Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 384

Treats my younger sister well, otherwise I do not let off you.” Bing Chuan patted the shoulder of Xia Tian to say. Now he and Xia Tian relations are not ordinary, they have experienced the ally of life and death, has fought together shoulder to shoulder good brothers. Was good, a bit faster walks, left artificial, I did not deliver you.” Xia Tian most repugnant when is the distinction scene, his wound did not have, cannot deliver Bing Chuan. Em.” Bing Chuan nodded, turn around leaves, deep love between man and woman, he is quite strong. In airport. Bing Chuan that the mayor delivers personally. Brother Bing Chuan, you forever are the savior of Hong Kong person, so long as you come to Hong Kong to me call, I bring certainly your strolling well Hong Kong.” Hong Kong mayors have not thought that Bing Chuan such was doing in haste must walk. He also planned makes Bing Chuan and Xia Tian well takes a stroll several in Hong Kong. What a pity Bing Chuan such was doing in haste must walk. Regarding him, Xia Tian and Bing Chuan were his forgetting year good friend, therefore he has called Bing Chuan for the brothers. Brother, when I go back well cultivation, next time Hong Kong will have an accident again, I also well help busy am not.” Bing Chuan cracks a joke to say. Goes your, your this crow mouth.” Hong Kong mayors have ridiculed one. I walked.” Bing Chuan turn around entered inside directly. The mayor saw Bing Chuan to walk, sighed, truly speaking, this time, if did not have Bing Chuan and Xia Tian, Hong Kong does not know that what must turn into, moreover his impossible station to deliver Bing Chuan here. Above he already handed over goes to be punished. Xia Tian has lain on bed recently for serveral days, was one week passes.

Half a month of beginning school, Xia Tian the position in classroom is emptying, this position has given them a classroom student mystery, the outcome in their more and more curious this position sitting who is. Began school for half a month, his unexpectedly one time has not come, but the teacher was still also keeping the seat to him. If the normal person, by the minute to this type is classroom of woman, that wishes one could Tiantian to come, to have a vacation comes, is he is booing, ditches school for a half month, this works as the air with beauty of their this broker simply. Xia Tian cell phone already starting. However he has not answered the telephone, for these days SMS came to be many actually, majority are Bing Xin and Lin Bingbing, Zeng Ruo also many, which they are held responsible Xia Tian now, when comes back. Bai Yiyi has also sent one, asked Xia Tian in the school. Xia Tian 11 replies. His present wound almost entire was good, but has left behind the scar, wore new clothes, Xia Tian left the hospital, the mayor personally accompanied. He the clothes are also the mayor spend to give him to buy now. The mayor heard that he left the hospital, said that anything must accompany Xia Tian to stroll well, Xia Tian just started is the rejection, is the manner of mayor is very strong, but he has not driven, but has changed a casual attire. Goal that Xia Tian comes out to window-shop only then, is gives Bing Xin to buy the gift. To be honest, Xia Tian will not choose the gift, therefore this process may go bad to him bothersomely, being dazzled that he looks, but anything has not actually selected. Or you buy some flowers, or here characteristics.” The mayor also looked depressed, Xia Tian picked over, selects anything not to be unsatisfied. Yeah, is good not to have characteristics, how can have pleasantly surprised?” Xia Tian wants to break the head simply, the vision that he seeks help looked to the mayor. My this old bones anything pleasant surprise, you do not look at the office.” The mayor said directly.

„, Does not have the loyalty.” Saying that Xia Tian despises. Hong Kong is truly different from Jiang Hai City, here rhythm of life is express, everyone in busy, the speed of walking is also very quick, but Hong Kong also has many rich men. Therefore here race car and supermodel also find at everywhere. Sees the words of a supermodel or star in Jiang Hai City, everybody will encircle to watch the fun, but has the star to appear here, everybody will perhaps put out the cell phone photograph, patted to leave directly. This is the difference of rhythm of life, custom that here person majority have not watched the fun. However here rich man are really many, the thing that here sells is also very expensive, must buy about 100 money clothes like Xia Tian, may not be easy to buy in this, must go to special that low-grade shopping area, but entire Hong Kong low-grade shopping area in quite remote place, because on here avenue is the upscale goods. Clothes cheapest also takes several thousand one. In the Xia Tian card is Renminbi, he has exchanged some Hong Kong dollars specially, although the mayor said that is spent by him, but Xia Tian either does not spend, spends to be many. He is afraid this mayor bullies dead, after all he is not a corrupt official, although in the family some industries, in Hong Kong are not considered as that any rich man. Xia Tian entered a jeweller, he planned that buys a ring for Bing Xin. You help me have a look, which ring is attractive.” Xia Tian was saying to behind mayor. „Can my vision be the same with your youngster? One select, I just am accompany to stroll.” Mayor very irresponsible saying. „, I also think that you are work as the bodyguard.” Saying that Xia Tian despises, the mayor said that is accompanies itself to window-shop, but he has walked, anything has not done, looks like bodyguard. But does Xia Tian protect with others? Especially this mayor. I, if goes to work as the words of bodyguard, who dares to use?” The mayor teased.

Whom likes using, who uses, I do not use in any case, your this bodyguard strength was too bad, however, your is in any case also a mayor, acting brings the (spear|gun) to do?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Your recent reputation is very resounding, black market all people know that your [gold/metal] blade Xia Tian reputation, I am afraid with you make circuit with troupe to have an accident together, therefore I led the fellow, moreover I have also worn the armored clothing.” The mayor said his goal finally, his unexpectedly is afraid Xia Tian to have an accident. However Xia Tian also understands, mayor in completely the friendship of landlord. Sir, looks at the ring?” beauty is initiative to say something to smooth things over, beauty wore a sky blue skirt, on the face melted very thick makeup, the whole seemed also good. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Has the girlfriend?” beauty asked. Had.” Xia Tian said. Such honestly does, in this situation should not have.” beauty discontented saying. I had, also, I capture, only then the card and cell phone, you did not need to touch, my this did not have the cash.” Xia Tian looks at beauty very earnest saying, the mayor then understands that originally this beauty is a thief. Bang! Take by force! A gunshot transmits from the entrance.