Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 393

The special police officers, unexpectedly so many special police officers, which these second generations of rich have usually looked at this weaponry, all of a sudden on ignorant. My person came, do not break my leg? Now can start.” Xia Tian looks at that K elder brother very optional saying. That upper body overlord female of his side also hoodwinked, sentimental these many police were Xia Tian looked . Moreover the uniform special police officer, over a hundred people, Xia Tian unexpectedly asked the special police officer to fight. This good B, this time upper body overlord female does not know that should say any was good. He has seen the cow, but has not seen Xia Tian this, 10 million Hong Kong dollars said that the reassignment transfers, moreover is buys one pile of tattered, now a telephone also calls over a hundred special police officers. Before that blocked the male leg of car(riage) a little to tremble. Who is.” The mayor walks from behind, angry was shouting, what his side was that represent special police officer Captain. He thorough was angry, is actually, must hit his face time and time again, now entire Hong Kong declares martial law, is processing the criminal case everywhere, but some unexpectedly also people dare to break others' both legs under the broad daylight now. Uncle Xu!” The beforehand that man sees on the time face of represent special police officer Captain one happy. What if comes is others he pours is really also afraid, but sees that represent special police officer Captain time, he is a face was joyful, who this Uncle Xu is, that is his father's becoming sworn brothers brothers. Brat, no one can rescue today, cannot think that your unexpectedly such lacks prospects, unexpectedly calls to report to the police, I told you, this was my Uncle Xu.” That man complacent saying. Heard the words of this man, the K elder brother's energy also fully, he was act high and mighty big figure, encountered this situation, how he possibly did not install. The life can have several loads on returning ship, installs one is. This is K elder brother's motto: „Does boy, you know? Hong Kong is our world, opposes with our brothers, that dies, I only planned to break your two legs, now I changed the mind, you broke the game rule, therefore I wanted you to lie on the bed for a lifetime.”

Shaking the head that the upper body overlord female keeps, this is a special police officer, is not the police, how possibly is the warning to call, in the brain of this group of people installs is the cake? Ended!” That represent special police officer Captain knows one ended, this position buttocks have not gotten warm. Boy, here is Hong Kong, is our world.” That man said with a smile loudly. ! A clear palm of the hand sound reaches in the ears of all people. What hit is that blocks the man of car(riage), but hits the person his Uncle Xu, Captain of represent police unit. Uncle Xu, you made a mistake the person.” That man a little hoodwinked. No, I hit is you.” Captain of represent police unit a foot trampled afterward on that K elder brother's body, who he saw to sit that person in car(riage) is, that was not just [gold/metal] blade Xia Tian. That retreats in fear several hundred Special Force that person by a person of strength. He at that time also on the scene, moreover leads. Therefore he remembers clearly the Xia Tian appearance, he hates, the nephew who oneself this does not make every effort to succeed, whom offends not to be good, offends him. Do not hit.” The mayor frowns to walk from behind. Brother, I walks early tomorrow morning, your Hong Kong was too dangerous, I thought after me, does a bit less to take a stroll to wonderfully, perhaps otherwise who broke my leg.” Xia Tian looks at the mayor to say.

As soon as the mayor listened to Xia Tian to come to be mad: Has all taken away to me their car(riage)s, the person all on the handcuffs, looks up to me, in these others is to do, has any sign of evading taxes, has the sign of bribery, some words, all gave me to carry.” Hears the words of mayor, these special police officers all go forward to begin. You, hand over your matching (spear|gun), on own handcuffs, goes back you to explain to me personally.” The mayor looked at Captain of that represent police unit to say. Hears the words of mayor, Captain of that represent police unit relaxed, this proves also some, if the mayor makes people carry off him directly together, that ended mostly, this proved good that he a moment ago that palm of the hand and a foot hit. That blocked the man of car(riage) to be shocked, his Uncle Xu was very usually fierce, but unexpectedly is taught by this person today, he knows that this certainly was big figure. Why catches me, I just watch the fun in this.” That K elder brother wants to revolt. Calls me, he revolts calls me.” Mayor very aggressive saying: Now I accused that you attempt to kidnap, threaten and injure the state functionaries, you have the right of argument, but you argued that I make them hit.” Hears the words of mayor, Xia Tian was also subdued. However Xia Tian also understands that these person of background are unclean, the mayor this time must make Hong Kong change really greatly. Has saying that the boldness of this mayor is really big. Good, was really good. In upper body overlord female heart silently has selected 32 to praise for Xia Tian and this mayor, although she did not know that this mayor, temporarily does not know he is the Hong Kong mayor, but she knows that this certainly is a high official. Brother, many thanks you helped to solve to trouble, I must eat meal, did not take you.” Xia Tian looks at the mayor to say.

Next time will see this second ancestors and these illegal members you call me, fire off make the call to me, I process.” The mayor strikes one's chest saying that this is giving the Xia Tian privilege, although Xia Tian is the Jiang Hai City specially Operations Office chief teacher, however he has not enforced the law in Hong Kong the power. However the mayor this opened the mouth he to have the law enforcement power, but this was not the casual right, he cannot look that others were not pleasing to the eyes hit, the opposite party must be violates the law or the background is unclean is good. Many thanks.” Xia Tian waved to the mayor, afterward the upper body overlord heroic woman car(riage) started. Xia Tian they walked the later mayor to look at Captain of that represent police unit saying: Handcuff opens, today's matter wipe the buttocks, moreover I give you mission, Hong Kong was too truly chaotic, do not go home to rest recently, makes an arrest to me, no matter, so long as the crime, grasps to me, who dares to ask favor, gives the corruption probe branch that person.” Hey, are actually you who? How a telephone called that many special police officers.” The upper body overlord female to Xia Tian simply was more and more curious. I just am a Jianghai University pass student, comes to Hong Kong is travels.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. „, Did not say that knocks it off.” Upper body overlord heroic woman car(riage) has arrived in one dining room, she asked Xia Tian a moment ago, Xia Tian said that does not like other tastes, is the China dining room is quite good. Man Han Quan Xi! Saw the name of this hotel, Xia Tian completely is attracted.