Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 379

Xia Tian is disinclined rubbish with these people, he knows the goals of these people, so long as has killed itself and Bing Chuan, then the enemies of two wings can rush, can rob DR10 while them randomly. Moreover they must endure a Sharpey Sichuan to revenge for super of dying on, but a Sharpey Sichuan on super endures, each on super endures is the Island Country wealth, moreover is the Island Country dignity, they must kill Xia Tian for the Island Country dignity. This fought is not only among them the hatred has fought, was the country and nation the war of dignity. Kills!” On super endured to shout killed, all Ninja all killed to Xia Tian and Bing Chuan. Bing Chuan got hold of the fist to kill directly forward. The golden throwing knife ray in Xia Tian hand dodged, is away from his recent that to endure to be killed specially directly, his present speed suffices quick Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step full time, these people are unable to hit him. The person who the blood light, outside these watch the fun does not know that after this blood is only Xia Tian killed people, brings, he has. They saw the blood in any case light, his Movement Technique like immortal strolling, behind that just strolls is bringing the blood light. Ten steps kill one person! This is present Xia Tian, the throwing knife in hand tigerishly creates an incident, leaves the blade to claim a life of person each time. That night, all people have remembered his name. Gold blade Xia Tian. ! The [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian hand threw to fly directly, at the same time his body swept away, Gold Thread harvested to be away from the life of Gold Thread recent that several person instantaneously. Shunts there, his Gold Thread is sharp.” On super endured to kill directly to Xia Tian.

In his hand presents a sword, the sword cuts directly to Xia Tian. My [gold/metal] blade cuts iron like mud.” The Xia Tian [gold/metal] blade pulls back on super endures the sword in hand to hit with that directly together. Hold up! On super endures the sword in hand to shut off by the [gold/metal] blade directly. Bing Chuan there fight is also carefree, although their large numbers of elderly persons, but Bing Chuan does not go to the control, he noticed that which distance nearly he hit that on the fist presents the ice thorn, the ice punctured these sharp knife blade well to be sharper. The ice punctures times to pierce the bodies of these people. „Are they the person?” This was also too strong, making me to fighting one on special endures, perhaps I could not accept, these many Expert of their unexpectedly to fighting.” In that also has to endure, on endures specially, on super endures, each is Expert in Expert.” The person who these observe looks at this time the fight in field surprisedly, they go to endure the comparison with themselves with these specially, sees pitiful condition that these endure specially, their backs have flowed out the cold sweat. The [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian hand has left behind the unforgetable fear to them. So long as from now henceforth they are saw first that [gold/metal] blade has did read wants to run, goes to and Xia Tian battle? That and brings death not to have what difference. Mayor, they are quite fierce, perhaps also really can kill these Island Country Ninja.” „, Mayor, probably did not need us to get rid.”

Has them also to want the army to work unceasingly anything.” Side mayor that several senior officials open the mouth to say. Shut up, dangerously actually don't you know there present? They are using the life to spell, your unexpectedly also here nitpicks, your several all take the equipment to me, walks in the forefront of team, launches the wide envelopment, we cannot think so, regardless of Xia Tian they win or not, must make war directly, once Xia Tian they have the danger, annihilates to me.” The mayor looks angrily these people said. Bang! iron bar pounded on the body of Bing Chuan, Bing Chuan body retreat three steps, was one on super endures, the armor of his ice had blocked the injury words for him a moment ago, these his arm must be broken. Good that comes, the father must unload your head today.” Bing Chuan fires into that person directly, on other that but was flushed endured to block, moreover surrounding endured specially more and more. Starts!” On super endures to shout, at the same time, in their each individual hand presented several paintball, paintball threw on the ground directly, in the region of flash fight anything looked to disappear, outside person just started only to see the fuzzy shadow, but afterward anything looked to disappear. Bang! Bang! Bang! The body of Bing Chuan starts to present the scar, his anything looks to disappear, can only passive hits, although can hear the sound, but was hit first, second and third with. Hateful!” The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens directly, after he saw Bing Chuan there situation, ran hurriedly. Flickers the body technique! His attack has projected on the vacancy completely, presents again time, he arrived at the Bing Chuan side, the right hand held Bing Chuan, Bing Chuan just about to revolts: Is I, do not revolt, here has not suited you, remaining gives me.” Xia Tian knows that Bing Chuan is very fierce, but the environment of this battlefield suppressed his ability, letting him only passive coming under attack, continued the dull words here also only to bring death. These Ninja are different, this type fights they always to practice, moreover before coming they definitely have prepared, makes any thing on the body of teammate, making them be able to distinguish that is the teammate, that is an enemy.

Therefore Bing Chuan hit is so miserable. If continues to stay here, he even may be massacred, that is not Xia Tian the aspect that wants to see. Body steady falling of Bing Chuan in the inside of police. You are all right.” The mayor ran over hurriedly. All right, is body wounds.” The Bing Chuan vision has looked in the smog, but his anything cannot see. Medical team, a bit faster comes to help him dress the wound.” The mayor shouts hurriedly. Has to say these Ninja, although cannot see here situation, but they can actually distinguish the Xia Tian position clearly. The person's to fighting so many people, even if Xia Tian also a little lacks the ability to do what one would like, but in the war now to his crab, here opposite party cannot see well, but he can see, [gold/metal] blade in hand fast is dancing in the air. This possibly is the faulty stroke in handwriting of opposite party, they think that changed the battlefield situation to have completely the superiority. But they do not know that Xia Tian has X-Ray Vision eye function, in situation that if can see the opposite party, wants the Xia Tian person's to fighting these many Expert, that may not be cracks a joke, but in this case his opportunity mostly. Puff! Xia Tian was cut a long opening. Is ability that on super endures, a moment ago his blade very strange, Xia Tian thinks one have shunted, but in fact actually not.