Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 382

After the telephone hangs, the mayor has stood directly, became a little hot and bothered, his mayor unexpectedly started to be anxious. Is who can come?” Bing Chuan saw that the mayor intense appearance asked. Is this.” The mayor has gesticulated with the hand all of a sudden. What? Is he!” Bing Chuan all of a sudden also became anxious, although he was the youngest major general, but he has not seen like this big figure, his grandfather has seen actually. Today unexpectedly came such Freshman figure. Actually this is not difficult to understand that this time matter looks like in the country is not small, this is the small war, if not Bing Chuan and Xia Tian effort, finally that five DR10 will certainly ship out Hong Kong, once these things shipped out Hong Kong, then the reputation of Hong Kong has destroyed, moreover that over a thousand people of team, if attacked successfully, then after Hong Kong, was the crime base. Anybody can resist. Was Bing Chuan and Xia Tian opens two channels, Flying Tigers has been able to reverse the war, finally was Xia Tian one who also all runs away in fear these enemies. He fights over a hundred Island Country Advanced Ninja in the smog, cuts to kill the opposite party completely. Recalled massive loss for the country. This absolutely not with the thing that money can weigh. Right, is he.” The mayor nodded, although he is a mayor, but he must become earnest, although his present body is sore, but he same must insist. Quick, Xia Tian had been pushed from inside by the doctor. „Is situation how is it?” The mayor opens the mouth to ask.

These doctors know that he is a mayor, naturally does not dare to neglect: My this whole life first time sees such person, he has not let take the anesthetic, the body altogether has sewn more than 300, some places revealed the bone.” The doctor sees Xia Tian such patient is also first time, he has not thought that person unexpectedly can have this grade of will, unexpectedly insists. He has not thought that on a person has such multi-channel wound unexpectedly not to use dozen of anesthetic. Xia Tian completely broke his cognition. Is good does not have the fatal wound because of these blades . Moreover the Xia Tian self- repair capability is very good. „Doesn't your country bumpkin, why take the anesthetic?” Bing Chuan discontented saying. I to be remembered the lesson by myself, frequently reminds itself, other act high and mighty, the world is so big, who is perhaps competent I, actual benefit that goes back cultivation to come well.” Xia Tian difficult saying, fought before time, he so is strong, if the spirit relaxes, he felt one were from top to bottom painful. He truly to sound the alarm to himself, warned one must try hard cultivation, his match may be many. Yeah, you.” Bing Chuan helpless shaking the head, he does not know that should say any was good, but he knows Xia Tian said right, the person should unable extremely in the pride. He so was a while ago self-confident to his strength, thinks one are outstanding person in young one generation, but managed your age outside nobody in a big way, who the grandfather was. Also will not go to manage your head also to have any military rank. They care has one, is the birth and death. This also made him see own insufficiency.

Mayor, I thought that your physical state is not good, how not to get down the rest.” Xia Tian is half doctor . Moreover the medical skill does not compare any greatly Fuchai, naturally could see that mayor stamina has overdrawn. I am all right, the key is you, if you have had an accident, I may probably regret for a lifetime.” Mayor serious saying. Regretted that is the matter that the loser handles, you smuggling to Hong Kong strike hard, robs DR10 time, the weapon uniform armament of opposite party, moreover there is a rocket projectile, the helicopter lost one.” This is Xia Tian thinks that own faulty stroke in handwriting, unexpectedly lost a helicopter, the construction cost of helicopter is not cheap. His has also wasted the wealth of country. Thing that helicopter and you recall radically was a drop in the bucket.” Mayor very earnest saying. Thump! Some people knock on a door. Comes in!” Xia Tian shouts. One line of three people walked, sees is that person of head, big, is this that the mouth of Xia Tian opens not just that figure that in the television frequently presents? No. 3 figure of country. Salute!” The Xia Tian direct salute, this salute wound has almost not ripped open, is painful he hoarse to grin. Good, injured like this, but also respected any ritual.” No. 3 figure said hurriedly. Also must salute again painful, I am the official in country.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Bing Chuan and mayor also salute.

Was laborious.” No. 3 figure 11 handshakes of mayor and Bing Chuan. You were old bones, I heard that you personally have also gone forth to battle, rested, left reluctantly, happen to I must discuss with these two kid something.” No. 3 figure has patted the shoulder of mayor. Yes!” After the mayor respected a ritual, leaves the room. You are the heroes in country, your materials I looked, reason that to be honest, China is getting more and more powerful, because has your such people to appear.” No. 3 figure earnest looked that said to Bing Chuan: Bing Chuan, male, eastern Northern Army area King of Soldiers, the major general, has contributed to 12 first-class merits, 43 class two merit citations, are the China youngest major general, the grandfather are my youngest brother, China four big Expert Northern Army, good, I am proud for you for your grandfather.” Thanks the Senior Official praise.” Bing Chuan respected a ritual. This time to you top grade merit, in your life the first top grade merit appeared, I hope that do not disappoint the expectation of country.” No. 3 figure has put out the top grade merit badge, gives Bing Chuan: I residents for Hong Kong thank you.” Said that No. 3 figure respected a ritual to Bing Chuan and Xia Tian. Xia Tian, male, the southeast military region individual operational capacity strongest person, southeast military region King of Soldiers is your little brother, is the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office chief teacher, has set up individual first-class merit three times, the present is a student, your father is in my heart most extraordinary figure, your father is China Dragon Group chief teacher Xia Tianlong, China four big Expert Western Hidden, he has set up the merit nobody has been able to look up came, you have not lost his face.” No. 3 figure very earnest looks at Xia Tian. Bing Chuan whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, he first time knows, Xia Tian father unexpectedly is of Xia Tianlong China four big Expert, that perfection legend. He had heard related Xia Tianlong matter, that said that is simply same as the story. Many thanks Senior Official commendation.” Xia Tian said. This time to you top grade merit, simultaneously invited you to enter Dragon Group No. 3 figure officially has sent out the invitation to Xia Tian and Bing Chuan.