Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 366

The space of underground parking garage was not big, inside is the automobile, the anti-tank grenade ball might is very big, once explodes nearby car(riage), that will let the might promotion of explosion, the car(riage) that flies can pound to fly the person directly. More and more special police officers run from inside, their whole body is the scar. Yeah, when can the support of Flying Tigers also wait till?” The mayor sighed to say. Mayor, I have not thought that opposite party firepower unexpectedly is so fierce, if not their firepower is so fierce, my special police officer can definitely block the opposite party.” The senior official of special police officer said that the meaning that he said is shirking the responsibility, is telling the mayor this him not to have any relations, blames the opposite party firepower being too fierce. He he.” Ye Wan clear coldly has smiled one, without the speech, is this person who she most looked down upon. Give an exaggerated account of things that also blew a moment ago, but actually starts to shirk the responsibility now, said that any vigor was inferior to the opposite party, that many people had the armored clothing also to have the explosion-proof shield, even if were makes the opposite party hit also needs to spend some time. Your what meaning? Our matter has not been one's turn your bystander to nitpick.” The senior official of special police officer stared Ye Wan clear one. Anything, I do not want to know really very much, your self-confidently which went.” Ye Wan said clearly. How I possibly know that the opposite party has such good weapon, your person did not go, now should die.” Saying that the senior official of special police officer disdains, in his opinion Xia Tian they should be killed, after all they have two people, moreover takes is the pistols, the opposite party firepower so is fierce. Senior official, we could not shoulder.” These special police officers could not shoulder. Although they all dirty, however wound is not serious. I have thought being an official of Hong Kong knows to shirk the responsibility, now looked like I have made a mistake, these became a soldier was also so, if were becoming a soldier of our Jiang Hai City, so long as has not died not to draw back.” Ye Wan looked said clearly to that mayor.

What do you know? You know how much pension dies a person to need? They are the elite, casualty one are the losses of country.” The senior official of special police officer scolds to say. „, You were considering for the country.” Ye Wan shows a faint smile clearly, has not spoken, her goal truly is not teaches this group of people. Snort.” Special police officer senior official cold snort: All people alert, so long as they dare to clash the chaotic (spear|gun) to kill to me.” Mayor, following mission I hopes that your person do not coordinate my good, I am afraid them to project on DR10, then said that has not closed with them.” Ye Wan spoke of here time clearly, looked at that special police officer senior official one eyes: I and my person are help, does not want dead is so undeserved.” You, if thinks your line, on you.” The special police officer senior official looked said angrily to Ye Wan clearly. My person came up.” Ye Wan said clearly. Ha Ha, your person, that two people? Now should make into the hornet's nest.” That special police officer senior official said. After ten minutes, Flying Tigers arrive, inside sound of gunfire has anchored. Walks two people from that in an individual hand is carrying the black bag, these two people from top to bottom are the blood and dust, but these blood are not their, but is the enemy. Saw these two people come out, a joy of mayor face. The senior official of that special police officer is a shock of face, he has not thought that these two unexpectedly were living, moreover in the hand was taking the bag was used to install DR10 probably.

Xia Tian gave Ye Wan to be clear the bag. Good that Mayor, this thing first moves away.” Ye Wan has given mayor the bag clearly. Relax, the Islander senior official came, so long as gave them to be good the bomb connection.” The mayor explained: They sent the specialized technical personnel, had them , the bomb should not have the issue.” Is Islander, they study the weapon that these injure someone, now makes us wipe the buttocks to them.” Xia Tian frowns to say. Does not have the means that our present ideas quickly call the roll of officers and assign them tasks this thing to ship out Hong Kong, once otherwise explodes, that consequence is dreadful.” The mayor has experienced Xia Tian their fierce, the underground parking garage that many special police officers are unable to capture a moment ago was taken by these two people. Good, you knows regarding the next DR10 position?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the mayor. Has not taken an underground parking garage, unexpectedly dares such to speak to our mayors.” Senior official discontented saying of that special police officer. You , can , you , up \; no , can , no , bibi.” Xia Tian looks at senior official earnest saying of that special police officer. Snort, if were not my person in these highway robbers all will have injured, how you possibly had the opportunity.” The senior official of that special police officer said that reason that he thinks Xia Tian they can capture the underground parking garage, completely is because his person made a breach. If were not your person has died of suffocation the entrance of parking lot, we should be able again quickly.” Xia Tian stared senior official one eyes of that special police officer. You.”

Sufficed!” The mayor looks senior official who that special police officer said: Unloads your matching (spear|gun), waited for that accepts the inspection of ICAC.” Mayor!” Has any words, was needless to say with me that went to say with the people of ICAC.” The mayor had not spoken before, is hopes the senior official who special police officer can display well, is he is very disappointed, before did not have matter the senior official of time special police officer to be fierce, once has had an accident, the flaw of this group of people oneself and their person said all exposed. If not Xia Tian they, this inside highway robber successfully will escape finally all. Your several also listened to me, the front door of ICAC opened wide to you, if some following matter people could not have handled, oneself walked, if you can coming out well from the ICAC, I believed you, this time matter no small matter, was not you writes the share report, adjusted a post to pass.” The mayor looks at these people very seriously. These people were all shocked, the mayor usual temperament is good, moreover always does not feel embarrassed them, but currently mayor unexpectedly has the so big movement. They understand, this time matter real no small matter. Cries you to be anxious,” Islander from the vehicle, opens mouth is the Island Country language, they get out to take away to that package. Leave the calf, here is China, wanting the thing the words obediently to speak the China language, the world was so big, installs to look to whom purely.” Xia Tian said to that several Islander loudly.