Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 388

Sees trades the successful time, the upper body overlord female chin of must fall to the ground, Xia Tian said a moment ago one minute of time, she also thinks not possibly, but unexpectedly really trades the success now. Also said that his telephone transferred 10 million Hong Kong dollars. Which this is the second generation of rich, obviously is the first generation of rich. Image of Xia Tian in her heart turned into Gao Fu commander-in-chief from the handsome boy all of a sudden, no, is the put on airs, is not riding Tang Xuanzang of white horse absolutely, the put on airs of genuine goods at reasonable prices. Her eye turned into heart shape. You can walk.” Xia Tian looked at a beauty thief to say. Can give a telephone? If you and your girlfriend will come to Hong Kong next time, I can, when your tour guides.” The beauty thief opens the mouth to say directly. „, You remain.” Xia Tian gave the beauty thief to say the cell phone. The beauty thief had on own number the Xia Tian cell phone, then has hit to oneself: „Do you name?” I called Xia Tian.” Xia Tian said. I called Gu Liya, already had in the number and name your cell phone.” beauty thief the Xia Tian cell phone. Good, thanked.” Xia Tian raises that wooden box to walk toward outside directly. Handsome fellow, which you goes, I can deliver you, I have the car(riage).” Upper body overlord Ferrari female excited saying. Xia Tian had not discovered that after he leaves, that stall vanished, but that strange waitress has also changed an appearance, turned into a fashionable female: Deceives a triumphant child, this 10 million can let my natural some time.” Well, how the emergency call made to vibrate.” That strange female opened the summon command. Recorded the super refiner technique the day soul stone to lose, all people all came back.’

Saw character that the emergency call made, that female knows her plan was scrapped: Hateful, how that thing possibly loses, cannot play well.” Outside of market, on Xia Tian the upper body overlord female car(riage). The upper body overlord female has also flung a provocative look to the beauty thief. beauty thief helpless shaking the head of, although she knew that the Xia Tian time is not long, but she knows that the upper body overlord female this time wanted certainly disappointedly, when ended tour guide of Xia Tian, she was also naturally safe. At this moment, she gained ground to see the large screen, aims at couple days ago the news of that important matter. Recently was saying that that war of harbor, Hong Kong police Fang Li defeated over a thousand terrorists. Yeah, Hong Kong Police are like blowing own horn.” beauty thief Gu Liya helpless shaking the head, she was disinclined to read this type of news, but at this moment, above presented mayor's exclusive interview. Sees the mayor time, her whole person was shocked. This.. This.. This unexpectedly real, that person unexpectedly is really a mayor.” beauty thief Gu Liya has been shocked completely, she has not thought that with Xia Tian together personal servant unexpectedly is really the Hong Kong mayor. This also made her shock, actually that was Xia Tian what status? This kept her from suspecting. The mayor can only make the opposite party personal servant, this is the how terrifying status. Her back presented the cold sweat, was good is good to speak because of Xia Tian, otherwise she does not dare to imagine her consequence, oneself unexpectedly stole the thing of this person a moment ago, no wonder he dared direct to open fire to kill the highway robber. Looks in Ferrari also in the complacent upper body overlord female, she also can only smile bitterly, if such big figure can be taken by her, that was too laughable. The upper body overlord female draws Xia Tian to be complacent, she thinks that she must conquer this put on airs immediately.

„Does handsome fellow, you go?” The upper body overlord female asked. Goes to a big point hotel casually.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Cannot think that you are so direct, but I like.” The upper body overlord female nips her lip charming saying. Was right, goes to nearby grocery store.” Xia Tian has smiled one, has not said anything, he must look for these things that a place studies him to buy well now immediately, especially that stone, he felt that stone is unusual. „, Does not use, I do not like wearing the feeling of thing.” The upper body overlord female thinks that Xia Tian must buy the method, although on the mouth said that but she anchored the car(riage) in the roadside. After Xia Tian got out, quick buys a magnifying glass. The character on that stone, he uses the X-Ray Vision eye unable to see clearly, therefore can only the seeking help magnifying glass, when the time comes add on the X-Ray Vision eye should with the magnifying glass to be OK. Xia Tian believes besides oneself nobody can discover on this rubble stone strange place absolutely, because others' vision is impossible to look like him to be so good. „Do you buy a magnifying glass to do?” Upper body overlord female puzzled asking, she thinks that Xia Tian is buys the method, but Xia Tian unexpectedly took a magnifying glass to come back, moreover this magnifying glass compared with normal magnifying glass big many. Naturally to look was clearer.” Xia Tian buys in a big way to make the character Freshman some, actually what like this he can see clearly in the stone to write was anything. If any rare book, he gained, can carve such small character in the stone the person strength absolutely is above the imagination. Repugnant, when the time comes makes you look at all the way.” Upper body overlord female charming saying, she thinks that the meaning of Xia Tian wants to visit on her with the magnifying glass each, she has not tried such wild matter, sighed the put on airs is different at heart darkly with others' hobby. Continually plays is such advanced. Xia Tian has not spoken, his thoughts on buying these things. He wholeheartedly wants to look for a hotel now, then a bit faster starts to study these things.

Quick, the upper body overlord heroic woman vehicle stopped an entrance of hotel, Xia Tian got out directly. How such to worry.” Upper body overlord female discontented saying, although are very attractive, but Xia Tian was also too more anxious. After Xia Tian entered the hall, said: Opens a biggest room to me.” Xia Tian wants the big room for one really to have any cultivation to be convenient. 9999 presidential suites.” The servers said. Good.” Xia Tian swipes the card with the card directly. Wanted such big room, how does he actually want to play?” Upper body overlord female innermost feelings secretly thought, in her heart a little slightly anticipated, actually his very curious Xia Tian wants how to play with her. After Xia Tian took the room card, sits the elevator to go upstairs directly, his room is 502, the upper body overlord female went upstairs with Xia Tian directly, Xia Tian saw that the upper body overlord female has not spoken, he thinks that the upper body overlord female must stay at an inn. After arriving at 502, Xia Tian opened the door, the upper body overlord female followed directly. ! The Xia Tian direct general's family has closed, has almost hit on the upper body overlord female nose. shit, how did he close me in out of the door?” Upper body overlord female thorough ignorant encircled.