Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 364

Ah! Ye Qingxue also slightly stares, sees Bing Xin that tense appearance, she knows that Bing Xin definitely is not cracking a joke, previous Bing Xin has rescued her one time, the strength that at that time Bing Xin showed made Ye Qingxue dumbfounded. She will have asked Bing Xin from now on, but making excuses of Bing Xin reply. She and Bing Xin knew that was very long, Bing Xin family's Kungfu passes on male does not pass on the female this matter she to hear, therefore Bing Xin Kungfu absolutely not possibly handed down in the family. That had a possibility, was certainly related with Xia Tian. Bing Xin now is the Xia Tian girlfriend, nobody compared with her understood that the Xia Tian strength, nobody compared with her understood own elder brother's strength. Saw that she now is so anxious, Ye Qingxue associates, Xia Tian is not Brother Bing Xin match. What people are your family?” Ye Qingxue asked that although before Bing Xin, is not willing to talk about this topic, but she must ask now: Moreover your is Kungfu Xia Tian teaches you!” Bing Xin had considered, she decides to tell Ye Qingxue: China altogether four big Expert, before were Eastern Man, Western Hidden, Southern Kill, Northern Army. China four big top Expert, but I heard that Western Hidden died, therefore his position has been emptying, these people are China now the strongest several people, my grandfather is inside Northern Army, moreover he is east armed forces Captain of Northern Army area, the entire military region listens his.” Is so fierce!” Ye Qingxue has not thought that Bing Xin has such backer. This is Third Generation Revolutionary, one of his grandfather unexpectedly entire China military authority maximum several people, this simply was too terrifying, moreover one of his grandfather entire China fiercest four people, have Expert of Northern Army title. She finally understands why now Bing Xin such worried. Because she is afraid, she will be afraid Xia Tian to have the danger, truly so, how the Northern Army successor may miss. My brother is in our entire ice third generations the intelligence is best, my grandfather had said that my brother will sooner or later surmount his present strength.” Saying of Bing Xin face anxious look. Xia Tian should be all right, although your elder brother is very fierce, but Xia Tian is also very fierce, you are the Xia Tian girlfriend, you should believe him, moreover he did not make you feel relieved.” Ye Qingxue nodded, she acknowledged that the Bing Xin elder brother is truly fierce, but she is willing to believe her cousin.

The change of Xia Tian was really too big, she even suspected that before present Xia Tian was also that Xia Tian, whenever Xia Tian, for she can time not awfully, she knew, this Xia Tian that cousin Xia Tian. Sometimes Ye Qingxue is thinking, if she is not Xia Tian older female cousin this good, such she can be the same with Bing Xin, pursues own happiness. My strength is truly related with Xia Tian, because I have drunk his blood.” Bing Xin does not want to hide the truth from Ye Qingxue, because Ye Qingxue is she best friend. Has drunk his blood? He is not Vampire, drank the blood to change the body.” Ye Qingxue doubts looks to Bing Xin. Bing Xin went to the kitchen to take a ladle, the right hand has made an effort to pinch, the ladle distorted directly: Xia Tian told me, his within the body truly part of Vampire characteristics, therefore drank his blood I to have the variation.” The Ye Qingxue whole person became dumbfounded, a few words could not say. Qingxue!!” Bing Xin has pushed Ye Qingxue. Xia Tian unexpectedly is Vampire, won't I be Vampire?” Ye Qingxue tries to pinch the ladle, but the ladle is entirely still. „It is not this, Xia Tian said him because afterward has drunk anything the variation.” Bing Xin more said more hoodwinks, afterward said directly: Ok, when he comes back, you asked him.” Quite is truly chaotic.” Ye Qingxue was a little also blurry. On the other hand, Xia Tian their four people ride the airplane to go to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the China most prosperous cities, here person rhythm of life is fast, in the north most people are early nine late five work, however in Hong Kong, many people together is doing 34 work. Some person even days only rest for about five hours.

Because of here all people very diligently, therefore Hong Kong compares other city to be livelier. Even if Jiang Hai City absolutely does not have means compared with here. Xia Tian they went by car to arrive at the city, the present is in the evening, but here was the same with the lively district, completely was daytime, on the avenue heavy traffic, everywhere was the person. The population of Hong Kong are many. Simultaneously here is also the most complex place, various countries has the influence here, contraband goods, the firearms and so on business, has here. Although the government has been suppressing, however in this heaven, money is the best thing, so long as were rich, that anything can have, for money, even if falls the head, these people also want. After Xia Tian they arrive at Jiang Hai City, Ye Wan has related clearly the local government. After the inspection, they were led into a conference room. Several are the Jiang Hai City agents, I heard that you have intercepted DR10 successfully.” Hong Kong mayors personally act. Em.” Ye Wan nodded clearly. In us said.” Hong Kong mayors opened in the conference room door, in this is the technical department, completely is each place's monitoring and high tech, the innermost has a row of table. Is counted this mayor, around the table altogether ten people, is counted Xia Tian they are 14 people. Everybody, these are the Jiang Hai City agents, they had intercepted DR10 a moment ago successfully.” The mayor introduced for everybody.

The people are nods of slightly. In this room person is the superintendent in Hong Kong each aspect. I introduced DR10 for you first.” The mayor has stood, his front presented a screen: DR10 was Island Country chemical weapons, the Island Country secret has developed for ten years, the super weapon that researched and developed, its diameter had 30 centimeters, acted according to the appraisal of expert as for the explosion power, five DR10 can raze China.” Xia Tian and the others the brows all wrinkled, the might of this thing was also too big, actually such dangerous thing how entered China. This time DR10 was stolen from Island Country, the person who steals that thing is the Island Country most-wanted steals the day, this steals the day status very mystically, nobody knows his true status, but he altogether has made five cases in the two years, each is the international case.” The mayor continues to answer. What do they steal the DR10 goal are?” Ye Wan asked clearly. Transaction, sells for money.” The mayor said. Why can choose Hong Kong?” Ye Wan asked clearly again. This does not know.” The mayor shook the head. Doesn't know? Perhaps is your here is they thinks safely.” Xia Tian opens the mouth to say suddenly.