Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 367

Hears Xia Tian this series of mass-criticizing, all people were shocked, this also too violence, the opposite party just spoke a few words, he gave the opposite party to scold a stream of abuse. You are any thing, this is the dog gentleman, our Island Country consul Sir.” Behind that Islander said in the China language. ! Xia Tian came up is a palm of the hand hits on the face of that person, that person did not have including the opportunity of response. What thing he is, has the chicken feather to relate with me, where do you know you now? The China land, you also think that in your Island Country, do not think now your national flags looked for the white ornamental pathches block medicinal plaster on extraordinary, has provoked the father, the old innertube 3000 management, have been putting down your medicinal plaster island.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks that person said. „Doesn't your China person such have the politeness? What a moment ago hit is this DR10 technical personnel, this pig Professor.” This dog consul discontented saying. They altogether came three people, separately is pig Professor and this dog consul, that agent of their side. Volume, this dog consul, you first sent back the thing says again.” The mayor has not blamed the meaning of Xia Tian, but reminded the goal of their this time coming. Thing we will certainly take away, but he must apologize to us, he insulted our country a moment ago.” This dog consul vision ice-cold looks to Xia Tian, own country was insulted, this is he intolerable. I, if didn't apologize?” Xia Tian ponders looks to this dog consul. I will find the people of embassy to solve this matter, you will shoulder when the time comes to destroy China and Island Country friendship charge.” This dog consul angry saying. Good.” Xia Tian pats the thigh excitedly continues saying: You go to me quickly, hurry up, you consider me, I became the national heroes.” A that agent face angry looks to Xia Tian, although he had not spoken, but he speaks the China language, the words that Xia Tian spoke were really too coarse, he could not bear want to get rid. This donkey!” Consul gentleman stopped by calling out that agent.

How? Do you refuse to accept? Listened to their meanings you are the agents in medicinal plaster country's?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that agent. That Island Country agent has not spoken. Looks at your appearance, should be the Island Country agent, I am the China agent, can compare?” Xia Tian provocation looks to that agent, saw Islander , if not repair, that was not he. Sir, please note your words, this donkey gentleman is our Island Country Advanced agent, his strength is very fierce.” This dog consul discontented saying. Pays attention to your younger sister, you make such dangerous thing, then unexpectedly cannot watch, you said that your heads made the donkey kicking, the defense system of your country built with the matches stick?” Xia Tian looks that this dog consul continues saying: Now the thing is father helps you snatch, the words that wants on the polite speech, otherwise this thing we only will give the international security organization.” You.” This dog consul looks angrily to Xia Tian, afterward on the face had a smiling face: Sir, if you such delay us, once DR10 explodes in Hong Kong, that may be your responsibility.” Whose responsibility I do not know, if in any case Hong Kong has the matter, our China will send out 3000 management, tramples flat your medicinal plaster country.” Xia Tian looks that several people said. Eight!” That Island Country agent mission may endure, after cursing angrily one, directly hits to Xia Tian. Eight, your Mahler desert.” Xia Tian has not gotten rid, his Bing Chuan has gotten rid, he only used a fist to hit to fly that Island Country agent. Your this times in destruction international friendship.” This dog consul angry saying. Father destroyed, can be what kind of? This is my credential, the eastern Northern Army area major general, wants to consider the father to go.” Bing Chuan has put out own credential. After hearing the Bing Chuan words, that group of senior officials in Hong Kong stare, front person unexpectedly is a major general, the major general in eastern Northern Army area, is he so is young, such young major general, that future will be limitless.

The mayors were shocked, unexpectedly these two agents have one is the major generals, that another status? No wonder they speak so will be unyielding. Hey, you snatched my game, do you believe me to link you to hit together.” Xia Tian very discontented looks at Bing Chuan. Heard the Xia Tian words, Hong Kong these senior officials has shocked all, his unexpectedly dares such to speak to the major general, actually he was any status, this made Xia Tian more mystical. One is such young major general, another dares such to speak to the major general. Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office also became mysterious. Eight! Your unexpectedly sneak attack, has to plant again comes one time, this time you on together.” Agent angry saying of that Island Country. Rock-Paper-Scissors. This Bing Chuan has not worried to get rid, but started Rock-Paper-Scissors with Xia Tian. They decided that with the friendliest way decided who gets up. Hateful, your unexpectedly dares to insult me.” That Island Country agent fires into them angrily. ! Two palms of the hand hit on his face.

Patted his face directly swelling. Ha Ha, I won.” Xia Tian has used the X-Ray Vision eye, has won Bing Chuan directly. That you come.” Saying of Bing Chuan envy. Xia Tian rubbish, turns head directly, happen to at this time the Island Country agent fights with the fists, all people noticed that fist hit immediately on the body of Xia Tian, but Xia Tian unexpectedly vanished, presented again time, he has stood in that agent: Was too slow.” Bang! Xia Tian fought with the fists on the body of that Island Country agent, him knocked down directly. Afterward Xia Tian both hands pinch completely the arm and leg of that agent: Yeah, is this agent who you send? Such fellow can be useful, is comes to see lively, keeps your Island Country to use.” No wonder your Island Country could not protect including own thing, originally your Island Country all was such waste.” Bing Chuan disdains looks to that several people. Eight.” This dog consul looks angrily to them, afterward behind that black vehicle to them waved. The gate of black vehicle was opened. Inside sits a person, that person going down car(riage) of slowly, the vision is profound: Mr. Sharpey a Sichuan, the Island Country honor needed you to protect.” That person slowly walks to here, his vision has locked Xia Tian and saying of Bing Chuan coldly: You on together.”