Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 390
Because the following those words are ‚, if you stand in the front of fire, the fire is not out, you are the hot attribute system.’ Saw that here time Xia Tian has almost not smiled, selects the root wax candlelight not to extinguish, this was also too simple, said that he can cultivation this super refiner technique, this super refiner technique basically is the fire. In other words, wants the refiner, must play with fire first. How as to play with fire, clarity that very this above records, Xia Tian looked one time for two hours, sees his eye thoroughly already weary, because long time uses the X-Ray Vision eye, time that he stands, almost throws down, was good because of him according to that rubble stone. But what made his surprised was, when his hand according to that rubble stone, his spiritual unexpectedly restored instantaneously, he opened the X-Ray Vision eye discovery once more, X-Ray Vision eye unexpectedly can use. Really is a treasure.” Xia Tian takes up that stone to toss about looks. This stone unexpectedly can supplement Spiritual Force, was really too mysterious, this time also really picked the big treasure, he believed that strange girl, if knows that she had sold to a Xia Tian such treasure, the intestines could the regret be blue. After the Xia Tian spirit restores, starts to start to experiment according to the method that above records directly. What above record is must have spiritual energy or Inner Strength, although Xia Tian does not have spiritual energy, but he has Inner Strength. He brought the matches and a candle, overspreads that on palm Inner Strength ** position, although Xia Tian does not understand why in the super refiner technique must make Inner Strength overbrim these three ** said that but he acted accordingly. Afterward he clenched teeth, has placed on the hand the candle. Whish! His hand unexpectedly, these has been possible to frighten directly heavily Xia Tian, but he had discovered immediately another matter, his hand unexpectedly is not hot, this was also too mysterious, in his hand the flame has been burning, his unexpectedly point could not feel to burn, the most mysterious place was, his hand has not burnt including the fine hair. Saw that here Xia Tian was shocked completely.

He remembers that on the super refiner technique records, the hot attribute system may be divided into ten, ten were lowest, as soon as is highest, ten took one year to control the good flame, as soon as only needs the flash. The Xia Tian situation looks like, the system first-grade system of Xia Tian, he before guessed one can have five and other hot systems to be good. But he does not have to think own unexpectedly is the first-grade hot system. The flash, he can control the flame, he tries to retreat the flame on hand forward, in air unexpectedly really one group of flame. Succeeded.” Xia Tian looks in front of one is hanging the group of flame, he felt that is really is not real. This has not definitely been able to explain with the science. Has surmounted the Xia Tian cognition. Flame unexpectedly can burn in the air, moreover stops in the midair. He tries to receive the strength, afterward the flame in midair vanishes directly, he in Inner Strength withdrawing in that several acupoint the hand, the flame on hand also instantaneously vanishes. Was too mysterious.” Xia Tian first time discovered one understanding unexpectedly to the human body are so few. That three ** said that Xia Tian usually thinks absolutely does not have any use, but he discovered now that these three acupoint unexpectedly have like this big use, has recorded the views of related these three acupoint in the super refiner technique. Is called to evade the hot hole, on the body of person altogether 18 evades the hot hole , said that so long as evades in the hot hole to pour into Inner Strength these 18, even if that he will stand in the fire will not have any issue, will burn the clothes does not go bad. This evades the hot hole wondrous use.

On the super refiner technique records, the ordinary refiner method refines using the iron furnace, but how the super refiner technique can with these every physical appearance comparisons, the super refiner technique the refiner in the air. Xia Tian experimented the temperature of flame, he took blockhead chopsticks, in the surroundings of flame, chopsticks not any issue, but he just put the flame the chopsticks the center, the chopsticks changed into directly destroyed, does not have including the ashes. This may frighten him to jump, this temperature was also too high, actually such high temperature should how the refiner. Although he has this question, but he has not worried, because he knows that the thing of this part, behind should have the record, now he must do controls this flame. This flame not only can be used for the refiner, but also can be used to fight probably, if I can pat the flame on the body of person, that may be abnormal.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. Joins the flame in the fight, this is a super skill. But this idea quickly was obliterated by Xia Tian. Because this idea is not realistic, bumps into strength to lower, wastes with this radically, bumps into strength to be high, the opposite party possibly first ignite, then prepares? Draws an analogy, Xia Tian with Profound Grade late stage Expert to the war, hits is hitting him to stop suddenly. Then Xia Tian has put out the cigarette lighter, has thrown a cigarette to the opposite party, said to the opposite party that you smoke first my meetings, I must enlarge incur, later ignited their hand with the power-driven device, pats the opposite party. Is this possible? Is the opposite party two B? Only if his within the body itself can send out the flame, then gathers the flame above the palm instantaneously, this may be abnormal. However this regarding him, but also is only a dream.

This throughout the afternoon, Xia Tian is playing with fire, he looks like a child is the same, plays special is happy. This in the afternoon, he control to flame was getting more and more skillful. Afterward Xia Tian looks once more to super refiner technique that above had the most primary refiner technique to bring to the attention of Xia Tian, following these refiner techniques and techniques, regarding Xia Tian, but also was a little confused, but this primary refiner technique, Xia Tian understood. Simple, is use has the spiritual energy goods to refine a defensive accessory. Sees this refiner technique time, Xia Tian is two illumination, is this not just the best gift? When the time comes Bing Xin looked at such gift is very certainly surprised. Happen to Xia Tian here also ten have the spiritual energy goods, he looked at the super refiner technique inside request and goods proportion, discovered that these things refined two defense accessories to be many, enough again have refined two small things. Although defensive power not first two big, but was also good. Said that starts to start, Xia Tian threw that pair of azure Hong jade in the place above of flame directly, azure Hong jade got rid of the gravity limit, direct float in the place above of flame, control of Xia Tian cautious and solemn flame, he cannot make azure Hong jade enter the flame kernel, otherwise azure Hong jade might damage. Ka!, Transmits from the flame.