Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 381

The present all made all people on the scene be all shocked, ran up to 50% Bing Chuan also to stop the footsteps. His front is a slaughter house, is the horizontal corpse spreads everywhere wildly. The familiar form stands there together, his body is the blood, this person Xia Tian, sees him to stand there, all people have been shocked, a person to fighting that many Island Country Ninja, his unexpectedly won, moreover carries on the fight in the opposite party most familiar smog. 100 special endure, in eight endures, four on special endure on super to endure with two. This is the Island Country super army. But now this super army unexpectedly whole army has been annihilated. Eight DR10 in my hands, which has not feared death, come.” Xia Tian appearance fierce looks at front these Expert and international mercenary, his sound is the devil seems to be common. Scene exceptionally peaceful, dares to speak without any person. You have remembered to me, here is the China land, if you dare to come to here to act unruly again, I see one to kill one.” The Xia Tian sound is not loud, clarity that but everyone listens. Xia Tian has achieved, he has defended the dignity of country, nobody knew a moment ago in the smog what happened, but they saw the result. Stops work for the day!” First what moves is these international mercenary, after they have packed the thing, leaves directly, thoughts that they have not fought completely, usually they think that they are the perfection, but they recognized at this moment have instigated, because walked forward means the death. Gold blade Xia Tian stands there, who dares to go forward, their innermost feelings have been full of the fear. Later other teams also start departure gradually, [gold/metal] blade Xia Tian seems a war-god is the same, nobody can surmount, he stated clearly, eight DR10 in his hands, in other words five of these secretly transaction, was made by him. Eight, this is the large amount wealth, said that under the generous recompense must have Isao, but these also merely are Isao, these people are the elites, they impossible to lose their life . Moreover the Hong Kong support must arrive quickly, was when the time comes more impossible to attain DR10.

Island Country these support person and this dog consul and the others of all with amazement could not say incoming call, they have not left, but was commits hara-kiri on the ship directly. They did not have the means to return to their country to go, they are the criminals in country. After all people walked, Xia Tian could not stand again, the scarlet in within the body vanished instantaneously, had been wrapped by golden ancient Buddhist Relic. Right. In the most crucial time, this hidden essence and blood had displayed his movement a moment ago, with initially to fighting that Count Vampire was the same. His strength erupts instantaneously, the overall strength and speed turn time of growth. These Island Country Ninja die finally during was unwilling, they have a dream have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly will have such big change during the fight. Xia Tian behind these police and Flying Tigers and the others all had also been shocked by his strength, all people salute to Xia Tian together. Xia Tian.” Bing Chuan ran goes to support Xia Tian, he held the body of Xia Tian to run to the following medical team. The [gold/metal] blade Xia Tian reputation became international mercenary and these various countries' Expert mouths the objects of discussion. About thousand mercenary and Expert by Xia Tian keeping off outside, nobody dares to go forward, the Island Country Ninja group that begins only has also been annihilated, moreover inside also two on super endure. On super endures, that is the wealth of country. Although everybody knows gets rid these person each other status and represents the influence that since the war had ended, China will not investigate, at this time competed was the national defense capability.

Loses can only suffer loss without redress, this time most miserable was Island Country, they can only suffer loss without redress. However Island Country has actually listed as the top war criminal [gold/metal] blade Xia Tian, Island Country all people, so long as can kill Xia Tian, that will obtain the rich reward, will obtain the medal of country. The war criminals and most wanted terrorists are different, steal day are the Island Country most-wanted, but Xia Tian is actually a war criminal, the war criminal only then the Island Country internal senior official and special troops can see, because this is the secret of country. The mayor has completed the following connection, he has given the World Safety Organization and international security bureau DR10 this hot sweet potato. Although this Hong Kong also has the damage, however death population many majority were the wound, the mayor personally leads to obtain the approval of country, moreover he will lose to fall lowly. To fighting that large quantities of Expert, they only died several people, this is the proud success. But he knows, if no Xia Tian, DR10 he cannot preserve, will reach as high as over a hundred, even several hundred people. Completed has connected with the later earliest possible time, the mayor personally rushed to the hospital, now of hospital was isolated directly, here had guard with large army, to prevent some people sneak attacked. He how?” The mayor arrives at side Bing Chuan to ask. Does not know that in the surgery, his wound were too many, but does not have the danger.” The brow of Bing Chuan has been wrinkling, long is so big, he first time such being incapable, saw that Xia Tian goes facing that many enemies, but he actually can only look. He pledged in the innermost feelings, after going back, he must look for the grandfather, before he was sits the well view day, thinks one such young became the major general and King of Soldiers, oneself already very extraordinary. But now he knows that compares also difference many with Xia Tian, he has retrieved the cultivation power. Does not have the danger to be good.” The mayor sat on long chair, he today also was really too tired, spiritual highly tight he, has sat down later felt that his body must disperse puts up.

You go back to rest, you could not shoulder quickly.” Bing Chuan also very much approves this mayor, because he is the mayor who does the concrete deeds, bumps into mayor who enemy go forth to battle personally. I am all right, I must wait for him to come out.” Mayor firm saying. At this moment, the cell phone of mayor has made a sound, his cell phone has made a sound had returned, but had been hung up by him, sees the number on cell phone, he has not hung up. Your unexpectedly also telephoned.” The manner of mayor is very polite. I heard that has the person who called [gold/metal] blade Xia Tian, in this time set up very big merit?” Em, he all retreated in fear that group of people, moreover cut to kill over a hundred Island Country Expert.” Mayor earnest answered. He now how?” Is rescuing, I am waiting outside.” The mayor said. Good, I under airplane, will arrive immediately at the hospital, does not need to send for meeting, I come to see the hero.”