Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 377
Xia Tian had asked Ye Wan is clear, why Hong Kong not specially Operations Office. The Ye Wan clear reply is one country two systems, not only Hong Kong does not have, Macao does not have, the T bay does not have similarly, although these places are the China territories, but the system is different, therefore does not have the Operations Office person to be stationed specially. Their here is the special troops and Flying Tigers. These special troops and Flying Tigers one group cope with a time is truly fierce, if meets international mercenary and super Expert time, some insufficiently looked. Mayor there has truly obtained the victory according to the Xia Tian strategy, Flying Tigers and special troops start counter-attacked. Attack, goes back their hot forcing.” The gun battle, both sides are the gun battles that keeps, must suffer a loss in the police of weapon Hong Kong, most of them are the pistols, but defense they have the superiority very much, because all of them wear the armored clothing, moreover there are many explosion-proof shields. Sees situation little change for the better. ! At this moment several numbers of people high flew, at the same time several forms enter in the two sides these Flying Tigers crowds. Expert, super Expert sent out finally. Meanwhile other one side, Bing Chuan there airplane, although had not been shot down, but Bing Chuan has jumped down the airplane, because the rocket projectile of opposite party was really too terrifying, he and Xia Tian method was similar, was two parachuting, but he was a person, therefore the gravity did not have Xia Tian to be big, moreover in landing he used the cold ice Secret Art to counter-balance the injury instantaneously. He discarded Sniper Rifle, has taken up the submachine gun, starts with the opposite party positive internecine strife. Bing Chuan does not dodge completely does not hide, on his body presents a cold ice armor layer upon layer, helping him counter-balance the majority of injuries, but these people may not have the cold ice armor, after two minutes, Bing Chuan solution fight. I attained.” Bing Chuan said.

I arrived, the speed of this group of people are quite fast, waits for me.” Waits for Xia Tian to arrive at the southeastern direction time, these people arrived at the wharf, even some people have embarked. Flickered the body technique, Xia Tian uses has flickered the body technique, fast flushing away forward, dozens silver needles projected afterward. ! In the instance that the silver needle projects, Money Throwing Knife of Xia Tian right hand throws, this time is he throws farthest one time Money Throwing Knife, sees only the golden light to flash through together, afterward Xia Tian straight line horizontally running. The golden silk thread passed by the bodies of these people, their bodies were divided into two directly. The forehead of throwing knife presents three sharp knives, the sharp knife revolves, directly finally number of people harvesting of that several person. Xia Tian jumps to the ship on, DR10, took. Shouted, completed mission.” Xia Tian has attained last DR10, the tour of this time Hong Kong, he and Bing Chuan seized seven DR10 completely, in addition Jiang Hai City that altogether eight, all are they seizes. Was laborious you, but here needs to support.” The mayor said hurriedly that emergying these Expert are harvesting both sides Flying Tigers fast. Compelled to draw back these Flying Tigers once more, did not have Flying Tigers threat, these mercenary continued to start the gun battle, their marksmanship were very good, either hit the leg of police, either hit the arm of police, opportunity good time can the drivehead. That pilot little elder brother also arrived quickly. After Xia Tian boarded, to driver master was saying that driver master, the country needs me, you look, goes to the biggest that wharf.” Good, the country also needs me, you held on to your hat.” A rental car master foot steps on the accelerator, has almost not shot Xia Tian. Master, is really powerful enough.” Xia Tian said that at this time neighbor already by Feng Road, therefore in does not have the car(riage), opening of that master simply breaknecking.

I, the fight made my stamina consumption very big immediately.” Bing Chuan was explaining his physical state. My situation is not good, had breaknecked a moment ago, the stamina consumption is too big, in the past, you select me to fear that carefully I could not protect you.” Xia Tian light saying. „, I also feared that I protect without enough time your, your boy, do not die, otherwise my Little Sister should remain a widow.” Bing Chuan also rode the rental car, he started to chat with Xia Tian, this was also is pre-battle final relaxation. He does not know that then what happened, after all there some that many people, that many (spear|gun)s, but also so many Expert, does not relax now, one will not have perhaps the opportunity. I and your younger sister have not married, defends any widowhood.” Xia Tian said that he also starts to chat with Bing Chuan, they know that the genuine war must start immediately, their consumptions were not a moment ago low, one must face that many Expert. My Little Sister disposition I most understood, so long as she has recognized you, that you really have hung, she will also remain a widow for you.” Bing Chuan understood very own Little Sister, his Little Sister temperament is very stubborn, otherwise did not need him to come Jiang Hai City to meet Bing Xin to go back. Who said that I was dying, I am so graceful, dead how possibly.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of Money Throwing Knife in oneself right hand, tonight Money Throwing Knife will become famous in the world, but his Xia Tian must rewrite the history. Before these know person who his details will only say he is the Xia Tianlong son, from now henceforth he must these only to say his Xia Tian. Life and death in a space, spells.” Xia Tian has gotten hold of the fist. The fight of wharf turned the superheating, both sides frequent each other, no one lets, their this is making war with the Hong Kong government, moreover is the positive war. For DR10. Although is very big, so long as they captured DR10 that all losses to ignore. Two sides people continue circuitously, our people are many, two rows are not good three rows, large scale circuitous.” Hong Kong mayors order saying that the senior official of each army will also order to send. They are just, the justice must defeat evilly.

Ping! paintball and smoke shell threw into the DR10 , the Ninja army had gotten rid, DR10 is their country, they must snatch, no matter they others' fight is what kind. Their camouflaging and magic of making oneself invisible is the present best choice. Puff! Puff! Puff! Murder in invisible. The fights of these Ninja occur in quietly however, these are feeling the neck in the to open fire police suddenly one coolly, body but actually, quick that three boxes by robbing of Islander. Luckily is false.” The mayor noticed that the box was robbed, relaxed, he knows the person who other influences should aim at Islander the muzzle. But after one minute, three boxes were thrown: Vacation, these three are false, really also in their there.” ! The golden light flashes through together.