Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 378

These international mercenary and various countries' Expert saw that the thing Island Country takes away, prepares the firepower to aim at them, but Island Country unexpectedly has thrown that three boxes, actually they used the sounding set to survey to have anything. Meanwhile these Ninja have killed once more. Saw that these Ninja kill, they know in the box is really false, but the people of the World Safety Organization and international security bureau arrived, they will be impossible the false giving opposite party. Therefore really certainly also in inside, when they charge once more, the golden light flashes through together. Puff puff! To moves in most front that three person heads directly. Is the throwing knife. A golden throwing knife, that three people are Expert, but linked one round not to pass to be cut the head by the throwing knife. Xia Tian.” Saw Xia Tian to come, mayor excited shouting of: All people follow our war-gods, kills to me.” Hong Kong mayors have installed a given name of war-god to Xia Tian, because in this case, these police needs the morale, needed perfection reposing at heart, Xia Tian gets rid to kill three Expert. The nature has made very good impression to these person of hearts. Cold ice fist! Meanwhile, another direction Bing Chuan fist bang flew to be away from his recent two people. Bing Chuan.” The mayor was more excited: Brothers, this is the youngest major general, everybody follows him, kills together.” The Xia Tian throwing knife was thrown the limit instantaneously, was such far distance might and speed was limited, that several people have evaded the Xia Tian throwing knife. Evaded really?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, at this moment he makes an effort the throwing knife to left side, these just rejoiced the person body that one escaped had been divided into two halves by Gold Thread directly. Golden throwing knife that the throwing knife, the golden throwing knife, can fly.

This will fly throwing knife unexpectedly. This is any thing, he also will continue why to fly, runs away.” Felt that from the throwing knife recent that several people aura of death, they turn the head to run. Cracks a joke, with this devil same throwing knife fight, this simply with bringing death not to have what difference. „Is your this so-called Expert? Has several to hit?” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Puff! That several person body of escaping was cut open, but is not Xia Tian does, but is a transformation person in America, Werewolf, he only had used a moment ago one move on Insta-kill that several people of escaping: Who dares to run away, I first have killed anyone.” You, if thought that you can, come.” Xia Tian makes an effort to draw the throwing knife, throwing knife shoots to Werewolf, this is dancing in the air, its following Gold Thread that the golden throwing knife from the sky keeps. All people saw, that Gold Thread is more terrorist, the person who if bumps into will directly be cut open. Whiz! The Werewolf movement is very quick, evades the throwing knife instantaneously, clashes to Xia Tian. Snort, you biggest skill was a throwing knife, now I evade the throwing knife to arrive at your front, therefore you must die without doubt.” A Werewolf fist bang has approached Xia Tian. Puff! At this moment the body of Werewolf was cut open from the middle. SB, with my specific speed, you was too tender.” Xia Tian shoves open his half body to flush away to front once more. Devils! Xia Tian regarding these people now is a devil. The golden throwing knife in his hand is the human life harvester.

I called Xia Tian, this road does not pass.” Xia Tian looked that there looks front these Expert and international mercenary said. He is facing there over a hundred Expert, but that over a hundred Expert actually do not dare to clash. One man guards the pass Yorozuo opens. Was you have killed a Sharpey Sichuan, now is your time of death.” The Xia Tian surroundings suddenly presented over a hundred individuals, uniform Ninja, Xia Tian looked up carefully, distinguishes according to their clothing, here altogether two on super endure, four on special endure to endure with eight, 100 special endure. Uniform Expert, these many Expert have been able to ruin a city. Saw these many Expert Xia Tian surrounded, all people all stopped the movement in hand, the gun battle stopped, because now is not the matter that the gun battle can solve, the movements of all people all refused to compromise. Why end of mission?” The mayor asked. Mayor, if our to open fire, he will also be hit.” Under answered. Hateful, all people occupy the advantage point, prepares to counterattack at any time.” The mayor orders saying: Xia Tian, your there how? I send for aiding you.” Do not come, these are Island Country elite Ninja, copes with the ordinary police they seems chops the melon to cut the vegetable, do not let the brothers bring death, I can deal with.” The Xia Tian right hand grips tightly Money Throwing Knife. Bang! Together in person's shadow injection battlefield. I help you.” Bing Chuan. Uncle elder brother, our two were also fights side-by-side.” Xia Tian looks at Bing Chuan to say. I will not make you die.” Bing Chuan very earnest saying. They to fighting more than 100 Island Country elite Ninja, this fight these Expert from world to look.

They have remembered that [gold/metal] blade, some people heard his name, is called Xia Tian. Gold blade Xia Tian and cold matchmaker, they do not know that the Bing Chuan name, can only have a nickname to be called the cold matchmaker. Bing Chuan kills people is also very very ruthless, but they are afraid Xia Tian, because that [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian hand simply is the life harvester, any people who steps into it to attack the range were claimed the life. Because the throwing knife and Gold Thread are extremely sharp, therefore these people were dismembered completely directly. China had demonstrated to the world once more their strength, they only set out two Expert to block their here several hundred from Expert and international mercenary of world, because the matter was too sudden, therefore can only catch up from Hong Kong recent Expert. Otherwise here will gather from all over the world many Expert. Expert that however this Island Country comes was most, over a hundred all specially endured the above rank, moreover inside also two on super endured. Such team simply can be said as the destruction. Now the teams of other world organizations all stopped the movement in hand, they know that the fight continued to be at a stalemate not to use, now entire war in [gold/metal] blade Xia Tian and that cold matchmaker hand. If Island Country these Expert can strike to kill these two people, then this time robbing becomes smooth, if these two people have all killed these Ninja Expert, then they will directly evacuate. The fight becomes meaningless. Is Islander, you also are really owe to tidy up, today these 100, I all stay behind.” Xia Tian said in the hand [gold/metal] Dao to dodge.