Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 365

Hears the Xia Tian words, that mayor becomes very awkward. Brat, who you are, here is Hong Kong, you have any qualifications to gesticulate here.” A nearby person opens the mouth saying that looks the clothes that he wears to be the head of Hong Kong Federal security service. I am very curious, why he does not trade in America, does not trade in Island Country, must go to Hong Kong to trade, haven't you considered such issue? You usually ate the salary of country to be used to it, does not know that should make anything.” Xia Tian most repugnant is such person, has the mistake not to dare to go to face. „Do you believe me to ask the person to grasp now you.” The person of that Federal security service looks at Xia Tian angrily. Your safety systems are used to catch their person is right?” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Was good, we come are not manage their family work, said the DR10 matter.” Ye Wan has broken Xia Tian clearly, she had also heard before matter of Hong Kong, here person actually management is good, is once has had an accident, everybody likes shirking the responsibility. Xia Tian has not spoken. This matter we will apologize, this time DR10 altogether eight, you have intercepted one, but also remaining seven, once these seven DR10 explode, that present all will vanish.” On the mayor front screen of presented the picture of Hong Kong. How do we prevent to explode?” Xia Tian asked. This thing is very unstable, Island Country has not said too about this thing situation, therefore we must guarantee that he cannot leak, cannot have any condition.” The mayor answered. Island Country! Snort.” Xia Tian cold snort, he had not liked Island Country, now these Islander agree do not say the special details of this thing, fears the technical leak, but they such made actually beset with a crisis in unprecedented Hong Kong. We have related the Island Country embassy, the Island Country person one also will have met.” The mayor said. „Do they do?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. They also came the agents and technical personnel have the senior official, coordinates our time matters specially.” The mayor answered. What information now has?” Xia Tian is disinclined to pay attention to these Island Country agents and technical personnel.

We receive the information, tonight, they will trade in an underground transaction field, our people passed.” The mayor already sent, wants to take DR10 once more. shit, how you early did not say that we come are do do, when delays in this.” Xia Tian depressed saying, these people make their several come, when decorates. Snort, that DR10 we won, the special police officers in our Hong Kong are are not a vegetarian.” Special police officer senior official cold snort said. I am disinclined to respond you, which told us the address, we now on the past.” Xia Tian is not willing to continue to lose the time with them. He now also in Hong Kong, once DR10 explodes, he does not go on living, therefore he must seriously treat these things. Good, I lead you to pass.” The mayor nodded. Mayor, I do not look at that necessity, our special police officers sent out, these people are impossible to escape.” That special police officer senior official said. Mayor, if you do not lead us to pass, above I must relate.” Saying of Ye Wan clear coldly, she knows that thinking oneself infallible of these people might harm the resident in Hong Kong. Was good, all people together.” The mayor knows that above makes Ye Wan clear they to come reasonable certainly. The 14 people in room rode three car(riage)s, rushes to that underground parking garage together. At this time that underground parking garage had been surrounded by the police forces completely, the gangster and special police officer who inside these traded have launched the gun battle. In the hands of these gangsters is the most advanced submachine gun and big might weapon. First round fighting, special police officer is significant on the loss, the weapon firepower of these gangsters are too big, even if the special police officer takes is guarding against explosions the shield to wear the armored clothing, they are unable to contend with these gangsters. What in their hands is taking is the small pistol.

Rumbling!! Xia Tian they rush heard the fierce explosive sound, afterward inside had many special police officers by pulling. The anti-tank grenade, the explosion was an anti-tank grenade. „The present is any situation.” The senior official of special police officer asked. Report senior official, inside gangster firepower is very fierce, we lose seriously, now already casualties more than 30 brothers.” What? How possible.” The senior official complexion of special police officer becomes pale. This is in your mouth does not need.” Xia Tian stared senior official one eyes of that special police officer, afterward nodded to Bing Chuan, then looked at Hu Lie: You stay behind protect the department head.” Hu Lie awkward flexure scratching the head, Xia Tian is not his senior official, but unexpectedly orders him, but he also can only nod to comply, who lets this time them is just helps. Xia Tian and Bing Chuan their has worn an armored clothing, then they took two pistols, two ammunition clip bullets, flush away to inside. More and more special police officers were transported. The senior official of special police officer has hoodwinked thoroughly, his a few words could not say, was boasting a moment ago still own army fiercely, was the present the complete casualty was serious. Called to support?” The mayor asked. Other Flying Tigers and special police officers called, but they need to rush to time.” Department Head Ye, this time must depend on your person.” The mayor turns the head to look that said to Ye Wan clearly.

Snort, my these many people are not good, they can be useful.” That special police officer senior official cold snort said that his person casualty that many, he thought is very at heart uncomfortable, now looked that two fellows have gone, he naturally must taunt several. He does not believe that Xia Tian and Bing Chuan two people can take inside these gangsters. My person, I believes that but the weapons of these gangsters are probably more advanced than the police, are the munitions of your Hong Kong so fond of playing jokes?” Ye Wan clear puzzled looked that said to that special police officer senior official. This has not related with our special police officers.” That special police officer senior official said. I heard that before your Hong Kong people like shirking the responsibility, now looks like, but also is really, regardless of our Jiang Hai City any official has the rights and obligations handles the criminal case.” Saying of Ye Wan clear coldly. Snort.” That special police officer senior official cold snort had not spoken. That mayor also deeps frown, he knows that these truly are the faults of Hong Kong, however such situation has continued many years. Bang! At this moment, inside has heard a fierce explosive sound once more. Their hand grenades are America are most advanced, inside space is too narrow, we do not have the opportunity.” Special police officer Captain ran.