Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 380

Is feeling behind burning pain, the [gold/metal] blade speed in Xia Tian hand became quicker, moreover his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step has launched completely, he shuttled back and forth fast in the crowd, to let the opposite party received does not stop, projects on the person on one's own side. But his plan fail, these people, although cannot see, but they actually do not know that has used any means that distinguishes the enemy and ourselves, the time of therefore each time almost chopping, they can receive the hand fast. Hateful, actually have they used what method?” Gold blade in Xia Tian hand also in the lives of sickleman these people, but on endures the above rank Expert not dead. Their responses and speeds endured to compared with these specially quickly. These many people kill also are really troublesome.” Xia Tian stamina is consuming fast. Wind! Blows off the smog with the wind.” Bing Chuan shouts suddenly. Right.” The mayor more worries more chaotic, has forgotten this matter, he sent for making the air blower. However requires the time. Insists, Xia Tian, you must insist.” Bing Chuan can only worry outside, he knows that own present goes in any has not used, instead will become the Xia Tian burden. Therefore he can only wait for the air blower to come to say again. Puff! Body of Xia Tian and a blade, that on super endured a moment ago, he is common time does not begin, begins to Xia Tian to cause the damage. Hateful, I first have solved you.” Xia Tian on super endures to kill directly to that. When he rushes that on super endures the front, his front presents in 12 to endure, eight on ordinary endure on to endure with four special, they have blocked the Xia Tian way together. Hateful!” Xia Tian wants retreat, at this moment, his was hit by the attack once more. Bang! Is iron bar, that iron bar brushing maliciously in his back, at that knife wound suffered so pulling out of very ruthless to strike. Lying trough Damn.” Xia Tian cursed angrily one, he felt that his back blossomed probably the same pain.

The [gold/metal] blade in hand came a big windmilling. Puff puff! Also is several numbers of people high throws. Xia Tian!” Bing Chuan anxious shouting. Outside person heard Xia Tian that rending howling a moment ago. Air blower, air blower in, quick.” The mayor whole person is also worried is not good. That [gold/metal] blade can Xia Tian hang? He should in inside hit is very miserable.” That was natural, Island Country Ninja uses this move is this goal, making the enemy unable to see, but they have the means to discover the match in inside.” That cursed angrily a moment ago should represent him to receive very serious wound, this devil must end finally.” Various countries' Expert and international mercenary look at the situation there, what although they cannot see inside present, but a moment ago Xia Tian that the clarity that cursed angrily them to be listens. Xia Tian fast is shuttling back and forth in the crowd, the [gold/metal] blade in right hand is getting quicker and quicker, he had discovered a very important matter, he wants to behead each time, but these endured actually dead of suffocation his road specially, therefore he wanted to leave is very difficult. He finally understood now, these endure not to be used to kill specially his, but is used for the jamming. Catches his position, keeping him from going forward and retreat. Paternal grandmother, was your this group of ineffective and worthless troops had blocked my way.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, endures to kill directly specially to these, this time must endure to kill these first specially, otherwise these fellows will still go to the jamming. Puff puff! If Xia Tian copes with these to endure specially, that naturally did not have any difficulty. However these Island Country Ninja had discovered quickly his goal, all on endured to encircle Xia Tian together.

Puff! Also was a blade cuts on the body of Xia Tian, the blade of opposite party was very sharp, although breaks the blade, but can still injure to Xia Tian. Bang! That takes on iron bar super to endure also to get rid, hit directly above the shoulder of Xia Tian, broke the Xia Tian upper arm directly. Ka! On the shoulder of Xia Tian the severe pain transmits, his body fast tumbled on the ground, afterward the right hand throwing knife projects. On these endures not to go to and throwing knife touches hardly, is the circuitous tactics. Paternal grandmother, can I hang today really here?” Xia Tian knows, if did not flicker the body technique and Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step fuses, now he already died, his speed has rescued his several times. Puff! In Xia Tian the fourth blade, his blood has kept is flowing. He really quite fierce, for a long time passed, inside unexpectedly also has so violent fight sound.” General Expert was already sneak attacked lethal, but his unexpectedly can also fight.” How long should unable to support, although his [gold/metal] blade fierce, but present there completely is the Island Country Ninja battlefield.” Expert and international mercenary world are sighing with emotion there, has saying that Xia Tian was really too a soldier, unexpectedly in that environment can also insist such long time. This sufficiently made everybody remember his name. Xia Tian, insists that I save you immediately.” Bing Chuan anxious saying. Air blower, hurry up, gives me to meet the air blower.” Mayor angry shouting.

Now inside situation nobody knows, but they know that the Xia Tian situation is not certainly good, a person to fighting over a hundred Expert, moreover in the terrain that in the opposite party is skilled in fights. Meanwhile, hurries back to Jiang Hai City Ye Wan to feel clearly suddenly one restless, jumping that the eyelid has kept. Will not have an accident, do not have an accident.” Ye Wan was praying in the heart clearly. Bing Xin in Ye Qingxue family Ricse the fruit, was cutting the finger suddenly. Oh!” Bing Xin saw one pointed at has flowed out blood: How a little blurry feeling.” You so are not how careful, I help you wrap up.” Ye Qingxue runs over , helping the Bing Xin wrap, was in a jerking motion gate. A series of bad luck matters occurred. You so are not careful.” Bing Xin helpless saying. Does not know that should what happened.” Saying that Ye Qingxue thought aloud. Hong Kong wharf. The air blower has shipped in finally, after the circular telegram, dozens air blowers are blowing to the smog region together, all people all anticipate looks to the smog, actually they want to know the result how. Actually [gold/metal] blade has Xia Tian died, these Island Country will Ninja have what kind of casualties? Bing Chuan hurries to smog there. Moving of air blower, gradually blows off the smog, these special colored smoke little disappearances in the field of vision of people.