Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 386

Must say that Xia Tian how much money, actually he does not know now, but he knows that these money are to finance, although the interest is lower than others family, because the Xia Tian group is Xia Tian, therefore these people are willing to throw into Xia Group money. Because the Xia Group prestige is enough. Moreover Xia Group also made them see the hope, although the company has not gone on the market, but started to carry on internal joint stock system, the person who so long as Qian Shu attained a designated standard, will obtain the Xia Group stock. Obtains the Xia Group stock solely to not to make money, and has the face very much, these rich men have their company generally, they outside said one have the Xia Group stock, that very much has the face, moreover everybody is also willing with such company cooperation. Usually also nobody dares to have their ideas. This is Xia Tian in the Jiang Hai City prestige. Moreover Xia Tian truly has not treated unjustly everybody, Xia Group all business such as the day ascended to heaven, everybody saw the Xia Group future prospects for development. These take the people of interest to ply the connections to obtain the Xia Group stock, even if 1% stocks is also good. In brief is a few words, the Xia Tian present company is not short of money. Xia Tian the four major stockholders below, Zeng Ruo, Brother Xiaoma, Grandfather Huo, Xu Dechuan, four people of net worth grew doubled and re-doubled, but growth net worth at the same time, their four people are also busy badly battered. They were studying the project of various trades and occupations recently, hired the most specialized personnel to manage completely. The Xia Tian altogether two cards, one is usually the expense, one is to deposit the running water card of entering in the accounts, the Xia Tian first Cary has a sum of money, if money squandered, in the second card automatically to first will open has delimited a sum of money. These two cards are Xu go to the bank to help Xia Tian handle specially. Therefore Xia Tian is not short of money now, made him see the bigger world in Hong Kong, he decided, must make Xia Group senior official many travel travel, the company disbursed money, what making them have a look outside world is, like this they can make Xia Group well.

Front.” That beauty thief draws Xia Tian to walk to front. Before she brought Xia Tian to arrive at a giant market. To, here is the shopping paradise of woman, I believe that you casually buy the same thing here, she will like.” beauty thief excited saying. „, Is these things.” Xia Tian looks at basically LV, Hermes wait / etc. these signs. Has saying that these signs are truly expensive enough, but these things are not any pleasant surprise regarding Bing Xin absolutely, since came, Xia Tian planned that goes to have a look to have any good thing. Here good thing many greatly is, visited you to have enough money.” The beauty thief provokes looks at Xia Tian to say. The meaning was saying that you wanted richly, here can buy the thing that you wanted, most was afraid was you do not have money. ! At this moment, red Ferrari's fast stopping in Xia Tian their side, the speed was quick, the skill that but the opposite party stops is also very good, turned stopped, otherwise hit Xia Tian a moment ago they. My little darling, here was too dangerous.” Xia Tian patted own chest saying that he then came several Heavens!, the terror attack, large quantities of Expert, daytime robbed, now comes a crowd to stop. Although here really has the berth, but others stop are look for the berth to stop slowly, this fellow may booing enter the crowd directly, stops the car(riage). The vehicle is a hood, therefore Xia Tian can clear the one who sees to drive is a fashionable female, but Xia Tian discovered quickly that his side the beauty thief is not very happy: „Do you know her?” She is intentionally, sees me in this, therefore such stops.” beauty thief enraged saying.

It seems like the enmity is not small.” Xia Tian most cannot master is the hatred between women. Between the man and man either have not hated, if has become enemies, that absolutely is the big enmity, was the hatred between woman and woman were many, but majority envied, side the beauty thief like Xia Tian, she was this, Xia Tian felt obviously she a little envied the opposite party. However these have not related with him, his goal is buys the gift for Bing Xin. Xia Tian walked toward the market directly, sees Xia Tian to walk, the beauty thief also can only with, her not dare to escape, after all she has not known the Xia Tian details . Moreover the monitoring has patted her, if she ran, Xia Tian made one to catch her to trouble again. They happen to passed by that red Ferrari's side. Hey, met calls repeatedly does not hit? Did not have the politeness.” The female on Ferrari looks that the beauty thief said. I am not ripe with you.” The beauty thief links not to return. Do not be angry, how unable to gang up with the rich and powerful people now, started to gang up with the handsome boy?” The female on Ferrari got out directly, followed. Hey, you quarrelled your, do not take me.” Xia Tian looked at a that Ferrari female to say. „?” Ferrari female has sized up Xia Tian one carefully: Very has the individuality, but I do not like tenderly, I like richly.” Yes, sees richly, your anything matter can do, any person you dares to rest.” The beauty thief ridiculed. I love money right, you same do not love money, you by stealing, I also steal, what you steal is money, what I steal is the heart.” In Ferrari that female followed the beauty thief to say. Xia Tian helpless shaking the head.

Similarly is the thief, similarly is much longer, this beauty thief and Daoxing completely were different. Daoxing looks like a child is the same, usually also quarrels with the Xia Tian bucket, the previous time her tied up in bridge next, Xia Tian has not gone to save her, but in Xia Tian knows that well she does not have the danger, otherwise Xia Tian will also overtake. This beauty thief is this type is nobler. This possibly is Jiang Hai City and Hong Kong difference. You are quite bothersome, can not with us?” Xia Tian turns the head to look to that Ferrari female, this time is considered as on is in the true consciousness looked at this female one eyes. His first feeling is the super upper body overlord. This female is a big upper body overlord. Road is not your family, how I want to walk how walk.” The upper body overlord Ferrari female said. You said is very reasonable, I had nothing to say in reply unexpectedly.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward walks toward inside, the beauty thief followed hurriedly, that upper body overlord Ferrari female is also refusing to admit being inferior followed. Xia Tian has not gone to control that upper body overlord female, but stand forth, he has wanted to buy the diamond ring a moment ago, therefore he also wants to find a place to have a look. Good thing.” The Xia Tian vision saw suddenly thing that he is interested, therefore walks toward front directly.