Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 389

The upper body overlord female has prepared to devote, but Xia Tian unexpectedly had closed the door at this time, probably had not discovered that outside has her to be the same. Thump! The upper body overlord female starts to knock on a door, she knows that Xia Tian thinks certainly she went in has closed. Well, you also live in this, at just the right moment.” After Xia Tian opens the door, said. What don't you want to say to me?” The upper body overlord female has shown a posture of extremely enticement. „, Thank you.” Xia Tian said that the direct general's family has closed, he very much worries to have a look at that several treasures now, therefore after ending thanks, his direct general's family closes. The upper body overlord female the feelings of autumn wind fallen leaves, this time has determined now, Xia Tian has completely disregarded her. „Is he a man, wanted me to remove completely to stand in front of him?” Upper body overlord female depressed saying, but she has thought immediately of means: Was right, the present is in broad daylight, he definitely is embarrassed, waits for in the evening me , the evening is the strongest stage that the testerone erupts, an enticement point when the time comes I put on, I do not believe that he can also be aloof.” The upper body overlord female opened a room in this hotel directly, then exited to go shopping. After Xia Tian returned to the room, writes Gu Shengta three lumber yards of characters to open that directly, inside thing altogether all fell on the bed. The presidential suite is very big, this inside thing is also very complete, even also has the conference room. Xia Tian that bed is bigger, therefore he fell on the thing the bed directly, dozens types of things all appeared in Xia Tian at present, the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens directly, but he has suddenly discovered a very important matter. This inside thing unexpectedly has larger part spiritual energy not to have. „Is this possible? Time that I buy is to remember these things obviously same each has spiritual energy.” Xia Tian doubts looks at that bunch of things, he does not understand that actually this bunch of things spiritual energy how vanishes.

At this moment he noticed goods spiritual energy vanished. shit, I was played, this inside spiritual energy forcefully poured into, can only preserve some time, passed these days, spiritual energy completely will vanish.” Xia Tian has thought suddenly this possibility, he inspects the goods that these spiritual energy vanish, discovered that these types of things truly do not have any spiritual energy ordinary goods. This has confirmed his suspicion is right. Paternal grandmother, that girl unexpectedly dares to deceive me.” Xia Tian has inspected, is good really has spiritual energy because in the middle these ten things, but other these were the rottengoods. That girl obvious in pit Xia Tian. Xia Tian also can only eat this to be unable to speak out about one's grievances now, his goal that stone, took that stone. This stone is very strange, this stones and other stone semblance differences are not big, if carefully looked that will discover this stone the surface is different from other stones completely, the surface of this stone is not smooth, when Xia Tian takes up this stone to stroke carefully. He felt that his soul trembles. This stone unexpectedly can affect the soul of person, thus it can be seen this stone absolutely is a treasure, that girl thinks certainly pit Xia Tian, but has not thought that she instead intelligently was harmed intelligently, unexpectedly mixed this stone in the ordinary stone. This made Xia Tian pick a treasure, but Xia Tian most cared was not the stone itself, but was these writing that in the stone carved. This is the real cause that he buys this stone. Xia Tian only wants titter now, that sells the goods strange girl unexpectedly to deceive him, took is pouring into the spiritual energy counterfeit goods to sell to him, but that girl has not thought absolutely that in these counterfeit goods unexpectedly had this kind of treasure. Xia Tian opens the X-Ray Vision eye, diligently looks to that stone that may not be good, cannot see clearly, therefore he has taken up the product of science and technology, magnifying glass.

He the magnifying glass in the hand, then once more turns on the X-Ray Vision eye, by the magnifying glass, Xia Tian this time sees clearly the character that in the stone has carved, Xia Tian saw these characters time has been shocked completely, he cannot think that on a palm of the hand big stone unexpectedly can carve these many characters. This can describe with the legend simply. Actually the person of carving characters has how ghost axe finger of God. His unexpectedly can carve characters in this above, and has carved these many. Xia Tian sees first line of times, thoroughly has been convinced. What because the first line writes is super refiner technique.’ The refiner technique, in this world unexpectedly also has existence of refiner technique, this simply was too mysterious, moreover name one hear of very good B ` super refiner techniques of this refiner technique ’. Can call the super refiner technique, that naturally did not miss. The refiner technique is in itself vanishing, now has added again on super two characters, the thing that on this stone records instantaneously became on big. Xia Tian knows that he gained in a big way. These 10 million flowers the values of too, did not say first that several have the spiritual energy thing, solely said that this stone and this super refiner technique are the priceless treasures. That small girl has a dream cannot think that by her is thought was Xia Tian of fool, unexpectedly obtained such treasure. Ha Ha Ha Ha, is really the day helps me, unexpectedly is the refiner technique, so long as I practiced the refiner technique, I should become a sweetie pie.” Xia Tian believes that in this world some people meet the refiner technique, that also absolutely is extremely rare existence.

Moreover the refiner techniques of these person of cultivation will definitely not have their cow. The person who leaves behind this super refiner technique, the itself strength is as deep as a well, how he possibly leaves behind some ordinary refiner techniques. So long as he practiced this super refiner technique, that nobody dares to move him, because of regardless in any dynasty, any place, the technical kind of work in a factory most was popular, especially best B technical kind of work in a factory. The refiner technique of Xia Tian is in the technical kind of work in a factory is absolutely best, but the super refiner technique absolutely is in the refiner technique is also best. So long as he practiced this super refiner technique, he can open oneself life the cow B journey. Xia Tian felt own this Hong Kong has not come really in vain, not only obtained has flickered the body technique, but also obtained this super refiner technique. Refiner main needs the hot system.” Xia Tian sees these words time, the whole person becomes is not good, the hot system is any thing, oneself do not know. He continues to below looks how there records is testing the method of hot system, Xia Tian carefully looks, after looking at this, Xia Tian inventor who admires that super refiner technique. --------------------------------------------------------------