Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 398
Theoretically, the surface of several millimeters thickness is will point at absolutely pierces, but the finger of Xia Tian as if there is charm to be common, that surface is not broken. Is of great success.” The Xia Tian left hand takes up the blade, puts on the surface edge, the noodles of revolving started themselves to cut. The noodles cut to 50% times, Xia Tian is cut off the surface with the blade, afterward he starts to cut second. Revolving automatic gas cutting. After ten seconds, the surface to put into the pot. Certainly will break to pieces, then after the thin surface puts into the pot, will break to pieces.” Saying that Ichirou Tokugawa disdains, has saying that the Xia Tian technique has shocked him, but the Xia Tian surface was really too thin, once put into the pot, the boiling water will directly cook the surface broken. Yeah!” Also sighed on reappointment porch Master. Snort, the brat, you do not understand the cook, the water of high temperature carry on to cook the surface, the noodles itself cannot be too narrow, cannot be too thin, will otherwise turn into the starch.” Tokugawa second son's surface has also put into the pot, although he has lost to Xia Tian in the technique. The surface that however cooks is absolutely different. Waits to look.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. What your did China have words? Right, does not lose heart to the Yellow River.” Saying that Ichirou Tokugawa ridiculed. Tokugawa second son's surface pot, but the Xia Tian surface did not have a pot, this made everybody has doubts, the Xia Tian surface was so thin, boiled easily has broken to pieces, but his unexpectedly has not left the pot. Ha, you do not certainly dare to open the pot cover, because is the starch is right?” Ichirou Tokugawa laughs was saying that he thinks Tokugawa second son game won. The Tokugawa second sons prepare two small bowls, the meaning was very clear, here had only then Ichirou Tokugawa and Ren who Xuan Master the qualifications tasted.

Lets Xuan Master, please.” Ichirou Tokugawa gains ground to throw out the chest walked. Lets Xuan Master to take up one bowl of noodles to eat: Noodles strength, the inside of each noodles has gone very in the moisture, after the noodles entrance, probably lived was the same, it seems like that iron bar all scattered the surface, good craftsmanship.” Listens to the appraisal of assuming the post porch Master, everybody appreciates, although now their relations are the opposition, but lets Xuan Master actually to give the best appraisal. My was also good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, boils directly. When he boils, people discovered that two root faces have not broken, is thin, unexpectedly has not broken. To have how possibly broken?” Ichirou Tokugawa whole face inconceivable looks at the Xia Tian noodles. Really not broken.” Lets Xuan Master to look that the Xia Tian noodles also slightly stare. Xia Tian has not gone to clamp the noodles, but has pounded on the table that the right hand made an effort, two noodles unexpectedly in pot flew directly. Afterward Xia Tian takes up two bowls, catches noodles that flew. Two, taste.” Xia Tian placed the noodles front said. The person who surroundings these watch the fun has all encircled, looks at that two noodles in bowl. Psst! Noodles unexpectedly is moving, moreover noodles have also made psst the sound.

This is how possible, the noodles are speaking probably.” „, Noodles unexpectedly will not be moving, probably is live is the same.” Was too mysterious, this is how possible, will move, noodles that can also speak, was too mysterious.” Surroundings these foreigners all looked silly, their this whole life has not seen the noodles that has been able to move . Moreover the noodles probably are the same in the speech. Ren Xuan took up the noodles to eat one, his all swallowed the integral root noodles directly. Afterward his whole person was shocked. Originally is this, ha ha ha ha, originally is this.” Lets Xuan Master to say with a smile that he has raised up the thumb to Xia Tian directly, afterward turns the head to look that said to Ichirou Tokugawa: You taste to look that I think whom you should be able to judge to win.” Ichirou Tokugawa has doubts looks at front noodles, he takes up the bowl directly, he wants to eat one, when he only eats first, cannot endure to continue to eat, he felt that his mouth is exploding, the pleasant sensation of this explosion makes him want to stop but cannot. Integral root noodles made him eat. He knows finally the sound, moreover him who which from came also knows why the noodles can move. Air, is the air.” Ichirou Tokugawa whole face inconceivable saying, he has been convinced, he knows that own this side this time lost, from the craftsmanship, is from the surface taste, they lost. After noodles entrance, does not need to chew, the saliva of air and mouth has the response, will blast out directly slenderly, that feeling is this whole life has not experienced. We lost.” Being sincerely convinced that Ichirou Tokugawa loses.

I must listen was not you said that you lost, I hope after you, do not think that has won 1-2 China people, thinks that you have won entire China.” Xia Tian looks at Ichirou Tokugawa saying that among the cooks does not have the enemy, only then competes. I apologized to China, but I hope that you can grant instruction we last stir-fried dish.” Ichirou Tokugawa changed the beforehand arrogance, Xia Tian has made him experience this China crouching tiger , hidden dragon. This, lets Xuan Master to be our China topest chef, you compare this last, compares the egg-fried rice.” Xia Tian looked that said to Ichirou Tokugawa, is not he does not want to compare, is his radically having no way ratio, first two can coax by their book, but this third is the genuine goods at reasonable prices, although he truly can fry rice, but he is only amateur, plays to act smart also good, making him go with the genuine international chef compared with the fried rice, that is looking simply oppressively. Good, that asked gentleman you to make the referee.” Ichirou Tokugawa called Xia Tian for the gentleman, although young of Xia Tian, but study did not have the priority, reached is the master. Xia Tian first two performance already thorough conquered him. Hey, this has the seat.” Xia Tian waved to the upper body overlord female, he now was the referee, naturally must sit there. The upper body overlord female noticed that Xia Tian has not disregarded her, on face one happy, ran over directly, sits in the Xia Tian opposite, here watches the best place of competition. I know that you care my.” After the upper body overlord female sits down, cracks into a chuckle. I know that you and Gu Liya are thieves, therefore you did not use on me waste the time, I will return to Jiang Hai City tomorrow, met the food of this master chef to calculate I was the tour guide thank you.” Xia Tian said in a low voice, his sound only then he and upper body overlord female two people heard. Hears the Xia Tian words, the upper body overlord female stares slightly, she has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly had discovered her status, is she now at heart the good contradiction. She truly is a thief right, but she never directly steals, but steals the opposite party heart first, then makes the opposite party be willing to give her money, she adapted to such life, that moment of but by Xia Tian being seen through, her heart was thoroughly chaotic.