frightens that several people motionless: You have broken here thing, walked Qian Pei again.” Was that person of head has put out 1000 from the wallet, pressed on the table, mutually then several people supported by the arm left, their this table of that two women of look at the hit that man surprisedly. Your head also bleeds.” A female opens the mouth to say. „, One will be good.” The person who that hit said. Your appearance good Might.” Saying that another female worships. I have the Might appearance, do you want to give a try?” The person who that hit started to sexually harass that female. Repugnant.” That female charming saying. Hey, our two play a finger guessing game.” Latter comes back that man to say.

Good, has not guessed the fist with you for a long time.” That hit man excited saying. Afterward their unexpectedly started to play Rock-Paper-Scissors, this fist guesses that whom did not have. I asked several people to stare.” The Ye Wan clear secretary must telephone. Does not use, our several are not staring in this, did you call these people fiercer than the technology that we were man-to-man?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the opposite party. Volume, it seems like it was I moves unnecessarily.” Ye Wan clear secretary awkward saying, Xia Tian said right, here these people, have the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office department head, chief teacher, Leader of seven groups. Is most top agents. That two people decided victory and defeat, after the first round, that person who comes back won. Ha Ha, I am your kidney empty, I came.” That person who latter comes back have drunk big liquor, what he drinks is the white liquor, then fought with the fists to that person of chest. Bang! That person directly hit has drawn back three steps. Comes again.” They continued to start Rock-Paper-Scissors. Xia Tian they look to understand that finally this so-called playing a finger guessing game was any meaning, who has won who can drink one, lost must be hit. This custom in army, drinks in the army must drink, the ability that only then wins drinks, must be hit a fist that loses. They frequent each other has hit the opposite party more than ten fists. Their opposite that two females had been charmed completely, thinks that they were really the grandfathers. But Xia Tian they actually completely were shocked. That two fist of person may be is really hitting, moreover smashing that strength, can hit the brick absolutely, but these two people completely do not dodge do not evade, like this was hit by the enemy, this does not crack a joke, the person who that hit hit these hooligan a moment ago time has to keep the hand, because he is afraid the person hits remnantly, but he hits oneself this friend now time does not keep the hand completely.

Violence. Their game too violence. Does not play, does not have meaning.” That person who latter comes back said. Your boy, hit the strength of person to be getting bigger and bigger.” That person who the head bleeds said. Inquired a person with you.” That person who latter comes back said. What person?” Head the person of bleeding asked. I only know that he called Xia Tian.” That person who latter comes back said. Hears Xia Tian this name time, all people all stare, Xia Tian their this table of these people of all puzzled looks to Xia Tian, is Xia Tian is also very confused, oneself present so is really famous? Which some people arrives at to look for him. All people looked once more to that two people, actually having a look at them to look for Xia Tian is any goal. Heard that is very fierce.” That person who the head bleeds said. Later?” That person who latter comes back asked. „After what? I know these many.” That person who the head bleeds said. shit, asked is equal to asking in vain.” That person who latter comes back scolded one. I, although has lived in Jiang Hai City, but I am a civilized person, how possibly to know that many hearsay like my this civilized person.” That person who the head bleeds said, looked to that two women: beauty that I most like.”You did not fear that one day ****** that person who latter comes back said. Under peony dies, makes trouble also loosely.” That person inexpensive saying that the head bleeds.

Boss, they in that!” A moment ago the hit that several people called the helper, this time helper may be a little terrorist, because of the enormous and powerful over a hundred people, the surrounding that several tables of guests saw that such situation was hurriedly pays up to leave. At this time neighbor had Xia Tian their this table and that table of people does not have. Sees these many people, person many hiding that these watch the fun distant, does not dare to approach, some even hid 50 meters away. Is afraid this group of people one to hit to get angry, injures accidentally itself. Boy, your very good B, has rested my woman, has hit my brother.” Is the guy of head looks the person who wickedly that head bleeds said. „To vent anger? Comes, hits my fist!” That person that the head bleeds waved to guy. The guys walked directly, his behind that group of little brothers also followed. Bang! The guys fight with the fists, in the head has bled on that person of face. Makes an effort.” Bang! Makes an effort again, I can withstand.” Ping! Hits the person not to have the strength, added one are Triad.” That person of present whole face is blood, his foot has kicked that guy directly.