Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 383

Invitation that the invitation of Dragon Group, China No. 3 figure sends out personally, this is the greatest glory. If this matter said that has brought honor to ancestors simply, regarding the average person can see that China No. 3 figure this is worth showing off for a lifetime. But Xia Tian actually shook the head: Excuse me, Senior Official, I have not wanted to join Dragon Group temporarily.” You?” China No. 3 figure turns the head to look to Bing Chuan. Senior Official, I cannot join Dragon Group temporarily, after this time matter, I discovered that my before was really the shortsighted person, after I planned to return to the military region, were many with the grandfather the study study skill.” Bing Chuan felt that own strength was insufficient, he must go back cultivation well. Xia Tian can with not take the anesthetic to alert itself, his Xia Tian cannot hit, that naturally must try hard. No. 3 figure not, because was refused to be angry by them. According to normal situation No. 3 figure, that was one of the China best several people, who dared not to give him the face, invitation that nobody who he proposed dared not to comply absolutely. This does not give No. 3 figure face simply, but Xia Tian and Bing Chuan their unexpectedly all rejected. Good, since you thought that I did not force you, Dragon Group that two quotas I momentarily was remaining to you.” No. 3 figure not only has not been angry, but also very appreciation looks to them. They for Xia Tian and Bing Chuan their young, but their unexpectedly is free from arrogance and rashness, absolutely does not have youngster that extremely arrogantly ignorant, moreover studies modestly, this most is worth his happy matter. He thinks that the China younger generation approaches Xia Tian and Bing Chuan such words, after China, will be only prosperouser more and powerful. Many thanks understanding of Senior Official.” Xia Tian was also worried that Senior Official will be angry because of his rejection.

If I am the person of that being small-minded, I did not match to sit this seat, do not think that my status was honored, actually the ability was bigger, the responsibility was bigger, although my semblance was attractive, all that but I made also for country, I will not add the mixed any personal mood in inside.” No. 3 figure understands the meaning of Xia Tian. It seems like was I am mean-spirited.” Xia Tian awkward smiles. Xia Tian, on your material country leadership has been paying attention, these years were laborious you.” No. 3 figure knows Xia Tian these years the bitter experiences: You should know, since the ancient times, is so, the country impossible to open the back door to anybody, even if your father is the hero in country is not good.” I understand, because of this I go all out for this country, if the country opens the back door for anybody really willfully, then this country was not worth me such doing.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. He does not need anybody to open the back door to him. I like you more and more, I must walk, this time was laborious you.” No. 3 figure matter are many, he has the matter of not being able to finish every day, was naturally impossible to stop over here. Uncle elder brother, delivers Senior Official, I could not get up.” Xia Tian looked that said to Bing Chuan. Uncle elder brother! He he, your youngster.” No. 3 figure showed a faint smile, went out of the hospital ward. The mayor also looked for a hospital ward to rest, the doctor has given him to inspect, and was not affected much, but was tired excessively, he several days had not slept recently, the doctor opened several groups of intravenous drip to him, now is having an intravenous drip in the next door. After having packed off No. 3 figure, Xia Tian fell asleep, he also was a little recently tired, Heaven Absolute Wake allowed him to enter the sleep fast, Bing Chuan also lies on nearby family member bed falls asleep. This thinks that Xia Tian rested was very long, the first matter that he woke has made a phone call to Young Aunt, reported a safety, moreover made Young Aunt inform Bing Xin and older female cousin and the others does not need to be worried about him. Comes the safe, Xia Tian to continue to study Money Throwing Knife idly and flickers the body technique.

The previous that war, Money Throwing Knife and flickered the body technique to contribute to the great merit, if were not these two sets of Kungfu, that fought him already dead a moment ago. Flickers the body technique to add on Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, lets his speed growth doubled and re-doubled, this speed, making him avoid crisis time and time again, in the true fight, any situation might occurrence. Usually when cultivation, can be very fierce theoretically, once in the actual combat, the little subtle change may the change war. It looks like Bing Chuan is the same, if theoretically some people spell with him hardly, he is the same step is absolutely invincible, if entered the actual combat, goes with few that he puts together hardly, moreover war, once changes, looks like fights in the smog, his thorough hoodwinked, can hit to previous 12 individual him, once the population were many, he more and more will hoodwink. Therefore the theory and actual combat are different. Truly in the actual combat can play the role is the formidable strength and experience. Therefore Xia Tian must continue to promote own strength. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step flickers the body technique in addition, lets his bulk speed promotion, Movement Technique also became exquisiter. However he also merely spied on has flickered the body technique first, therefore he must continue to deepen flickering the understanding of body technique. Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll is also the good thing, if I can find several Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll again, my strength once more will certainly be increased.” Xia Tian has remembered Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, he obtains the Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll strength to obtain a promotion each time. Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll concrete function Xia Tian does not know that however present Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll is plays regarding Xia Tian inside experience scroll, treasure that accelerates to promote. However Realm promotion at the same time, he must make his overall strength promote, Martial Arts and movement.

He now fiercest Martial Arts was Finger of Consonance and Money Throwing Knife, Movement Technique naturally is Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, present Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step obtained the evolution, not only has added on the Vampire speed, but also the process flickered the embellishment of body technique, comprehended has flickered body new skill. However he strongest secret weapon makes oblique charges. Spirit Tool makes oblique charges, can use three times, three times will take from now on one week to overbrim inside spiritual energy, then can continue to launch. You awoke, said a matter to you.” Bing Chuan came back from outside. What matter?” Xia Tian asked. I must return to the eastern Northern Army area, did not go to Jianghai.” Bing Chuan looks at Xia Tian to say. How can not go to Jianghai, Bing Xin also waits for you, if you do not go back with me, she will be angry.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Bing Chuan. Ok, I go to the Jianghai goal am to lead her go back, now has you, I naturally did not need to lead her to go back, your matters I will go back to say well with the grandfather, had the opportunity you and Bing Xin returns to Northeast to be good together, when the time comes I was entertaining you well.” Reason that Bing Chuan such worries is because he wants to continue diligently. Good, my wound is also happen to quick, I must visit Hong Kong, gives her to prepare a gift.” Xia Tian mysterious smiles.