Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 361

Money Captain today specially depressed, he felt that he probably lies down is being hit to be the same, his innermost feelings sighed that under own helper too the long face to oneself, unexpectedly did not offend the head of Xia Tian. He decides darkly, after going back, must renovate his these subordinates well. This matter cannot occur absolutely the second time. He understands that own present status and glory, is Xia Tian gives him, if Xia Tian wants to take back, that is also momentarily possible, today the Xia Tian manner was very clear, although Xia Tian is willing to help him, but Xia Tian most hates has the deal with the crime, especially the police have the deal with the perpetrator. Therefore this whole life must be the good police. On the forehead of that fatty police is the sweat, he knows that his official career ended. After the Xia Tian vision has locked the brothers of that H society, saying of coldly: You did not say that your big brother is very good?” „It is not good, is not good!” A that H society big brother face panic-stricken looks at Xia Tian, including figure that money Captain is afraid, how he possibly does not fear. You lead him to analyze, I think that you should have to render meritorious service, a moment ago he attracted should be the contraband goods, looks up well, which having it all of buying finds out in falls, but the premise is that fatty police must also simultaneously grasp.” What Xia Tian said is that H society big brother’s elder brother. Your several, his handcuffs on, that fellow, the belt go back together, these hooligan all disband.” Money Captain is directing. That fatty police know one this time ended. He was not only the official career ended, perhaps must face the disaster of imprisonment. Has saying that money Captain handled matters is quite reasonable, vigorous and resolute. Xia Tian satisfied nod of: Um.”

Elder Brother Tian, I have tied the account, you eat slowly.” Saying of money Captain face smiling face. Your boy, minds others'business, today some people invite.” Xia Tian discontented saying. „, Excuse me, Elder Brother Tian, my this must come back.” Money Captain said that must come back money, then detained that two people to leave. These hooligan are some kids, the tree but actually macaque is loose, old mostly had been grasped, they also ran. Saw such scene, Bing Chuan and Hu Lie they a little hoodwinks, they then understand why front this man dared to open fire, Captain of police station to this person of respectful, moreover inside that female was also Captain of police station. However that female probably status here is not high, Captain of police station is not high in this table of status, actually that this group of people are any big figure. Many thanks you got rid to help.” Bing Chuan said again. At this moment Ye Wan clear cell phone sound. Department Head Ye, now is urgently needed your help, a super weapon was sneaked across to your Jianghai, you must think the means to intercept that weapon, you must remember cannot hit with the bullet, cannot present the fierce hit, that thing is very dangerous.” Guarantee completes mission, can know the concrete debarkation position?” In a seashore, I heard that there also has the big gear, you quickly pass, the navy is pursuing in behind.” Big gear!!” Ye Wan stares clearly slightly, afterward has hung up the cell phone: All people alert, a very dangerous thing, will land from this, does not hesitate at all costs, gets down to the truncation that thing, to that thing to open fire, do not make that thing have the fierce collision.”

Yes!” Special Operations Office all people have stood completely. Sees these person of well-trained appearances, Bing Chuan and Hu Lie understands that originally this female is the leader of this group of people. But a moment ago the person who that money Captain frightened off is not the eldest children of these people. When?” Xia Tian asked. Quick, has the navy to pursue in behind, we only needed to intercept have been OK, your several, dispersed the crowd first, so as to avoid one will injure accidentally.” The Ye Wan clear order said. That several people walk toward surroundings directly, they have hung up their credential, but in these credentials writes is not specially Operations Office, but is the vice squad. They are dispersing the crowd fast, although some people are very discontented, but the Operations Office people are are not a vegetarian specially, comes up to ask that you want dead or want live, here one will have gangster to open fire. Hears to open fire, these people ran away in fear. However also some people prepare to watch the fun. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! When the Ye Wan clear first company four (spear|gun)s, heard the genuine sound of gunfire these people hide finally distantly, moreover money Captain and the others who just walked were also called by Xia Tian, making them help the scattered crowd. Heard Xia Tian saying that here one will have possibly the big danger, he does not dare to be careless, wanted to see a play the people who these to expel. Money Captain works has the discretion very much, he with trampling, these have the resistance mood person, he tramples directly, but some stubborn people, finally were forced in situation, he opened fire, and has hit the person, he knows that police to open fire hits the gravity of person, but he has no alternative, injures these people, total made them lose the life to strive to excel.

„my name is Qian, if you are discontented with today's matter, can go to me, but I do not hope that my present softheartedness, has harmed your life, I do not hope that you kill yourselves because of the curiosity, you can go to me, but if you do not coordinate us quickly to leave here, my to open fire will hit the person.” Money Captain shouts loudly. With his sound of gunfire, these people of resistance were getting fewer and fewer, after all no one wants to be hit by the (spear|gun). This time matter made money Captain break a legend, according to the incomplete statistics, the suit mailbox of police station was afterward full next day, over ten thousand people have sued money Captain together, finally Bureau Chief and mayor of police station personally acted, has adjusted the mood of people, why also allowed everybody to understand his to open fire. Money Captain turned into news figure once more, became the hero of people. However all these are something to be talked about later, this time Xia Tian and the others unemotionally looks at the front. You on also outside.” Ye Wan looks clearly Bing Chuan they said that although she knows that these two people are fierce, however their status are mystical, therefore Ye Wan clear does not hope to have any mistake. Our two can keep the help.” Bing Chuan said hurriedly. Cannot use, here had my person to suffice.” Saying that Ye Wan clearly unemotionally. The Bing Chuan knitting the brows head, has put out own credential from own bosom afterward. When Ye Wan sees the Bing Chuan credential clearly surprised of face. Xia Tian took the credential. Bing Chuan, Major general, eastern Northern Army area King of Soldiers.” Sees these characters time, Xia Tian was also shocked, he understands why finally this person must inquire itself.