Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 395

How?” The upper body overlord female sees expression puzzled asking of Xia Tian. In food has the sweet taste.” Xia Tian frowns to say. How had the sweet taste?” The upper body overlord female was getting more and more muddled. Chef worked as the salifying the sugar.” Xia Tian looked own front food said that he knows, this was the chef has possibly been busy at Little Tian, therefore somewhat blurry caused such preliminary wrong appearance. Meanwhile, next door that three tables of egg-fried rice of also delivered. Xia Tian knows that the situation is bad, these fellows are not the friendly stubble, certainly will look for trouble, in these set meals sugar and salt definitely mislay. On the upper body overlord female face of presented the anticipation, she as if waits to watch the fun general, actually she was disinclined to pay attention is the sugar and salt mislay, was other anything, she most liked was lively. That three Islander ate up the earliest possible time of egg-fried rice to stand. Called to me your chefs.” Puts on Islander of long gown to shout loudly. Sir, what happened!” The manager in hotel came a moment ago, hears this table of people to shout that ran over hurriedly. You taste.” Puts on Islander of long gown to point at egg-fried rice to say. Volume!” That manager took up the ladle to eat one hurriedly, afterward his brow wrinkled: Excuse me, possibly was too busy, I made the kitchen trade one to you.” Trades one? You know that the customer does eat meal for what? Enjoys the good food, but your chef actually Lian Tang and Yandu do not divide, does such chef also match to call the chef? Such hotel can also say are one Hong Kong biggest hotel?” The People sound of that wear long gown shouts, therefore the person looked to his here. Everybody has understood what is heard, originally was the chef the salt and sugar mislay. Actually this is not important matter, so long as went back to cook up one to be good again, was this Islander is not dry.

Your this is in waste good food, you do not match to be the chef.” The person of that wear long gown shouts once more. Sir, should not be excited first, I make the chef apologize to you, then gave you to recreate one not to be good.” Saying of manager good words good language. „It is not good, I do not want him to apologize, only if makes your let Xuan to come the apology to be good.” That wears the person of long gown to say. Sir, lets Xuan Master casually not to come.” The manager has stood the body, he looked, these people were look for trouble, their hotels may always not be afraid the person who looked for trouble. Snort, my name is Ichirou Tokugawa, you open the hotel should hear my name, I today the goal is for must try your Kungfu of this Man Han Quan Xi, but you really disappointed me, the hotel that salt and sugar did not divide, did not match to call the hotel.” Ichirou Tokugawa said loudly that his manner has clarified, is wrecks the event. Tokugawa!!!” Hears this surname time, the manager deeps frown. Originally is the people of famous Island Country chef Tokugawa Aristocratic family.” At this moment, the direction of latter kitchen walks a chef, just his clothes with others' difference a little. He is here kitchen Teacher|Division Head Ren Hang, is the Master Ren Xuan younger brother. Snort, who are you?” Ichirou Tokugawa cold snort, proud standing there, the meaning that Tokugawa this surname represented had in a big way different. That is the Island Country most famous chef surname. The Tokugawa Family was called Island Country the serving as a tool chef of emperor, they study the chef for generations, time-honored. Moreover the chef of Tokugawa Family, is famous in entire Island Country, their cooks, the blade labor, the flour dim sum wait / etc., every kind is best, therefore in Island Country mentioned that Tokugawa this surname, will remind the chef. Chef Tokugawa. Therefore Ichirou Tokugawa mentions his surname so proudly.

My name was Ren Hang, was here kitchen Teacher|Division Head, since you came from far away, I naturally must receive a guest.” The words that Ren Hang spoke are in circle the words, in the meaning of cook is, you wreck the event, I naturally must enter the stage. Good, I try the skills of your this shop today.” Wears the person of long gown to pound on table to say. Compared with what?” Ren Hang looked that asked to Ichirou Tokugawa. Blade labor, the flour dim sum and cooks you to elect.” Ichirou Tokugawa very optional saying. Since is directs, that naturally wanted 11 to compare.” No matter what line very optional saying. Happy, that first compared with blade labor, third child, on you.” Ichirou Tokugawa said that that dwarf of his side directly walked. Suspends the platform, prepares materials.” Ren Hang shouts one, the following person started completely, they built a platform in front, afterward various types of ingredients were carried. Saw that kitchen Teacher|Division Head of Man Han Quan Xi must compete with the cook with the people of Island Country chef Tokugawa Family, the people who these eaten meal ran over to watch the fun. Had really looks lively.” Upper body overlord female excited saying. The upper body overlord female pulls up Xia Tian, pushes directly to front, the body of Xia Tian moves slightly, these people resigned a channel automatically, their relaxed arrived front. The blade labor, is the basic craftsmanship of chef, a technique of person blade labor must think the thing uniformity that he cuts, well but actually must think their fine workmanships. „The my Third brother's blade labor very fierce drop, does not know that your blade labor is what kind.” Ichirou Tokugawa ponders looks Ren Hang said. No matter what the line takes up a cucumber directly, then he throws the cucumber to the midair, afterward the blade in right hand, fast slicing. The blade light dodges, afterward his left hand racket, the integral root cucumber turned into the entire simultaneously fragment directly.

Good, kitchen Teacher|Division Head was good.” Good blade skill, blade unexpectedly of chef can be so quick.” Was too fierce, is makes me broaden the outlook simply.” The surrounding person was discussing, the kitchen Teacher|Division Head Ren Hang blade labor was really too fierce, placing of these yellow green tea entire simultaneously there, he that flash as if were to cut the appearances of several blades a moment ago. Third child, this you.” Ichirou Tokugawa said loudly. That dwarf has put out a cucumber directly, that afterward he uses to bring has carved on the cucumber the kitchen knife directly, saw this all person gods, his unexpectedly must carve the thing with the cucumber. You looked quickly that these yellow sugared melon slice size unexpectedly of falling are exactly the same.” Suddenly some people shout. Everybody looked to that Tokugawa third son's hand, he truly in carving cucumber right, but he carved these broken strip size unexpectedly that the cucumber fell to be exactly the same, falling of entire simultaneously in tray. After a half minute, a cucumber lobster appeared in the front of people, but before these fell the cucumber thread in tray probably are the sea are the same. The lobster goes to sea.