Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 362

Because front this person is not others, is the Bing Xin elder brother, no wonder he called Bing Chuan. Xia Tian had no need for Bing Xin confirming, because such young became person of major general simply is few, moreover east King of Soldiers of Northern Army area, the entire eastern Northern Army area had King of Soldiers, that was the Bing Xin elder brother, the surname was also same. Xia Tian confirmed completely, this person is the Bing Xin elder brother, since knew the status of opposite party, that on behalf of the opposite party will not be these gangsters worked in partnership, therefore Xia Tian nodded to Ye Wan clearly. However he had not said one are Xia Tian. Good, such being the case, I agree with you to enter the war, but must obey the direction, if you have disturbed this plan, I will consider personally the matter above.” The Ye Wan clear reminder said that this is also typical, first villain, latter gentleman. First said the fault, to guard to have the accident. At this time on -the-spot atmosphere is very tight. Because Ye Wan understands clearly, if above calls her, that absolutely is the important matter, otherwise above one year will not call a telephone her. Although above had not said that weapon is any thing, but the Ye Wan clear guess absolutely is the weapons of mass destruction. May be the secret weapon or the chemical weapons. All people hide.” Ye Wan said clearly. After ten minutes, the sea has broadcast the voice of maritime police, moreover there is a sound of gunfire, the sound of gunfire is very promiscuous, but can listen to B22 , AK 47 wait / etc. this type of Advanced weapons to have from the sound. Hears these sounds of gunfire time, all people are all ready. These (spear|gun)s are not the ordinary (spear|gun)s, completely is the weapons of mass destruction, but Xia Tian their this group of people only then in the Ye Wan clear hand have a pistol, other people all are unarmed. If the frontage impact, that simply and courts death anything not to distinguish. Fights with the fists randomly dying old Master is this truth, regardless of you are fierce, cannot block a row of (spear|gun) strafe. All people are covert!” Ye Wan shouts clearly.

These people came ashore, they have not noted Xia Tian their here situations, to open fire that but keeps takes a fast look around these maritime police. Gun battle. Here is having the gun battle. Xia Tian and the others nobody get rid, they in waiting opportunity. First moves away the thing.” People sounds in that group of gangster shout. Afterward the seashore left behind five gangsters to strafe the shield there, other ten gangsters protected the goods to run to here. At this moment two person's shadows also run out. Xia Tian and Bing Chuan. A their foot the nearest that two people will have kicked, at the same time they snatched the (spear|gun) in opposite party hand, threw to behind, afterward their bodies rolled in the ground. The big cow and Hu Lie body leapt, caught that two (spear|gun)s, to the front person strafe, has been killing them directly instantaneously, but these gangsters were also the skilled people, their to open fire hit to big cow and the others. Xia Tian and Bing Chuan their bodies dodge, tangential the front line their arm, the right leg has swept simultaneously, has kicked that person. Their movements are not loathsome. The military style fist, their movements are the military style fists. Ping! The big cow and Hu Lie simultaneously to open fire, have solved the remaining that several people, but the packages in their hand actually flew. That side that five people noted here situation, they ran over hurriedly, to here to open fire.

That package must fall the ground immediately. Do not make that thing be hit.” Xia Tian remembered Ye Wan to say clearly these words, the entire body dashed directly, his body just liked the fish enters the water to be common. That five person neat fires, unexpectedly has not hit he. Bang! Xia Tian held that thing in the bosom, afterward the both feet fell to the ground. Bing Chuan took up the (spear|gun) of ground, the body of whole person has lain down on the ground starts to strafe, killed that several people completely. Quick that all these have, but in this short time, the people have all experienced the life and death, on each of them is the sweat, although Xia Tian and Bing Chuan are the lead of this war, but they are also the supporting roles. Xia Tian is holding that thing, has moved. Thing attained.” Ye Wan has made a phone call to above clearly.Gives these maritime police the thing, is certainly quick, that thing everyone is unwarrantable, must make these maritime police transport Hong Kong fast, some Hong Kong there people connects with. ’ Good.” This time you do is very good, the lethality of this type of weapon is very terrorist, if explodes, it can ruin one-fourth Jiang Hai City, I was afraid you to have the pressure therefore not to tell you before.” Truly suffices the danger.” The Ye Wan clear present feels fear. Makes your person stand by, recently probably needed your help.” Momentarily waits for orders.” Ye Wan said clearly. Xia Tian has given maritime police that thing, relaxed finally, he heard the phone call that Ye Wan has made clearly a moment ago, when he hears this thing the lethality, he has been shocked completely, he determined, regardless of Martial Arts is high, cannot shunt this thing the explosive force.

This is the super dangerous thing. The after person of maritime police apologized Xia Tian and the others, bringing the thing to leave. Brother, do you name?” Bing Chuan very earnest looked that asked to Xia Tian, Xia Tian got rid a moment ago cleanly agile, although very weak in him, in this ages, he has not met to Xia Tian such person. Therefore he is very curious, actually Xia Tian is, perhaps this is called the hero to pity the hero. Hu Lie is also very curious looks to Xia Tian, nobody compared with him understood that Bing Chuan strength, the Bing Chuan major general is not others gives, but spells with the life, his strength that obtained the approvals of all people. Eastern Northern Army area Expert like clouds, but he can still obtain the King of Soldiers title. This is he fiercest place. However front the man seems be younger than Bing Chuan, however his skill is not worse than Bing Chuan, that a series of movement had indicated the Xia Tian strength a moment ago, moreover Xia Tian that skillful military style fist also represents him to treat in the army. Brother, which army are you at to treat? This strength not compared with our King of Soldiers difference anything.” Saying of Hu Lie appreciation. Jiang Hai City Operations Office these people have not spoken specially, because they heard just started Bing Chuan to inquire that Xia Tian matter, actually they did not make clear this Bing Chuan to look for Xia Tian are any goals. What has not conveniently?” Bing Chuan puzzled looked that asked to Xia Tian. I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian this time has not concealed, said own name directly, he knows should face throughout must face.