Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 376

But that five big influence actually more than 20 people, they, for does not bring to others' attention, therefore has only sent more than 20 people, although the population are not many, but uniform is the elites in international mercenary. Although they have 20 people, but has only used one round, ten people that they have solved guarding. Well, how here has monitoring, everybody was careful.” A that mercenary (spear|gun) hit to explode the monitoring. Bang! At this moment, a gunshot transmits, that person of body directly but actually. In above.” Suddenly some people shout. Bang! Bang! Ripple fire that Xia Tian keeps. Also did upside-down two people. Counterattacks, calls me him.” Following these person of fast seeking bunkers. Buddy, do not fly to be too low, my marksmanship, can project on, this group of SB hide behind the box is useful, father this is an armor piercer.” Xia Tian excited saying, this fight was too crisp. Sits on the airplane to below to open fire, the following person can only come under attack, their bullets are not very high. Bang! Bang! Bang! After Xia Tian opens the X-Ray Vision eye, this group of people do not have the bunker regarding him. Although the box is an iron tank, but iron tank may unable to block the armor piercer, Xia Tian (spear|gun) knocks down completely, exactly the same that these person and Xia Tian expects, without the heavy weapon, this was crisp bad Xia Tian. Moves away the thing, runs away, do not hide, his marksmanship is very accurate.” The Xia Tian People sound shouts. Bang! Bang! Bang! to open fire that Xia Tian keeps, these people, although is running the S shape, but Xia Tian early has seen through their motion, making of (spear|gun) (spear|gun), these people have not then waited to run up to the riverside, completely was solved by Xia Tian.

Buddy, reduces, I go to take DR10.” Xia Tian has put the ladder, will then be loaded with the DR10 box to take. Completes mission!” Xia Tian said. My this also completes mission, they do not have the heavy weapon, other three did DR10 have the news?” Bing Chuan asked. Temporarily does not have, but should be quick.” Xia Tian knows that group of people are only sooner or later issues, they will certainly begin. Great.” Mayor there hears Xia Tian and Bing Chuan news said. Mayor, your there must insist.” Xia Tian said. Enemy firepower is too fierce, our support also need some time, but guarded against explosions the shield to block part of attacks temporarily.” The mayor was reporting their there situations. Mayor, your situations I see probably, this way you were too passive, lets the following army from the double envelopment, their people are impossible to have our people many, this can inside and outside hit together, the opposite party definitely accepts.” Xia Tian knew after that side situation, offers advice fast. How I have not thought that many thanks.” After the mayor said that starts to order the army from the double envelopment. The people of the international security and World Safety Organization do not dare to come ashore to help, because they operate the aircraft carrier to come, once airplane launching firing off, that is making war to China, their book safeguards the world peace, naturally cannot the provocation incident. DR10 was protected behind the explosion-proof shield, these to open fire people do not dare to hit DR10, because that is their goals, once DR10 exploded, the nearby all will vanish into thin air. Emergency case, Northeast, southwest and East present three waves of gangsters, their firepower are very fierce, the monitoring had been destroyed, urgent support.” Uncle Elder Brother, Northeast and East turn over to me, southwest you go.” The Xia Tian airplane started to fly to that direction. He arrived at the East first, his distance arrives at Eastern there is recent. Bang! Bang! Bang! Xia Tian starts to open fire, the first company three (spear|gun)s have struck down three people directly, but they have also discovered Xia Tian, their some people take weapon emphatically. Bang!

A rocket projectile hits to the airplane. Shouted, narrow squeak.” The pilots patted their chest to say. Bang! A Xia Tian (spear|gun) kills the person who that fire resistance quivers, but three people have fired into the bazooka immediately. Ping! The Xia Tian two (spear|gun)s have killed two, but the third person had shouldered to get angry to quiver at this time, the bazooka launches once more. Bang! The pilots have shunted the bombardment of rocket projectile once more, but in the airplane has actually sounded the warning. Bang! Xia Tian is a (spear|gun) overcomes, kills that person, other people simultaneously fire into the bazooka. You come quickly.” Xia Tian this time does not have to open fire, but flushes away to the airplane, he spoke of the pilot little elder brother single-handed, another hand single-handed to open fire. Bang! Bang! Also is two (spear|gun)s makes, at the same time, the bazooka of opposite party also rumbles the airplane crushes. Nearby the huge explosive sound all people saw, the airplane was hit to explode. Xia Tian!” Bing Chuan and mayor also shout. Shouted anything to shout that I was also living.” Xia Tian when opened the parachute from the ground about 40 meters. Ping!

Also is two (spear|gun)s makes, has killed them, these people saw the Xia Tian parachuting, immediately shouted greatly: He now is irremovable, calls me.” Who said that I cannot move.” Xia Tian has shut off the parachute with the dagger directly, has evaded these bullets, when he with dignity, only then less than ten meters a small parachute opened, the parachute is very small, cannot support their weights, but has actually supported part of cushion strengths of them. Xia Tian falls to the ground directly, he gives the pilot little elder brother DR10: Thing you are taking, finds a place to hide.” Em!” That pilot little elder brother does not have ink marks, nodded later to hold DR10 to run to behind. Xia Tian takes up Sniper Rifle to front box to open fire. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! A series of sounds of gunfire resound, outside has sent out pitiful yells, opens X-Ray Vision eye him to see the opposite these people, but the opposite these people actually cannot see him, moreover what he uses is the armor piercer, the opposite these people need several (spear|gun)s to hit thoroughly a point, Xia Tian can actually (spear|gun). Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! This is a killing by mistreatment station, Xia Tian completely kills all people quickly, he has attained second DR10: „Southeast little elder brother, you lead them to go to the direction to converge with me, hit to hire, told him breakneck to open, did not need to be worried to deduct points.” That little elder brother held two DR10 to run directly to the street: Your car(riage) was taken over for use, a bit faster opens to Dongnanmatou, the speed the quicker the better, the accident government reimburses, the fine point deduction government gives you to manage.” Good senior official.” The taxi driver noticed that the pilot little elder brother's clothes drive to hurry to the southeast wharf directly. Xia Tian is runs, his present speed was faster than before, moreover he did not forgive to have anything to block the way, he directly turned. Speed very quick.