Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 360

That person of beginning at the same time, that person who latter comes back has also gotten rid, they entered in opposite party that over a hundred people of camp directly. Lying trough, is so fierce.” Seven groups of Leader surprised looks at that two people. These two people absolutely are not the average people.” A Ye Wan clear brow wrinkle, front these two person unexpectedly must by their strengths directly to fighting 100 individuals. Here is not alley, is not the narrow region, if in alley, two people hits 100 also to have the possibility, because that 100 people almost only then 45 people can also get rid. Generally fierce point Expert can cope. But here is not alley, but is the spacious place, makes war in this place, a superiority regarding them does not have, but their such direct impact clashes has killed. Person who on that head bleeds is fierce, he fought does not hide completely does not dodge, whatever the attacks of these people hit on his body. In the hands of these hooligan even some people take the weapon. The fight was getting more and more intense. Bang! A gunshot transmits. Afterward all people stopped. Is (spear|gun) that Ye Wan fires clearly, no matter what she is specially the Operations Office department head, impossible, whatever they deliberately create trouble, if they continue such to hit, that injured person definitely are finally many. Police, we are only eat meal, you walk now, I can not haggle over.” Saying of Ye Wan clear coldly. Whom do you frighten? I told you, my brother knew money Captain, knows that who money Captain was? Is the Jiang Hai City most famous that police, your person money Captain minute of minutes can make you come off sentry duty.” That social big brother shouts loudly.

His imposing manner is not low, spoke of money Captain the time, that was gains ground to throw out the chest. Yeah, bullies the weak by relying on powerful connections.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he naturally knows money Captain that the opposite party said who was, entire Jiang Hai City perhaps also only then that money Captain: You did not say that you do know money Captain? Calls to ask him to come.” Depends on you also to match to see money Captain!” That social big brother disdains looked at Xia Tian one. Makes you call the person, you did not call, that dispersed to me.” Xia Tian very impatient saying. Snort, you said that asks us to leave, do we walk? I do not have the face very much.” That social big brother cold snort said. Bang! Xia Tian has snatched the pistol in Ye Wan clear hand, a (spear|gun) hit before that social big brother’s tip of the toe: Next time you guess I will hit?” Whom do you frighten? Who does not know you, when police can't hit the person casually?” That social big brother secure saying. Bang! A Xia Tian (spear|gun) has punctured his calf. Ah! Kills pig pitiful yell to shout from that person of mouth. You walk, called the person?” Xia Tian asked again. You dare to hit me, your unexpectedly dares to hit me, I must report to the police, I must accuse you.” That social big brother has picked up the phone directly.

Elder brother, I had been hit with the (spear|gun), I reported you and money Captain given name he do not show due respect for the feelings.” That social big brother complained tearfully was saying. Present H society, quality was getting more and more bad.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. That two people noticed that such scene also slightly stares, they first time noticed that has the police to dare casual to open fire, but they have not needed to begin now, they arrived at Xia Tian and the others directly the front: Thanked.” Thanked anything, my to open fire, they cannot you be what kind.” Xia Tian knows that these two people definitely have that to fight vigorously over a hundred people of skills. I called Bing Chuan, he called Hu Lie.” That person extended own right hand in a friendly way, that person who latter comes back called Bing Chuan, that person of head hemorrhage called Hu Lie. Hello.” Xia Tian has not said own name, because just started that Bing Chuan to inquire him, therefore he is unsuitable to say now. These hooligan have not walked, but is waiting there, they were waiting for the reinforcements come, this year reinforcements unexpectedly of H society is police, this made Xia Tian more speechless, he will not walk, he must wait for money Captain to come. He must have a look at money Captain but actually now fiercely, unexpectedly dares to support to these H societies. After ten minutes, 45 police vehicles started directly. Is the person who who hits?” Chubby police, get out to start to shout loudly. Elder brother! Is they, they gave to hit me, you looked that I also bled.” That H society brothers shout, has to admire his will, the bullet, unexpectedly has also been able to treat for more than ten minutes in this, but he had smoked a cigarette a moment ago, Xia Tian suspected that is related with that cigarette. Mother, my younger brother you also dares to hit, not awfully?” That chubby police angry shouting. At this moment, in rear that police vehicle walks one person, is money Captain: You are police, what shouting and wrangling is anything, first ascertained the situation said again.” Money Captain, you are really the big power and prestige.” Xia Tian sees money Captain time, taunted.

Heard this incomparably familiar sound, money Captain vision looks directly to Xia Tian there: Elder Brother Tian, you how here, Lin Dui.” Such do not call me, I cannot handle, you start to give the H society to support now, I do not dare to offend you.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold saying. Money Captain knows that Xia Tian has possibly misunderstood, he has not related with this group of people , that fatty truly was his subordinate, moreover will come the matter, therefore he has looked, but has not thought that this fatty may give the pit him: Elder Brother Tian, do not misunderstand, I do not have with their relations, Lin Dui, you helps me speak, this person you also knows.” Sees money Captain in legend regarding this person so polite, all people have been shocked, the big brother of that H society, could not close the mouth completely. That fatty police also saw Xia Tian here situation, although he does not know Xia Tian, but he knows Lin Bingbing, moreover he heard that Lin Bingbing is in that legend the super expert Xia Tian girlfriend, thinks of here, looked again money Captain is so respectful to that man, who he naturally guessed correctly front this person is. He does not have to think younger brother unexpectedly that own this does not make every effort to succeed offended like this big figure. Money Captain, I.” That fatty police knew to court disaster, I quite a while, has not said the words. Money Captain is not intentionally, moreover that fatty truly is a new person.” Lin Bingbing looked that said to Xia Tian. Good, since the police spent the elder sisters to ask favor for you, I have forgiven your this time, if made me know that you made supporting of this group of degenerates, I will punish you personally.” Xia Tian looked at money Captain to say. Afterward he looked at the vision to that H society big brother.