Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 371

Because there is a early warning of Xia Tian, therefore Bing Chuan has instead challenged opposite one time, killed in two to endure with ease. If competes normally, although Bing Chuan also has the opportunity to win, but that must look that has fought truly, because nobody can expect in the fight will have anything, the casual same thing may the change war. However now Bing Chuan only uses less than ten seconds successfully to solve in that two to endure, he relies on is the situation and match does not know his fierce. Cold ice Secret Art that is his grandfather Northern Army becoming famous Unique Skill, his grandfather also closes right up against this Unique Skill becomes China four big Expert. Once luck cold ice Secret Art. Then the skin surface will present a cold ice, this cold ice may defend to attack. Actually ices reason that cold ice Secret Art passes on male does not pass on the female, is not because ices Grandfather to regard men as superior to women, because the cold ice Secret Art does not suit the female to carry on cultivation, once the female cultivation cold ice Secret Art, the gloom in that within the body excessively will be abundant, when the time comes whole person cold like ice. Finally the cold ice Secret Art cultivation level is higher, the female will be more dangerous, has not distinguished with suicide anything. Bing Chuan here crisis has solved, but he has not supported Xia Tian, on the one hand he is afraid the opposite party also to have the subsequent party, moreover oneself present will exit certainly to expose, then a Sharpey Sichuan will be knows that here situation, but has prepared. Even if he supports Xia Tian now, not necessarily can catch up, moreover may break the plan of Xia Tian. Xia Tian has hidden in the darkness. After several minutes, a Sharpey Sichuan returned to the harmonious hotel. His brow has tightened, has not spoken, the half step hurries to the building, Xia Tian has followed in his behind, is quietly. Hateful, but also does not have the news, will not have an accident.” Elevator Sharpey Sichuan angry saying. He had not discovered that at this time the above of elevator, the person, this person is not others Xia Tian, Xia Tian while he wants Fang Ka the time first went to the elevator, and opening above service mouth, arrived at the above of elevator.

This dog consul, what situation did your side receive?” A Sharpey Sichuan calls to ask. Xia Tian could not hear the opposite party to say anything. Good, I am walking to the building in now, he should swallow the bait, the toxin of datura, a drop can kill by poison a cow, so long as he enters the room to die without doubt.” Sharpey Sichuan wicked saying. Was good, you are listening to a that side situation, if what happened informs me.” A Sharpey Sichuan said that has hung up the telephone. Elevator above Xia Tian shows a faint smile at heart, he understands finally the opposite party was any scheme, unexpectedly was the toxin of datura, Xia Tian is very self-confident to own medical skill, but he could not solve the toxicity of datura. If he were not blocking Bing Chuan at that time, once Bing Chuan kills, that and brings death anything not to distinguish. Moreover the genuine enemy does not live here. dīng! The gate of elevator opened, a Sharpey Sichuan arrived at 710 entrances, his housing card opened 710 doors, his innermost feelings were anticipating, he was anticipating a meeting can see the ground to lie down a corpse. But made him disappointed, nobody, saw nobody time, the complexion of his whole person changed. He heard that person to inquire that a moment ago obviously here was right, that person must come. „Are you are looking for me?” At this moment the gate of elevator was opened again, an incomparably handsome youth walked from inside, this youth Xia Tian. Sees Xia Tian time, Sharpey eldest son deeps frown, he had not discovered when Xia Tian is with. How haven't you entered the room?” Sharpey eldest son puzzled asking.

You underestimated the China person.” Xia Tian sent that video. Saw the time Sharpey eldest son who this video knew to go bad, he sent the person in hospital definitely to encounter has ambushed, no wonder for a long time, did not have a chapter of news. Hateful, your unexpectedly had not been swindled.” Sharpey eldest son looks angrily to Xia Tian. Crosses the measurement of each family on your child, deceives the child in China kindergarten also almost, so long as is an adult, IQ you are high.” Xia Tian disdains saw a Sharpey eldest son. This Sharpey eldest son also really thinks that his plan is flawless, he thought himself again world Zhuge Liang. Although my perfect plan mistake, but you think that you possibly do escape from my hand?” Sharpey eldest son vision ice-cold looks at Xia Tian, his vision looks like the wild animal is ordinary. Oh I go, which your comes self-confident, I am kill your good, my running away your younger sister.” Xia Tian feels speechless, oneself this delivering, opposite party unexpectedly added one did not run away. Snort, I am on Island Country super endure, although the plan has not succeeded, but I same can kill you.” Sharpey eldest son wicked saying. Xia Tian looked at a here environment, this is a long corridor, the corridor widely is less than three meters, the height about four meters, was considered as on is full alley, the fight here was also the street fighting. In the so narrow and small space fights unable to display actually very much. However this battlefield regarding Xia Tian and Sharpey eldest son, radically is not anything, because Sharpey eldest son meets the magic of making oneself invisible. His body vanished in instantaneously same place. He he, is magic of making oneself invisible.” Saying with a smile of Xia Tian coldly: Your Island Country Ninjutsu book is plagiarize five lines of techniques of our China, but is you have not comprehended thoroughly five lines of techniques, therefore has invented Ninjutsu with the superficial knowledge.” Sharpey eldest son has not spoken.

The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously, periphery he carefully observes, has saying that this on super endures is not a lid, he has almost hidden the truth from the eye of Xia Tian. Is here.” In the right hand of Xia Tian presents a golden throwing knife, the throwing knife shoots directly to that wall. Bang! The throwing knife hit above the wall, has shot directly, at the same time Sharpey eldest son's form appeared in the Xia Tian front, if a moment ago were not the rapidness that he hid, was pierced by Xia Tian this throwing knife. ! Xia Tian drew the throwing knife to fly gently once more to Sharpey eldest son. The throwing knife probably is the artware is the same in the hand of Xia Tian, from the sky flies round. Throwing knife unexpectedly will fly. Moreover is Zuo Feifei, right flies. Sharpey eldest son keeps is dodging, he was away from the body of Xia Tian to be getting more and more far, his was not careful a moment ago is cut the flesh by Gold Thread, this made him start a little frightened this throwing knife. This is sharp the throwing knife, pulls its silk thread is also being so sharp. At this moment, in his right hand presented a chromosphere, the chromosphere leave directly to the under foot of Xia Tian. You biggest skill is this throwing knife, now I am away from you to be so near, your throwing knife has saved you without enough time.” The ice-cold sound appears in the Xia Tian side together.