Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 394

Man Han Quan Xi, this is the big advertisement. China most famous vegetable in this Man Han Quan Xi. The scale of this Man Han Quan Xi is very big, it is a Hong Kong biggest hotel, it hangs the ordinary hotel of Man Han Quan Xi sign to be different from these. But here gold-lettered signboard. Since the signboard is Qing Dynasty spread, it is said the right bottom of signboard had the character that Kangxi Great Emperor took pen in hand personally. If must eat the China vegetable, where has not compared this vegetable to be better. Here has the most entire cookbook, there is a best chef, it is said here Dunhe apprentice is the Intermediate chef, but the genuine chefs have obtained the person of Advanced chef certificate. Here eats meal, you do not need to be worried about the raw material the issue, because here stir-fried dish can see completely. All raw materials are freshest. Here can have most delicacy the vegetable and freshest vegetable. After many foreigners come to Hong Kong, comes with admiration. Is so big.” Xia Tian surprised watches front Man Han Quan Xi. Do not eat the China vegetable, here vegetable is most authentic, moreover can satisfy your any taste, is a little expensive.” bo Ba Woman answered. Walks, opens eats.” Mentioned eats, Xia Tian was excited, he will also prepare food, but did not do frequently, the food that but he made absolutely was the delicacy. They walked directly. Entered the hotel, actually Xia Tian knew here popular. In the hall has over a hundred tables, at this time here has been filled with the larger part.

These many people.” Xia Tian looks was a little dizzy. Naturally, here is such hot, you look at front, in that glass is the kitchen, our here can clear visible inside situation.” The upper body overlord female has referred to front. Xia Tian sees there also. That working procedure some people are busy at work, moreover all seafood with the meats are also freshest, the seafood is lives, on the meat is flowing the blood, probably just killed is the same. This is Hong Kong Man Han Quan Xi, a Hong Kong biggest hotel. In Hong Kong, here can call NO1 absolutely. Sir, what wants to eat?” The service people ran over, here was really too busy, although the service personnel had, but was unbearably busy, besides delivering the channel of vegetable, on other [say / way] these service people were running, but they do not dare in delivering vegetable absolutely run. Once has knocked, that is the direct dismissal. This is here system. Egg-fried rice.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he wanted egg-fried rice. Although the egg-fried rice is very simple, but this egg-fried rice can actually eat here master true craftsmanship a meal, coming here person few people to order the egg-fried rice. „?” The service people asked. You asked that she eats anything, other will select again.” Xia Tian said. Volume, first comes this egg-fried rice, the tableware takes two.” The upper body overlord female does not know that Xia Tian is any meaning , can only with. Good, Sir, please slow.” The service personnel said that ran off directly. At this moment, the entrance walks three odd people, said that is the reason of odd person is the thing that because in they three clothes and hands take is very monster, on the first person wore a long gown, in the hand took 30 centimeters small iron bar \; The second person is exposing upper body, the body carries one meter long iron bar \; The third person has one meter five head, but he absolutely is an adult, in his hand unexpectedly is taking a kitchen knife.

Some where people eat meal are also taking the kitchen knife. Three people sat in Xia Tian by directly them this table, because here was from the kitchen recent table. Can in clear seeing these cook the Master technique from here. Inside altogether has 20 Master to cook together, scene very magnificent. Boss, here is the Hong Kong best hotel.” That opened mouth to speak a Island Country language. Hears the Island Country language time, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle, turns the head to look to these three people, originally these three people are Islander. „Do several gentlemen, what eat?” The service people run over to ask. Flustered, was too careless, the quality of service person is very bad, is here really the Hong Kong best hotel?” The person of that wear long gown said that he can the China language. Excuse me, Sir, here was really too busy, therefore Boss permitted, but we have worn the overshoe, moreover two hours cleaned, will therefore not bring any bacteria.” The service people answered hurriedly. Careless, who is your here fiercest Master Fu?” That dwarf asked. Here fiercest naturally lets Master Xuan , he but executive chef.” Service person proud saying. Makes him make a meal to us, I must taste his craftsmanship.” That carries the person of long stick to say. Excuse me, lets Master Xuan every week only to make a meal, moreover is only then the lucky audience can have the opportunity to eat, you can wait to try one's luck in the weekend.” The service people answered. Snort, overreaches oneself.” Wore the person of long gown to make an effort to pound on the table, all people all looked to their here. Boss, we can taste the craftsmanship of their here ordinary chef first.” That dwarf goes forward to say. Good, three egg-fried rice.” That wears the person of long gown to say.

Please wait a bit.” The manner of service person is still good. Xia Tian has turned the head, does not look at that three people. Their three resemble the future to be bad.” The upper body overlord female turns the head to look that said to Xia Tian. Is individual looks, that service person affirmed that found the person who can speak to come.” Xia Tian light saying. How will you know?” Upper body overlord female puzzled asking. Upper body does not have the brain greatly, you definitely have not gone to the kitchen, the things in that three manpower look are the fellows of preparing food, their three are kicks the hall obviously, the hotel naturally must look for the manager and kitchen Teacher|Division Head solves.” Xia Tian answered. Directly asked a security to drive out them is not good?” The upper body overlord female asked again. Your brain grew into body to come up.” Xia Tian stared an upper body overlord female to continue saying: You, if opens the dojo, what to do some people do kick the hall?” Naturally fought him.” The upper body overlord female waving hand of said. Truth is the same, opens the hotel is also so, so long as the opposite party is entitled, they must go to battle, if any matter depends on the security, their advertisements may unable to preserve.” Xia Tian very optional saying, he knows that three people order the egg-fried rice the goal, is the same with him, must taste the craftsmanship of here master. „, That must have looks lively.” Saying of upper body overlord female anticipation. Your egg-fried rice came.” The service people carried the Xia Tian egg-fried rice. Xia Tian took up the ladle to eat one, afterward his brow wrinkled completely in one.