Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 363

Hears Xia Tian this name time, Bing Chuan and Hu Lie they were all shocked. Especially Bing Chuan, his whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, he was inquiring a moment ago still Xia Tian, has not thought that now Xia Tian stands in his front, moreover carried on one to fight side-by-side with him. Before coming, he heard some Xia Tian matters, but these were the Bing Xin cousin say. He has thought Xia Tian also is just one slightly can select the Kungfu person, this time comes, on the one hand to bring Bing Xin goes back, on the other hand also to give the northeasterner struggles the turning point face. The previous Bing Xin cousin goes back, is very distressed. Therefore this time he came, he comes here main goal to experience that Xia Tian. To a Xia Tian lesson, he imagines the way of many meeting, but has not thought will meet with Xia Tian in this manner, their unexpectedly fights side-by-side together. Moreover he also experienced the Xia Tian strength. Therefore did not need to experiment Xia Tian again. Bing Chuan extended own right hand: Under the introduction I, I called Bing Chuan again, was the Bing Xin elder brother.” I know you.” Xia Tian earnest looks at Bing Chuan. Their hands grasped in one, no one has caught up, this was only a friendly handshake, they have not made an effort. The surrounding these people all got rid of the breath, as if a war must break out to be the same, although they do not know that actually between Bing Chuan and Xia Tian had any matter, but they have been able to feel scene was indignant. At this time on the spot was really too peaceful, made people feel peacefully fearfully. Before probably is storm gather tranquil general.

„The goal that I come has two \; first, to bring my Little Sister walks \; second, to have a look at you have any skill, our northeasterner you also dares to bully.” Bing Chuan light saying, on the face does not have any expression, actually nobody can see her now is any mood. You cannot carry off.” Xia Tian light saying, the expression is just the same as Bing Chuan. matter I respected you am a man, I most admired was the strength strong and patriotic person, from the matter can see that this difference you had, therefore I do not want to press you.” Bing Chuan looks at Xia Tian earnest saying. Xia Tian won the respect of Bing Chuan, Bing Chuan is the typical northeast man, the temper is straight, likes hating distinctly. I think you am also the strip man, I do not want to feel embarrassed you, you walk.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. Their expressions are exactly the same. That is forces me to begin!” Bing Chuan has pinched own fist, shook own head, seems prepares momentarily to get rid to be the same. Come, who fears anyone.” Xia Tian has also completed the combat readiness. Stop, is your this is doing, duel, this is in the 21 st century, the civilized society, anyone of you dares to fight I to grasp whom.” Ye Wan the sign of Department Head Operations Office will have hung clearly specially. Sees her status, Bing Chuan understands finally why she can order everybody. At this moment, Ye Wan clear cell phone loud. Now needs your elite support, is who rescued that weapon a moment ago, you send for coming to Hong Kong on the line, that gang terrorist must trade that weapon in Hong Kong.” Good, my this had the person of past.” Ye Wan kept a serious look clearly saying, the might of that thing Ye Wan knew a moment ago clearly. Some unexpectedly people trade that thing in Hong Kong, if cannot take that thing, that Hong Kong will face the giant crisis, since the ancient times, Hong Kong is the China territory, some people dare to begin to Hong Kong, that is beginning to China.

Therefore Ye Wan has the responsibility to lead to expedite clearly personally. All people obey orders.” Ye Wan looked said clearly to Operations Office these people specially. Yes!” All people stood a row. This time expedites me and Xia Tian goes together, your several must favor the family to me, cannot have any accident.” The Ye Wan clear reminder said that this time must bring Xia Tian to expedite together, but Jiang Hai City cannot have any mistake. Department head, you felt relieved that we definitely favor Jiang Hai City.” Their several are figure of Leader rank. Ye Wan mild Xia Tian is not, here their position was biggest. Has any matter to call me, the minor matter do not hit, meets crisis mission to take action first and explain later.” Ye Wan looks at several people of earnest saying clearly. Ye Wan has assigned following approximate mission clearly fast, and makes her secretary keep Jiang Hai City. I also go!” Bing Chuan said suddenly. You are not specially the Operations Office person, you cannot go.” Ye Wan said clearly. But I am a China person, my life is preparing for the country frequently.” Bing Chuan very serious saying. Makes him go.” Xia Tian looked that said to Ye Wan clearly, Bing Chuan is a skilled person, fight inside Xia Tian felt, but Bing Chuan this King of Soldiers genuine goods at reasonable prices, moreover he truly be fiercer than other King of Soldiers. Good, since you have opened the mouth, that makes him go.” Ye Wan clear this is in selling a Xia Tian face, she also saw between a moment ago Bing Chuan and Xia Tian was contradictory, now sells a Xia Tian face, to let Bing Chuan remembers the Xia Tian benevolence, after this begins, will have scruples the friendship. Many thanks , he Hu Lie, his body can anti- live in the explosive power of ordinary hand grenade.” Bing Chuan said.

Lying trough, is this person?” Xia Tian surprised looks to Hu Lie, this reminded him in Tomb General that corpse, that corpse was the invulnerable fellow, but he was afraid Money Throwing Knife. Good, takes together, we must, the passport not use now.” Ye Wan knows the mission importance clearly, therefore she must, as for passport anything, that not need immediately, she only needs to reveal that her credential sufficed. Several people arrived at the airport directly. Before on airplane, Xia Tian has sent an information to Bing Xin. Your elder brother with me in the same place, relax.” Sees Xia Tian the information, Bing Xin did not feel relieved that her elder brother unexpectedly came, moreover her elder brother unexpectedly looked for Xia Tian, this was also scary, she made the phone call, but Xia Tian closed down. Qingxue, had an accident.” Bing Xin anxious saying. How?” Ye Qingxue puzzled asking. My brother came Jiang Hai City.” Bing Xin said. Is your Brother King of Soldiers?” Ye Qingxue asked again. Em, moreover he saw Xia Tian, Xia Tian sent the information to me a moment ago, said that he with my brother in the same place, making me feel relieved.” Bing Xin nodded. He did not make you feel relieved, you felt relieved the meaning that he said that must tell you, his your elder brother will not be what kind.” Ye Qingxue answered. But I am afraid my brother to be what kind of him, my brother is my grandfather personally training Expert, but my grandfather one of the national most famous several big Expert.” Bing Xin very earnest saying.