Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 392

Similarly is a race car, what drives is a man, handsome charming, he who the man dresses up reduces speed the speed of vehicle, maintains with the bo tyrant female a straight line: beauty, a person.” Your TM is blind, had not seen that this also sits one.” Has not waited for the upper body overlord female to speak, Xia Tian opens the mouth to scold directly. The upper body overlord female hears the Xia Tian words, the innermost feelings one happily, she thinks that Xia Tian this is in taking an oath own sovereignty, like the tiger and lion, they have own domain, a person has other male animal to come, they must expel the opposite party. He he.” That male coldly has smiled one: „A handsome boy also dares to open mouth the speech, did not fear that the wind dodged the tongue greatly.” Your SB, what did front this call? Read with me, luang, kept off, windshield.” Xia Tian like is looked idiot looked at that male one eyes. Brat, your unexpectedly dares such to speak to me, has the skill to call the person.” That man said that has pulled out the telephone directly, very charming natural letting opposite party called the person, afterward he provokes looks at Xia Tian to shout: To you, called person? The handsome boys are the handsome boys, feared.” Em, truly has feared, Hong Kong was really too dangerous, I ate meal continually can also be threatened.” Xia Tian has dialed the telephone of mayor directly, saying that the sound sobbed: Your this people are unfriendly, I go out to dine also some people to bully me, added that makes me call the person.” What? Which you are, my this had the person of past.” Mayor angry shouting, he sufficed to be angry, he wants to make Xia Tian have a look at the public security under his management, but daytime unexpectedly presented such matter, at that time he had sufficed awkwardly, but unexpectedly presented more awkward one now. The road that eats meal boarded unexpectedly to be plundered, heard here him to be hot, this time he must renovate well here public security. Called the special police officer the brigade to me, set out the military strength of three teams to me, followed me.” The mayor represent Captain of brigade calls to say the special police officer that before that had been punished. Special police officer brigade represent Captain of that new person hears the tone of mayor, thought and leaves any important matter, greatly under black day personal leading, called to begin the most competent several brigades, sent out fully-armed. The upper body overlord female vehicle had been compelled to stop, her car(riage) was compelled near by several car(riage)s.

Before that man, a telephone called 56 car(riage)s, each is the race cars, visited them is the second generation of rich, on the vehicle altogether more than ten individuals, moreover listened to that meaning also to have the car(riage) on the road. Boy, your person?” That man contemptuously looked at Xia Tian, reason that he called these many people and these many good car(riage)s to let Xia Tian understands that he was rich, what figure his friend was also. Xia Tian offended him, that must result in pays the price. Quick.” Xia Tian light saying. Hey! Did you call the person really?” Upper body overlord female puzzled looked that asked to Xia Tian. Em, he does not make me call the person, I naturally must call the person.” Xia Tian nodded to say. „Shouldn't man go to duel?” Upper body overlord female puzzled asking. This year can begin not to kick up a racket as far as possible, can ask the person to leave to begin as far as possible, must pay great attention to the status.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Said is very seemingly reasonable.” Upper body overlord female nod of slightly. The person of that group of second generations of rich are getting more and more, moreover they incomparable rampancy. Gets out, is long on the elder brother, the younger brother is short, opens mouth resembles them to stamp stamps the feet can step on the entire Hong Kong is broken same, the nostril faces upwards.

That man noticed that his person are getting more and more, his imposing manner is also more and more full: Boy, I gives you five minutes, if your person, that may do not blame me being cruel and merciless, dares to offend my person not born.” His meaning was very obvious, today do not want to stand are leaving here. beauty, the handsome boy is good to look at but of no use, does a meeting want to go?” That man started to chat with the upper body overlord female directly, he thinks that the air/Qi of own this time Wangba affirmed has conquered the upper body overlord female. Right? However I like this.” The upper body overlord female shows a faint smile, by approaching Xia Tian. Snort!” That male cold snort, without the speech, he has planned, one will make this upper body overlord female accompany him to drink, these many people, carried off forcefully have been OK, then prescribed medicine in the liquor. He first time sees such attractive upper body overlord. Quick, that male side came ten race cars, the population has also achieved more than 30 people, on a race car a man: Bin, how? Who dares to ask you to trouble!” „The K elder brother, is he!” That man has referred to Xia Tian. That K elder brother turned the head to look to Xia Tian, his vision actually stayed on the upper body overlord female body, Top Grade, he just looked that discovered this upper body overlord female was Top Grade. That Bin noticed that the K elder brother's look does not know well, this K elder brother is the color that became famous, he remembers that he has not asked this K elder brother to come, now has troubled, meets this K elder brother, if snatches this woman, he also really has to sell this face. But present beauty was really too Top Grade, making him give up, he has not given up.

beauty, becomes friends, everybody called me the K elder brother.” The K elder brother has disregarded Xia Tian directly, notified the upper body overlord female on own initiative. The meaning that he said is very obvious, today the person is a second generation of rich, is driving the race car, he said that everybody called him the K elder brother's meaning is these second generations of rich must result in respects him, he was obvious enhanced oneself status the means. Really is troublesome.” Xia Tian frowns saying that now their this car(riage) had died of suffocation completely, wants to drive from here the car(riage), but somewhat was difficult. He was hungry, in the refiner, he had consumed a moment ago many stamina . Moreover the food is the morning eats, he had ten hours not to eat meal. Boy, later, I asks the person to break your leg now, from now henceforth vanishes before me.” That K elder brother very extremely arrogant saying, he looked that the upper body overlord female had not responded, he felt is own aggression has not appeared, therefore he plans overbearingly. Oh I go, here was too dangerous, do I come to a Hong Kong to be easy? Some unexpectedly also people must break my leg.” Xia Tian very depressed saying, here person too violence. You , if not get down, I called people to pull down you, but I must break your two legs.” That K elder brother sees the meaning that Xia Tian does not have, therefore continues to say. My person came, you told him.” Xia Tian with pointing at has referred to that K elder brother, he just turned head almost to frighten sits on the ground. Dense big piece of special police officer.