Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 368

A Sharpey Sichuan tone very big, opened mouth wants Xia Tian and Bing Chuan on together, this imposing manner could be said as the suitable cow, because a moment ago that agent linked one move unable to resist in Xia Tian and Bing Chuan hand. In this case, a Sharpey Sichuan can also say such words. Fully obviously he to own strength how has the self-confidence. Wait / Etc.!” Hong Kong mayors open the mouth to stop me to know person who suddenly you have the skill, but here is Hong Kong, here I decide.” Maintains the mayor unexpectedly speech of low key so strong, Xia Tian and the others also stare, right, here truly is the domains of others mayor, the so-called hadrosaurus does not press local tyrant. Em.” Xia Tian and Bing Chuan also nodded. Person who since you have skill, that together gets rid, seized not to be good the thing, now the lives of Hong Kong these many people all in your hands, six DR10 flow in Hong Kong.” The mayor looks that the Island Country person said: You should better also honestly, the thing is your right, we acted to help you snatch are the friendship of landlord, if you think that these were we should do, I did not mind that national which day threw several atomic bombs to go to your countries, when the time comes also made you help to look.” Strong! The words of mayor are strong enough, his words Islander has not refuted. Now altogether three mission, first, discover other DR10, and recaptures it \; Second, protects already two DR10 that seizes, third, discovers to steal the day, no matter I his reputation big, no matter I also he is difficult to grasp in your Island Country, but he moved the China bottom line, the so dangerous thing will lead into China, this is the capital crime.” The mayor looked that said to all people: Immediately prepares the best weaponry, gives them several, other people start the entire city to declare martial law, each place searches completely strictly, gives me to smuggle the person of munitions all these to grasp, mobilizes Jiang Hai City all police forces armies, I will go to the southeastern military region to borrow the person, everybody diligently, comes a Hong Kong cities and areas blanket search together.” The mayor got angry, this time he got angry, had such big matter in his place, regardless of the final output how, he must be criticized, why these people will choose in Hong Kong trade? The answer is very simple, that is Hong Kong is they thinks the safest place. Why did the weapons in these manpower endure compared with the weapon of army? Because here smuggling are many. From now on, he no longer is here mayor, but is here patron god, he must protect the safety of here resident.

Good, our Jiang Hai City special Operations Office coordinates completely, but we want the information, first, we need that steal the day the information, next, once there is any news immediately to inform us.” Ye Wan looked said clearly to the mayor. Snort!” Sharpey Sichuan cold snort, has then stood the side of this dog consul. Mr. Sharpey a Sichuan is one on super endures, if there is any information to inform him, he will certainly take carry back the thing.” This dog consul light saying. On super endures!” Xia Tian has sized up a Sharpey Sichuan carefully. Previous time he to fighting in that endures, he felt that Ninja was not good to cope, if were not the X-Ray Vision eye, he wants to win in that to endure not to be impossible, above on but endured also to have on endures specially, on super endured. This person is on super endures. In other words his strength are least also has the Profound Grade late stage rank, moreover he also has Ninjutsu of secret. That is final trump card. His secret this person in the heart, he knows that this fought unable to avoid. On the face of Bing Chuan also presented the excited look, he hears on super endures, on the face presented the bloodthirsty expression: On super endures, is very big, but I like.” You to fighting Ninja?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Bing Chuan. Kills in 20 to endure, three on special endure.” Bing Chuan light saying, his major general is not his grandfather gives, but is he uses the life to spell.

Good, you should know their secret Ninjutsu!” Xia Tian nodded. I several times almost die in their Ninjutsu, therefore I decided that with they battle, to them do not release the super Ninjutsu opportunity.” Bing Chuan answered. The mayor received a call. All people prepare, front one kilometer place has an underground gambling establishment, there is going to have DR10 to trade.” The words of mayor just said that three person's shadows from same place vanished. Is Xia Tian, Bing Chuan and that on super endures. Is so quick!” Bing Chuan whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, was only the flash, Xia Tian fell him, on super endured the whereabouts to be very secret as for that. Mayor and the others have not moved, saw that these three people have gotten rid, they had enough confidence. A major general, mysterious figure, on Island Country super endures, this is solid Expert. Xia Tian is first reaches destination, that Island Country Ninja is second, Bing Chuan is third. After they arrived in the destination, flees to the underground gambling establishment. After they enter the underground gambling establishment, that on super endures to ponder looked at Xia Tian and Bing Chuan, at the same time, the entire underground gambling establishment was all covered by the colored smog. Camouflages.” Bing Chuan and Xia Tian all left the underground gambling establishment, the person who in gambling establishment these gambled also all runs to above: This fellow was too bad, he gets down to throw the smog, this made us not have the means to look, moreover we below , if treated too for a long time, he will sneak attack us.”

Waited to be good above.” Although the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye can see clearly in the smog, but his also indefinite this Island Country does Ninja have other cards in a hand, therefore he has not exposed his X-Ray Vision eye. He chooses waits here, after is other Island Country Ninja come out, DR10 brings. He will not make Islander show off one's power in his domain. A Sharpey Sichuan gets rid in the agile, underground gambling establishment has only spread a gunshot, was afterward peaceful. After three minutes, a Sharpey Sichuan has arrived at the above of underground gambling establishment, Xia Tian and Bing Chuan like this visits him, in his hand is raising the black bag should be DR10. „To begin?” What a Sharpey Sichuan said is the China language. Bang! Bing Chuan appears in a front of Sharpey Sichuan instantaneously, afterward a fist rumbles, a Sharpey Sichuan transports the both arms to resist, but had been repelled several steps by the Bing Chuan formidable strength. ! At this moment the golden light flashes through together, is gold thread, probably is the throwing knife, golden throwing knife, at the same time a finger high throws, on Sharpey Sichuan eats the pain, loosened the bag.