Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 375

Fuck! Bing Chuan has raised up the middle finger to Xia Tian. Limelight, I am your brother-in-law, you do not do well.” Xia Tian charming saying. Ha Ha!” Several people have smiled, Xia Tian has eased up the atmosphere for everybody. Xia Tian operational mission is very simple, he knows the opposite party certainly will connect with using Hong Kong and international security bureau the time other five DR10 ships out Hong Kong, because that time was other Hong Kong place defensive power weakest times. Therefore Xia Tian lets the mayor first connection with the vacation, the attention shifts of these people, then he and Bing Chuan separates to move, intercepts in Jiang Hai City that several sneak crossing harbors using the airplane fast, then goes back with the safe bureau connection. Although this intermediate distance far of , the speed of helicopter is not however slow, moreover airborne does not traffic jams. When the time comes so long as made the helicopter arrive the speed is most quickly good. The connection cannot certainly make the international security bureau many wait, therefore after and other Xia Tian they snatch that five DR10, goes with the person connection of international security bureau, when the time comes can still be a bloody battle. This is the complete set plan of Xia Tian. The mayor transferred Hong Kong all police forces, wraps the important law case group, investigates the brigade wait / etc., so long as can enter the war moved, various explosion-proof teams, against biochemical infection team wait / etc.. Once DR10 exploded, then they must stop inside virus to continue to attack. All harbors were sealed up completely, majority of police forces in international trade harbor, because today's connection is here, for this connection, the World Safety Organization, the international security bureau has sponsored three aircraft carriers, they must transport DR10 to a bonin island, then ruins DR10, and they will overspread the island using the chemical agent beforehand, such biochemical virus is unable to infect the sea. The international security bureau regarding the processing method of this type of thing is this, cannot make it keep in society absolutely. Xia Tian and Bing Chuan person of Sniper Rifle and submachine gun, the bullet certain, their to open fire must be careful, in upper air they must calculate the wind speed, otherwise may hit, once projects in DR10, then they became the China criminals. Although DR10 has own unique detonation method, but no one knows that actually the bullet will hit above what happened, once will reveal or detonates inside installment, that may be miserable.

Uncle elder brother, your there wind speed how?” Xia Tian asked on the airplane. My wind speed is good, I have calculated, your there how is it?” The Bing Chuan response said. Too the old-style fan device, sat the feeling of helicopter is crisp, I liked this feeling, occupied a commanding position, so long as my pilot did not make the opposite party artillery ejection get down, I had confidence to wipe out the opposite party.” Xia Tian excited saying, he most is worried is the missile, that type of shoulder shouldering -type missile. But the opposite party should not get so far as, recently Hong Kong has been declaring martial law, they can get so far as the weapon already extraordinary. If they can also get so far as that type of heavy weapon, that Hong Kong security department really should go to review well. „Won't you have ridden the helicopter?” Bing Chuan asked. Was hung by the helicopter in the string is?” Xia Tian asked. Was good, you were needless saying that I all understood, your rookie, tied up the string, do not fall down, easy excited, the body tied up the safety belt, encountered the danger to loosen the string ricochet machine.” The Bing Chuan reminder said. Can have any danger, opens the little elder brother of airplane to say to me that he uses the life to guarantee, definitely will not have the issue.” Xia Tian confident saying. Nonsense, the pilot of each helicopter said that because airplane, once aimed by the missile, they do not have the opportunity parachuting, is one dies, naturally guaranteed with the life.” Bing Chuan answered, his explanation was very reasonable. shit, the little elder brother, he said real?” Xia Tian their earphones are linked to each other. Em, but I had not had an accident.” That pilot said. Nonsense, had an accident you also to live, the buddy, you well were certainly good, I have not taken a wife.” The Xia Tian desire said that is so high, even if he can Martial Arts also directly plunge to death. Relax, I have not taken a wife.” That pilot said.

How you more said that I jump over did not feel relieved, the buddy, you must open well, when I was safe, I give you to introduce a wife.” Xia Tian entices, he knows that perhaps had the enticement to be dynamic, this pilot one excitedly has displayed 200% strengths. Real? Too thank you.” That pilot excited saying. Xia Tian, can Bing Chuan, hear?” In the earphone has broadcast the voice of mayor. Can.” Xia Tian and Bing Chuan response said. Connection must start immediately, asked.” The mayor said again. Relax the mayor, your there also pays attention to the security, we finished up support you.” Xia Tian knows that the mayor has gone forth to battle personally, his body only then an armored clothing and ballistic helmet, moreover he personally is also ready with the rifle firing to go forth to battle. This is genuine good mayor. Attention security, prepares to move.” Mayor serious saying. Their earphones have connected all defense, so long as had discovered that gang ships the DR10 gangster, they will inform Xia Tian and Bing Chuan with the earphone. Hong Kong biggest harbor place, usually here is the main trading area, now here has been stationed in several thousand police forces, this was left the security and duty also has to be the complete police forces who beside mission can assemble. They are all ready in full battle array, what this time they protect is three bulletproof boxes, the internal installations of these three boxes is DR10. Marine, the people of the World Safety Organization and international security bureau have been ready completely, and other connections of both sides. Three raise the person of box to walk toward the wharf. At this moment, in the water presented over a hundred black-clothed person, their bodies have the steel wire, appears instantaneously, the submachine guns in their hand commence fire directly.

Ping! A series of attacks make. Garrison!” All police start to alert completely, but had many people hit, especially front that three were raising the person of box, was good because of the box bulletproof, their these people were all right. ! At this moment, the surroundings these nobody's place started to present large quantities of people, their completely is fully-armed, the bullet from has hit in all directions. The war started. Southeastern harbor discovery goal, northwest harbor discovery goal.” Southeast me, northwest you!” Xia Tian was saying to the earphone. Good, attention security.” The Bing Chuan response said. They began, belonged to their fights also to start, a point that Xia Tian guessed right, these people wanted defended the weakest time using the Hong Kong police forces to attack, although here also person of police forces defended, but each harbor altogether was less than ten people.