Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 391

With one of the card, the azure Hong jade on flame has taken off a cover, inside has revealed the green lake ray, is really attractive, at the same time, Xia Tian has also thrown several other accessory material, then centralized spirit. At this time was to test Spiritual Force time. First removes mother stock impurity, is azure Hong jade, then rises azure Hong jade, puts other supplementary materials, after putting these supplementary materials, the flame started to fire once more, controlled these types of things together, Xia Tian Spiritual Force consumes unusual was big. Was good has recorded on the beforehand super refiner technique, therefore Xia Tian early grasped that stone in the left hand. When his Spiritual Force loses at the same time, that stone fast is also helping him supplement. Really is the good treasure.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, this circulation makes his Spiritual Force as if continuously same. Had this stone, he can use his Spiritual Force to go to the refiner continuously. Has saying that the process of this refiner is quite troublesome, because in this process, he needs the attention to be centralized, to prevent any careless, that several supplementary materials were deputed quickly also cleanly, the impurity that these were arranged has not wasted, but has formed two fine laces automatically, strung together that two azure Hong jade quickly, that several supplementary materials were also matched in the blue rainbow jade side. After ten minutes, this process eventually ended. Two incomparably attractive necklaces appeared in the Xia Tian front, Xia Tian had discovered that the thing that oneself refined is exactly the same as that in own mind thought that in process that in other words refined, these fused automatically fuse according to the Xia Tian thought. Xia Tian two necklaces in the hand, these two some differences slightly, is nearby hanging falls differently, one is the appearance of snowflake, one is the appearance of ice crystal. Xia Tian tentative plan different thing time has thought that one is the snow, one is the ice. This happen to matches Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin name.

These two necklaces also give to them, snowflake giving Ye Qingxue, ice crystal giving Bing Xin. Looks the artware in own hand, Xia Tian is very happy, according to the super refiner technique above record, that two sides accessories, is six snowflakes, records defense with six ice crystals. In other words, these two necklaces can the automatic release six times at the crisis, after six times, needs to supplement spiritual energy once more, how long as for needing can compensate, this must look nearby spiritual energy spent richly. These two things, give to them, they like certainly.” Xia Tian excited saying. Afterward he set eyes in the remaining these materials, these materials saved with should be able to refine three bracelets, happen to can give Zeng Ruo, Lin Bingbing and Bai Yiyi their three. This thing was insufficient , can only on their three, wait for Xia Tian to get so far as the thing first next time, then helped their three refine. Xia Tian goes ahead, all threw the remaining these goods on the flame, started to refine. After a half hour, three exquisite bracelets appeared in the hand of Xia Tian, although these three bracelets each can only use one time on the stored energy, however its fine degree did not miss in the snow and ice necklace. Is of great success.” Xia Tian looks these bracelet satisfied nods of own hand. This is his first refiner, he felt obviously he had many insufficiencies, therefore after he plans to go back, various use types of things refine, not to refine any good thing, only to promote own technique. Has saying that the refiner is an enterprise of ten points environmental protection, at least it understood that the waste recovery uses again, looks like the Xia Tian refinement time, these impurities turned into that rope of necklace, although likely is the rope, actually is also not, these impurities itself are parts of these materials, therefore Xia Tian does after decomposes them, fuses again. Thump!

The Xia Tian gate was sounded. Xia Tian opened the door. Elder Brother Tian.” The gate just opened, maps the Xia Tian view is very hot one, this person upper body overlord female, his head wears a small netted hat, upper body female servant clothes. Moreover in her right hand is also taking a black leather whip. „Are you doing?” Xia Tian sized up upper body overlord female one eyes to ask. What don't you want to say to me?” The upper body overlord female flew a eye to Xia Tian, this enticement makes the Xia Tian whole body one cold. Also really has.” Xia Tian looked that said to the upper body overlord female. On upper body overlord female face one happy, innermost feelings secretly thought: Finally took you, originally you were really good this.” I was hungry, your driving leads me to eat meal, I change clothes first.” Xia Tian said that closed directly. Was placed the outside upper body overlord female face to turn into the purple, Xia Tian unexpectedly has regarded the driver her, Xia Tian had not seen side that she so entices? Snort! I do not believe unable to take you.” Upper body overlord female enraged direct turn around leaves, she is changes the clothes, she cannot put on to go out to dine with Xia Tian like this. After Xia Tian has taken a bath, wore the clothes, the upper body overlord female has changed clothes, the exposed degree were not less than a moment ago, but with the leather whip, the clothes of upper body cannot wrap her half upper body merely, the hot-pants of lower part of the body were hotter.

Walks!” This upper body overlord female is very happy, she is hundred changes a girl, she thinks that Xia Tian possibly does not like that type, therefore she plans to trade a type. Good.” Xia Tian has been busy at a afternoon, now around 8 : 00 pm, he truly was a little hungry, he has not known that here has anything to eat, happen to saw the upper body overlord female, therefore he decided that makes the upper body overlord female guide. Has saying that upper body overlord female Ferrari of compares the old-style fan device, but sat Xia Tian on copilot is regarded as the handsome boy. What do you want to eat?” The upper body overlord female looked that asked to Xia Tian. I am not familiar with here, you lead me to go, can eat to the full on the line, I must subscribe one to go to the Jiang Hai City airplane ticket early tomorrow morning.” Xia Tian knows one must go back, although the district competition of Operations Office returns sometime specially, but here is really too dangerous, he thought that Jiang Hai City is quite safer. After all has not gone to the light face to snatch the jeweller in broad daylight. Such quickly must walk.” Upper body overlord female discontented saying. Here too bad risk, did not suit me.” Xia Tian looks that the overlord female upper body said that he can look, although this upper body overlord female goes superficially very wildly, is her Yuan cloudy continuously also, in other words, she is a maiden. Squeek! At this moment, nearby race car has arrived at side of their this car(riage) directly, the speed is fast.