Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 397

That huge iron bar is solid, but this person unexpectedly raised single-handed, moreover very steady, thus it can be seen the strength of arm of this person actually strong. You will certainly lose.” Tokugawa second son coldly looks at Xia Tian to say. You, if also takes your fever fire rake to point at me, I ensure you are unable to compete.” The Xia Tian vision looks to the Tokugawa second son, a aura of wild animal has swept across the Tokugawa second son's entire body. murderous aura! Tokugawa second son's back flowed out the cold sweat, body retreat cannot help but three steps stopped. He felt a moment ago murderous aura, that is murderous aura of genuine goods at reasonable prices, such heavy murderous aura, this needs to kill the multi- talented people have. Great.” Saw that the Tokugawa second sons retreated in fear by Xia Tian, these chefs shout. That person was frightened probably by him.” The upper body overlord female saw that Tokugawa second son's change, because Xia Tian murderous aura used to a Tokugawa second son person, therefore other people did not have any illness, they do not know that what happened. „Does the second child, you do?” Ichirou Tokugawa's discontented saying. „.” The Tokugawa second sons then responded that looked said to Xia Tian: I compared with the flour dim sum.” Boy, I told you, my Second Brother can lift a cow, his strength of arm was very formidable, made the flour dim sum the time, his formidable strength of arm can make the surface have the strength. Moreover iron bar in his hand is the solid, about 100 cattys in weight, the surface smooth, makes the flour dim sum with it, can in all parts the flour dim sum all open.” Ichirou Tokugawa's proud saying. He all said Second brother's skill intentionally. After he said that all people all surprisedly look to that iron bar in Tokugawa second son hand.

Quite fierce.” Kitchen Teacher|Division Head Ren Hang sees the Tokugawa second son surprisedly, he is a chef, naturally knows that what the flour dim sum most needs was anything, has saying that if by dough making, he could not win the Tokugawa second son, only if Tokugawa second son following surface doing was not good, otherwise he will certainly lose. Since compared with the flour dim sum, that makes the clear water surface.” Xia Tian proposed, was actually not he does not want to make the ratio, but is he not, reason that he dares to compare, was because he had the confidence to win the technique of opposite party, but did not win the opposite party cook. Like the blade labor, Xia Tian itself plays the throwing knife, the blade labor possibly was how bad. This time flour dim sum is also same, Xia Tian will not make the shao mai, adjusts halogen wait / etc., therefore he requests to make the clear water surface. Good!” The Tokugawa second sons complied happily, because clear water surface ratio is the technique, he does not believe absolutely some people can make the technique of surface to be better than him. iron bar in his hand with coming to see. Snort, with my Second Brother compared with the technique, this courts death simply.” Ichirou Tokugawa cold snort said. All people all are the special anticipations looks to Xia Tian and Tokugawa second son, a moment ago the first contest was really too splendid. Yo, here is so lively.” At this moment, the surrounding has broadcast a sound, hears this sound time, in all chefs has revealed the happy expression, who because they listened to this person are. The first master chef of Man Han Quan Xi lets Xuan Master, although called him Master, other were also 40 years old just. Lets Xuan Master, his unexpectedly to come.” Really was more and more lively, lets Xuan Master unexpectedly also personally to come.” Lets Xuan Master to be quite young, I also thought him 50-60 years old.”

Surroundings these people all surprised looks to lets Xuan Master, coming to here to eat meal the people who to hear has let Xuan Master, moreover they hope one have the opportunity to eat the meal that assuming the post porch Master makes. He lets Xuan Master.” The upper body overlord female is also first time looks at assuming the post porch Master, although lets Xuan Master every week to come one time, but she does not come to here to eat meal frequently. „Are you here cooking Ren Xuan?” Ichirou Tokugawa stands up to come to see to lets Xuan Master to ask. You are the person of Tokugawa, do not look for my ratio? That following how do two make me come with you to compare?” Lets Xuan Master to look that asked to Ichirou Tokugawa. „It is not good, he had won our one game a moment ago, we must win, moreover a moment ago the one who accepted the competition to challenge is he, he must complete three competitions, then you can go on stage.” Ichirou Tokugawa rejects directly, Xia Tian insulted him and his country a moment ago, therefore he needs Xia Tian pay the price, making the surrounding these people have a look at their Island Country cook. Here is the place of our Man Han Quan Xi, he should only be able to be is a guest performer, therefore is I who here cooks, completes the following challenge to be perfectly justified for him.” Lets Xuan Master to say. I said that is not good is not good, doesn't your China person prestige have?” Ichirou Tokugawa shouts loudly. Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, looked said afterward to Ichirou Tokugawa: Do not call, I also have not said my non- ratio.” At this time the Tokugawa second sons absolutely do not have the slight stop, iron bar in his hand creates an incident tigerishly, that surface is transforming all kinds of shapes above his iron bar. Good!” Some surroundings people cheered unceasingly. Xia Tian moved, he sprinkled one bowl of surface in directly airborne, afterward also threw one bowl of water to airborne. Sees the Xia Tian action, all person all doubts looks to him, does not understand that this is must do.

Sees only both hands of Xia Tian to transport refers , the fast point in the surrounding four points, sees only the bread flour that these scatter in all directions to gather to the middle directly, merges into one organic whole with the water, because Xia Tian surface throwing loose of, therefore water-soluble goes in the later surface is also very loose. „Does he want to do?” Ichirou Tokugawa's puzzled saying. At this moment, all people have all been shocked, because they see Xia Tian to have four hands, no, eight hands, is not right, 16 hands, were nearby not the right, entire pasta presented the Xia Tian innumerable palms. The pasta that these palms will scatter in all directions rubbed in one. Quite quick!” Was also shaken by Xia Tian on reappointment porch Master. „Is he a person?” bo tyrant female whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, he had discovered his put on airs was really makes her surprised more and more. However immediately made they more surprised one appear. Xia Tian unexpectedly revolved the pasta with two fingers, along with unceasing revolving of pasta, the pasta became more and more greatly, was getting more and more thin, Xia Tian captured the attention of all people. Tokugawa second son there nobody looked radically. Two fingers of Xia Tian are rotating, the surface on his hand is getting more and more thin, all people in looking at the surface on his hand, everybody seems was looking that this surface outcome can also be much thin. Possibly so to be how thin.” Lets Xuan whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, in his impression, this surface, when this Bo Du should be pierced by the finger of Xia Tian was right. Several millimeters thickness, all people saw, surface unexpectedly turned transparently when several millimeters thickness.