Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 374

Everybody heard Hong Kong to DR10 give the news of World Safety Organization, this news, all influence all moved. DR10, the Island Country most advanced weapon, is small size, the might is big. But this weapon the treasures of these terrorists, if they obtained this thing, they can resist with a small country simply, suddenly all terrorist forces all sent for arriving at Hong Kong, some far countries even sent the airplane to escort. They stared at that eight DR10, but that eight DR10 only then three had been discovered by the Hong Kong government, was that three that Xia Tian they rescued, five still in stealing day hand. Steals the day simply for a penny and for a pound, has related these greatly terrorist forces, making them come to Hong Kong to connect with personally, the price was cheaper than half before, can move away as for them does not turn over to steal the day to manage. Steals the day reputation is very big, everybody believes his prestige. Therefore after these five missiles just he hung the pricetag, is ordered, he DR10 storing up place, told five influences separately, stole the day to draw cash left Hong Kong quietly. Boss, this time we have owed.” An attractive female opens the mouth saying that his side is standing a black clothed, is leading the man of black hat. Does not owe, does not owe, dying is not our people, spends to hire, we think.” black-clothed person legend day in secretly, no one thinks that Island Country most-wanted steals day unexpectedly is the China person. Boss, where do we go to?” The attractive female opens the mouth to ask. Takes vacation, you did not think that now takes vacation, the atmosphere just, looks at others to fight, we lie down in the vacation home are drinking the good wine.” Steals the day to show a faint smile. Good, you were too willful.” The attractive female followed steals the day to leave Hong Kong.

Five side influences sent their person to go to Hong Kong to take the thing, these five DR10 by transporting quietly to Hong Kong, but what more people noted was that three DR10, that five DR10 wanted to block off is very difficult, but that three DR10 were very simple, although Jiang Hai City will send out a large group police forces, the person but who all influence sent out were also many. Island Country also has sent out large unit, now China does not give back to them DR10, they only then snatched. Island Country sent at the same night, two on super endured, four on special endured to endure with eight, 100 special endure, bringing the (spear|gun) to enter Hong Kong is very troublesome, therefore they have deployed super army in the special troops, Ninja army. Their this time goals have two, one is to rob DR10, revenges for a Sharpey Sichuan. Next morning, the Hong Kong mayors arrived at Xia Tian their here. He said to Xia Tian the situation. Protecting our homes and defending our country is I should do, but my request, now moves away my Young Aunt and Hu Lie, do not take plane.” Xia Tian most does not feel relieved is his Young Aunt security. Boy, you underestimated your Young Aunt I, I was Expert, in the past the fathers do not dare to despise me.” Ye Wan clearly very earnest saying. Kills the stubborn mouth, is drown to death to swim, Young Aunt, how many years did you have not to begin personally?” The Xia Tian words use was too classical, this world is this, some people think own mouth is fierce, can convince the world, but this person was all hit to fly the tooth, the person who these can swim loves acting cool, thinks one can transpacific, make the fish eat finally. Boldness because of one's skill truly right, but this group of people were usually planned dead. Brat, your unexpectedly dares such to speak to me, I am your Young Aunt.” Ye Wan has knocked the head of Xia Tian clearly.

You are not my own Young Aunt, but you are intimate with regarding me own, therefore I do not hope that you were injured, you do not have in the investment fight of means total involvement in this me.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. You knew.” Ye Wan clear awkward saying, what he said is own Young Aunt this matter. I have grown up, how possibly not to know, but regarding me, except for the father on you and older female cousin Brother Xiaoma was I most own person.” After the Xia Tian father died, is big in guardian Young Aunt. Actually your mother.” Ye Wan just wants to say anything clearly. Was needless saying that you all will not say in any case, made me look up.” Xia Tian is showing a faint smile to Ye Wan clearly: If I cannot live am returning to Jianghai , helping me pick my father, nobody accompanies him, he will be lonely.” Xia Tian knows that this time mission is almost a narrow escape, because this time is not only DR10, but also has all influence, although the mayor has sought help from the army, but these unit headquarters want to arrive here to require the time. Moreover came from each place is not international mercenary is Assassins, either is the special troops and super army. Once people were many, then has in the possibility the move, once who did not hit DR10 carefully, that Xia Tian same can die with the Hong Kong residents here. You cannot die, if you have an accident, I die 100 times to have no way with your father to confess.” Ye Wan knits the eyebrows to say clearly tightly. You walked, I am safer, such I will not divert attention, but had been a pity my uncle elder brother, could accompany me together.” Xia Tian looked at Bing Chuan to say. Sacrificed for the country, that is also my glory, you are great, my Little Sister has not misread the person.” Bing Chuan has patted the shoulder of Xia Tian.

Good, I walk, but you must promise me, is living coming back, I go to the kitchen to complete the vegetable you to come back personally.” Ye Wan knows the Xia Tian temperament clearly, if she does not walk, Xia Tian will certainly divert attention, therefore she decides to leave. Mr. Xia, ices the gentleman, I salute to you for the residents in national and Hong Kong.” Hong Kong mayors respected a ritual to Xia Tian. Mayor, I also need your coordination, the China dignity cannot lose, if made that five DR10 ship out China, that China reputation lost, later others will say that China was the smuggling good place, exiting that regardless of anything can transport, therefore I must detain that five DR10, I needed you to handle two matters.” Xia Tian has written on the paper with, this matter relates significantly, therefore he has only written with the ratio, after having written, he uses the fire to burn down the paper. Relax, this time all listens your.” Mayor all coordinate Xia Tian. Gives me also to come Sniper Rifle.” Bing Chuan said that Xia Tian on paper writes took Sniper Rifle a moment ago. You said that our two whose marksmanship is good?” Xia Tian asked. I, but east King of Soldiers of Northern Army area, this also with saying?” Bing Chuan complacent saying. „, Forgot King of Soldiers of southeastern military region was my little brother.” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks at Bing Chuan to say.