Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 385

Crazy, this was also too crazy, under the broad daylight, some unexpectedly people took by force. Moreover these people have not covered including the face. In the hand unexpectedly also has a submachine gun. Is this Hong Kong? Xia Tian almost collapsed, he comes Hong Kong several Heavens!, successively has come across these many important matters, moreover now unexpectedly bumps into under the broad daylight robs the jeweller. He looked at the vision to is the mayor. This time mayor is very awkward. This matter one year will not occur one time, but unexpectedly is bumped into by Xia Tian now. Sees Xia Tian that strange look, he knows that he must be dirtied by Xia Tian. Yeah!” Xia Tian helpless sighing , the mayor just told that yesterday him the Hong Kong present public security became how well, but they window-shop today, has bumped into the thief and robs. Yesterday mayor said to Xia Tian, since previous time matter, the crime rate reduced, moreover they also wantonly suppressed the smuggling and arms deal wait / etc.. But now some unexpectedly people rob jeweller, moreover in their hands also has the submachine gun. Xia Tian is very strange, is the submachine gun now so really fond of playing jokes? Can get so far as the submachine gun including such amateur highway robbers, these highway robbers do not hate to buy to silk stockings amateur, now here monitors, they at least must keep off the face. But their several unexpectedly idiots to directly come to snatch, the terrain and situation wait / etc. has not prospected. Can get so far as the submachine gun including such amateur people in Hong Kong, Brother, you one will go back well under talked with your person.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. He he, the accident, I ensure this absolutely is an accident, this matter Hong Kong absolutely will usually not occur.” Mayor awkward saying.

That beauty thief strange looks at Xia Tian and mayor, they probably not tense appearance. Squats down, you squat down to me.” The highway robbers look angrily to the people. All people squatted down, has Xia Tian and mayor they do not have. Squats down to me, otherwise I have executed you.” That highway robber has aimed at Xia Tian and mayor the spear head, his finger by approaching trigger. Lays down your (spear|gun), otherwise I guaranteed, in you will buckle that moment of trigger your on the head to present a hole.” Xia Tian looks that highway robber said that his expression is very tranquil, probably was saying a very ordinary matter. I make you squat down, otherwise I collapsed you.” Person who angry shouting of that hand takes the submachine gun. You try!” A Xia Tian face smiling face looks person who that hand takes the submachine gun. Nearby mayor helpless shaking the head of, he started to pay silent tribute for that person, when did not rob well, at this time, which shop robbed not to be good, did not come to this shop. Happen to has bumped into Xia Tian this fellow, this and brings death to have anything to distinguish. The finger direct buckle of that person to trigger. Bang! A gunshot transmits, on the head of that person presented a blood hole, Xia Tian left the speed of (spear|gun) to be too quick, moreover what he took was that (spear|gun) of mayor waist. That beauty thief only knows one are stupid, unexpectedly steals such formidable fellow thing. Your several, throw the ground (spear|gun), both hands holds the head.” Xia Tian said to that the highway robber of several being in a daze. That several highway robbers were really also fooled by Xia Tian, but they have thought quickly an issue, they have these many people, Xia Tian, only then, why they must fear: Our these many (spear|gun), why must fear his one, together to open fire.”

That several people have also realized this issue. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! A series of sounds of gunfire transmit, that several body of person fell down. Idiot.” After Xia Tian scolded one, has given back to the mayor the (spear|gun): Here was too dangerous, I must go home.” Hey, do you want to walk really?” Mayor puzzled asking. Buys the thing to walk, your here was too dangerous, does not suit me.” Xia Tian says with emotion, Earth was too dangerous, he returns to Mars. That here what to do?” The mayor asked. Died in any case, you called the person, you did not use with me, goes back person who processed your under that gang to just eat does not work.” Xia Tian spoke of here, the mayor was more awkward. When Xia Tian must go out of the jeweller, he looked suddenly to the beforehand that beauty thief: Hey.” Volume! Called me?” The beauty thief stares slightly: Big brother, I am also first committing a crime, you let off me.” Said anything, follows me, helping me give my girlfriend to buy the gift, bought me to put you.” Xia Tian was saying to that beauty thief. Good.” The beauty thief hears Xia Tian not to feel embarrassed her, happy ran. She also thinks a moment ago one ended, saw that the Xia Tian appearance knows Xia Tian was police, she thinks that Xia Tian must catch her to return to the police station, now hears Xia Tian to let off her, she naturally was very happy. Hey, I am accompanying you, I did not feel relieved.” The mayor opens the mouth to say. Has the matter I to call you.” Xia Tian said that walks toward outside, the beauty thief follows on the heels.

The beauty thief is sizing up Xia Tian curiously, Xia Tian got rid a moment ago quickly, she has been shocked, moreover her stealing technology has been very good, but unexpectedly was looked through by Xia Tian directly. Visits me to do?” Xia Tian asked. A moment ago was that person your father? You were big, how he had not felt relieved that you do go out?” beauty thief puzzled asking. I am so graceful, he is so ugly, where you from can see him are my father.” Xia Tian despises looks to the beauty thief. Hee hee!” The beauty thief shows a faint smile to continue saying: Which you from come self-confident?” „!” Xia Tian had not answered that he thinks the beauty thief is envying his charm. „Are you police?” The beauty thief asked again. He is Hong Kong mayor, I am travel.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Hong Kong mayor? You boasted, his such, which from looked likely is not a mayor, including a personal servant did not have, but also wanted, when your personal servant.” The beauty thief does not believe the Xia Tian words obviously. Xia Tian does not have to explain that his goal is buys the gift for Bing Xin: You said that what gift I should buy for my girlfriend?” Xia Tian now is a rich lord, his these business returned to normal, moreover all business scales expand once more, especially the Zeng Ruo beauty company, turned into the national well-known brand all of a sudden, was good, all cosmetics that the effort of advertisement did were out of stock directly. The market Boss intestines regret that these before returned goods was blue. Moreover Brother Xiaoma there officially has also substituted for that two packages, now the Xia Group floating capital are many, more and more investors have infused Xia Group the floating capital. I lead you to go to a good place.” The beauty thief said that pulls up the arm of Xia Tian to run to front.