Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 369

The bag in the previous second of landing, was held by Bing Chuan. That on super endures whole face hate looks at Bing Chuan and Xia Tian, right, that golden light was Xia Tian Money Throwing Knife, that on super endured not to think that the Xia Tian Money Throwing Knife speed can be so fast. Moreover sharp incomparable, but just moved his finger, his integral root finger cut off by Money Throwing Knife. On super endures Sharpey Sichuan turn around to leave directly, he knows what he eats is unable to speak out about one's grievances, if he goes back to complain, that was saying obviously one have lost to these two people, this was he intolerable. Is on super endures, how he can lose, this enmity he must report. He does not think one will lose to these two people, reason that these two people can rob from his hand DR10, this is because they sneak attack with the general idea. On super endures a Sharpey Sichuan thinks at heart. After returning to that person side of mayor, Bing Chuan has put the front of people the bag. This is third. Now the Hong Kong mayors' to the Jiang Hai City Operations Office person have been full of confidence specially, they have retrieved third DR10. That on super endures a Sharpey Sichuan to lower the head. How do you possibly let slip?” This dog consul puzzled asking. Snort.” On after super endures a Sharpey Sichuan to look at Xia Tian and Bing Chuan, cold snort, has not spoken. Although he has not spoken, but this dog consul understood the general idea of matter. Now did not have what information, I estimated the possibility that group of people trade today was not big, I already for you arranged the place, you rested first, the Island Country consul, you needed as soon as possible the relation your Island Country security personnel, when the time comes DR10 will transmit by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs to your security personnel.” Hong Kong mayors said.

Relax, mayor Sir, the person of connection we have prepared, once left the China territorial airspace, we will arrange the aircraft carrier to ship.” This dog consul said the aircraft carrier time complacent. The meaning was saying that our Island Country strength casually did not say, we also had the aircraft carrier. We walk.” Ye Wan brings the car(riage) that Xia Tian in their four a mayor has been arranging clearly. Then waits for the news, the mayor has assigned the person to block Hong Kong, he must start large quantities of processing crime phenomenon. Their four were delivered to a very big hotel, each person independent room, the meal has prepared, although is not the western-style food, but is not the box lunch. Now is late at night, after their several have eaten the thing, started to rest. The concrete matter must wait for the arrangement of mayor. Needs them to get rid naturally can tell them. Xia Tian fast entered the Heaven Absolute Wake cultivation condition, was probably after one hour, a pitiful yell awakened Xia Tian, when Xia Tian ran went out, Ye Wan mild Bing Chuan similarly stands in the entrance. Has been short of a person, Hu Lie. Hu Lie.” Bing Chuan ran hurriedly to the fourth room, when he opened the room door, saw blood everywhere and fainted past Hu Lie, on this time Hu Lie at least more than 40 blades, but chopped his person to have the technology very much, the blade blade was not fatal, it seems like that person wants to make him realize that bled are too much and feeling of death. Xia Tian flushed hurriedly, silver needle fast inserting stops bleeding on his body: Called the ambulance, otherwise he will bleed is many and dies.” Heard the Xia Tian words, Bing Chuan calls to call the ambulance hurriedly: He how?” „The opposite party wants to make him bleed are too much and dies, moreover is class slowly, making him realize the fear in that death, good ruthless method.” Xia Tian frowns to say.

What person does?” Ye Wan asked clearly. On super endures a Sharpey Sichuan.” Xia Tian and Bing Chuan simultaneously saying of coldly. They know, only then a that Sharpey Sichuan has such skill, moreover Hu Lie certainly will be his Ninjutsu therefore is also made such miserably. I give Hu Lie to revenge now.” Bing Chuan said that must flush away to outside. The Xia Tian right hand drew directly Bing Chuan according to the ground, Bing Chuan the face is now fierce, the whole person fell into the crazy condition, if made him maintain this condition in the past, that and brought death anything not to distinguish. You let loose me, I must revenge to Hu Lie.” Bing Chuan angry shouting. You calm, revenging will go certainly, but such does not go, you are hated now have become confused, at certain meeting the sinister plot of opposite party, he you were passing in that now.” Xia Tian holding down Bing Chuan stubbornly. He is my brother, he had kept off ten bullets for me.” In the eye of Bing Chuan has flowed out tears, who said that the son has the tears non- light shell, but has not arrived at the sentiment deep place. Even if Bing Chuan such man, saw own most own brothers were made into this, he cannot control his mood. Listened to me saying that now main delivered to the hospital Hu Lie, then found the way to revenge.” Xia Tian loosened own hand, Bing Chuan has not been struggling, he knows that he a moment ago truly was too impulsive. On super endures a Sharpey Sichuan, since chooses to Hu Lie gets rid, definitely early had to prepare, he passes now falls certainly into the snare of opposite party. After ambulance, their three accompanied Hu Lie to go to the hospital together. Here situation had also been discovered by outside these plainclothes, has made a phone call to the mayor. The mayor made a phone call to salute to Ye Wan clearly.

Ye Wan clear has not said anything, only said that she will process. Hu Lie fed in the emergency room. Xia Tian, do you somewhat grasp?” Ye Wan looked asked clearly to Xia Tian, no matter what Hu Lie now is her person, made into this, she cannot sit by and do nothing. Is she brings Hu Lie. Very.” Xia Tian said. Although he does not know that on super endures certainly to have a fiercer move, but he has decided that sends out to make oblique charges with Money Throwing Knife, does not give opposite party any opportunity. Living witness?” Ye Wan asked clearly again. Five points.” Xia Tian said. Killed people and makes an arrest this difficulty to be possible not to be a scale, had slightly may court destruction carelessly. I and you go together.” Bing Chuan goes forward to say. „It is not good, you must stay here to protect my Young Aunt and Hu Lie security, moreover your three cannot separate, I suspected that all these on super endure in a plan of Sharpey Sichuan in that he has the possibility to come to the hospital to sneak attack, therefore you must stay here to protect their securities.” Xia Tian looks to Bing Chuan earnest saying: I live certainly to lead him.” Em, I will certainly protect their securities.” Bing Chuan earnest saying, this is the commitment between man and man.