Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 370

Bing Chuan now was not impulsive a moment ago, he understands that on that Island Country super endures a Sharpey Sichuan, since can injure Hu Lie, that strength naturally cannot be underestimated, moreover he can find Hu Lie, showed that he looked up Xia Tian their residence. But why he begins to Hu Lie, so long as actually this he calmed down to think yes what's the matter. In these four people strength highest is he and Xia Tian, Ye Wan clear is specially the Operations Office department head, is the high-ranking, if she has an accident, that these Islander were impossible to leave China, moreover DR10 they could not bring. Therefore he does not dare to move Ye Wan to be clear, in these four people he, only then moves Hu Lie not to have the matter. He also knows that Xia Tian they several sentiments are very good, he moved Hu Lie, that Xia Tian and Bing Chuan will certainly ask him to revenge, when the time comes on center his snare. Bing Chuan understands, Xia Tian said wrong does not have, if he went a moment ago, that was the snare of enemy. Now Xia Tian went, although Xia Tian clearly knows is a snare, but for brothers' wound, the China dignity he same must go to battle, naturally Xia Tian, since knows will be the snare not silly will jump. Bing Chuan knows that Xia Tian walks, here does not meet similarly safely, he must do meets the following challenge. They have their division of labor. Attacks one to defend. Bing Chuan round trip Jiang Hai City is looks for Xia Tian troublesome, but they together arrived at Hong Kong now, moreover they fight side-by-side together, now they revenge for the brothers together, cope with on Island Country super to endure. Xia Tian, the attention security, does not need to live, dying.” Ye Wan looks at Xia Tian to say clearly. I know.” Xia Tian does not dare to pull rank, on Island Country super endures is not ordinary rookie, his strength can place on a par with China Profound Grade late stage, in addition their Ninjutsu, are highly regarded. Here has me, you can feel relieved that waits to fire off this weaponry I to ask you to drink.” Bing Chuan has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian, he has approved Xia Tian now.

No matter before , he heard the Xia Tian anything matter from others mouth, but he has approved Xia Tian now, who Bing Chuan is, eastern Northern Army area youngest major general, is east King of Soldiers of Northern Army area. Can obtain the person who he approves, perhaps also had Xia Tian such monstruous talent. Xia Tian direct, Ye Wan has given him clearly a mobile number, this mobile number is the person who the local area trades the information, asked that person can very relaxed found Islander residence. „Are you?” That of telephone has transmitted question. Helps me look up several people, money is not the issue, is the Island Country consul, I want to know that which they live, separately in any room.” Xia Tian rubbish. You and other.” Telephone that has not hung up, after two minutes: Harmonious hotel, altogether four rooms, 707,708,709,710, the information of record separately is a donkey, this dog, this pig and a Sharpey Sichuan.” Some money people will give you.” Xia Tian said that has hung up the telephone. Meanwhile another head of telephone. The person of that business information on the head has a (spear|gun) to point at this time. I deferred to you saying that said that can put me.” The person of that transaction information said. Bang! Deceased person not any use.” A to open fire person Sharpey Sichuan, all during his plan, now he draw a shackles, and other Xia Tian wormed one's way into, he has put out a telephone: You move, dry attractive, except for that woman, other all killed.” Drops the drop!

The Xia Tian cell phone has made a sound suddenly, turns on the cell phone, he saw a video, is a person is killed after a telephone conversation. Xia Tian sees clearly, the object who the killed that person talked over the telephone was one, but a to open fire person Sharpey Sichuan, moreover heard him afterward to talk, Xia Tian understands that this was that information trades the Boss subsequent party, if a Sharpey Sichuan has put him, that this video will not send, once he died, this video will send to the Xia Tian cell phone after two minutes. This was also changed to makes Xia Tian revenge for him. Everyone is not a fool, say nothing of this information traded Boss, he can in so long-time, not only by the luck in this mixing, he already knows absolutely one one day possibly dead, therefore he has left behind this method. Only then a that Sharpey Sichuan still thinks oneself infallible in that is infatuated with. Xia Tian has made a phone call to Ye Wan clearly, informing his Ninja to begin, Ye Wan mild Bing Chuan has been ready, and other opposite party in the past. Xia Tian went to harmonious hotel, although knows that there has the snare, but he must pass, but he will not walk the normal way, moreover speed he in that Sharpey Sichuan is not quick, he can certainly compared with that fellow early, when the time comes be any plot is clear at a glance. Although Xia Tian speed with Bai Yu compared with also some disparities, but compared with ordinary Profound Grade Expert, that is simply invincible. The Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step speed was fast enough, in speed addition that adding on Vampire is in sole possession, his present speed has compared on that Sharpey one Sichuan quick three times, moreover Xia Tian endurance also ratio to Fang Qiang. Quick, Xia Tian arrived at the downstairs in harmonious hotel, he will hide in the darkness. Xia Tian had already discovered own skill, seems same as Vampire, once hides in the darkness, then with dark melt for a body. Meanwhile another side. Ye Wan went out of the intensive care unit clearly, she just went out of the intensive care unit, two doctors walked, after going, they fired three (spear|gun)s to the bed, when they lift the quilt suddenly discovered.

Under the quilt is the pillows. At this moment, their present together the person's shadow, is Bing Chuan, Bing Chuan fist, hit to fly that two people directly, but that two people were also Expert, retreat instantaneous to open fire. Bang! Bang! Two (spear|gun)s both hit on the body of Bing Chuan, but Bing Chuan unexpectedly flushed, on his fist as if presented the ice blade edge to be ordinary, ices the blade edge to wrap his fist. Bang! Two fought with the fists on the head of that two person, hit to explode their heads directly. On Bing Chuan has emitted the steam, that two bullets fall on the ground, originally that two bullets hit a moment ago on his cold ice armor. This is Bing Chuan adept Unique Skill, cold ice Secret Art. „In two endures.” After Bing Chuan has inspected them, discovered that these two people are on endure, he copes with the Ninja method is quick, while the opposite party has not shown the true ability time beats the match. Has solved, is very quick.” Ye Wan returned to time Bing Chuan in room to end the fight clearly. Now on and other Xia Tian that side good news.” Bing Chuan said that lifted from bed Hu Lie.