Almighty Student - Volume 4 - Chapter 400
The bar in Hong Kong is completely different from the Jiang Hai City bar, in the Xia Tian eye, the scale is first different, is not interior decoration of bar said that but the scale of going in person is different, in the Jiang Hai City bar, inside majority is the public figure and hooligan at ease. However in the bar in Hong Kong has Freshman very partially is the tender mold, the female anchor, the star also has the second generation of rich wait / etc.. Here woman is prettier, the stature is better, moreover they very much will also dress up, since is comes out to play, that naturally must put on is wilder, therefore this can see the beautiful scenery line everywhere, at this time here is really too beautiful to behold. beautiful Ah! Tonight could be said as Xia Tian comes to Hong Kong most natural one time. Walks, leading you to look at the good play.” Gu Lijing pulls up Xia Tian to run directly to inside, she looked at the surroundings, has hauled in gentleman WC Xia Tian, afterward drew Xia Tian to enter in a small space directly, „Do you want to do?” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to ancient Lijing. Sits on toilet do not move, waits to look at the good play.” Gu Lijing mysterious smiles, she directly sat on the leg of Xia Tian, the space of this small space was very small, in the normal condition accommodated a person is quite loose, accommodated two people quite to be crowded. Moreover was waiting, therefore Gu Lijing sat on the leg of Xia Tian directly. „Can this appear too direct.” Xia Tian awkward saying. „A your male, but also was embarrassed, I have not said anything, today is to lead you looks at the good play, you wait to look.” Gu Lijing usually not to other man this, even if she snatches oneself Little Sister that several boyfriends not to sit the leg of opposite party absolutely, reason that she dares to sit on the Xia Tian leg is because she does not dislike Xia Tian. However she has not thought feeling of Xia Tian, Xia Tian is a normal man, sat by beauty on the leg, that feeling may really have no way to describe. Xia Tian below has worn seven points of trousers, very thin that but Gu Lijing wears a black tutu, this contact infinite approaching contacted in zero distance. Xia Tian can feel the body temperature on ancient Lijing transmitting.

Hey, you did not fear that I have eaten you.” Xia Tian saying in a low voice. „, Let alone the words, came the person.” Gu Lijing said hurriedly that Xia Tian also heard outside sound of footsteps, he does not know that this Gu Lijing must do. Oh! Quick, outside unexpectedly has heard very interesting to listen to cry. Gu Lijing waved to Xia Tian, meaning is to let him looked before the point that they happen to can see outside situation by the crack in a door, is a man and a female is carrying on the intense good play. Before Xia Tian this always, the body cannot help but has bumped into Gu Lijing, possibly was Gu Lijing too strongly attention watches outside matter, therefore has not felt any unusual form. Really was too wonderful.” The females have made an extremely beautiful sound, that female is infinite with the male scenery, probably was the spring comes to be the same, the bird has built own lair such. Beautiful, outside scene can only describe with the beauty. Gu Lijing also felt the following unusual form, but she thinks that was Xia Tian looks earnestly, therefore the cell phone in pocket hit her, she has not cared. Continues to watch outside situation, but she has actually put out a small pinhole from the pocket. You are photographing.” Xia Tian said in a low voice. „, Let alone words.” Gu Lijing said hurriedly. Possibly was outside that two people forgot kindnesses, therefore has not heard Xia Tian and Gu Lijing the voice.

Gu Lijing continues to photograph there, but the Xia Tian situation is is not very good, he now this posture and bo Ba Nvgu Lijing was really too beautiful, beautiful made him somewhat unable to bear, the body protested several times. But Xia Tian now thinks that retreat could not draw back, because Gu Lijing was sitting on his leg, was not retreat, he and Gu Lijing the posture was really too beautiful, beautiful he soon could not accept. „Can you peaceful, I am working.” Gu Lijing understands that what happened, but she also embarrassed said anything. Good, my this is peaceful.” Xia Tian knows one are in the wrong can only quietly to retreat drawing back. She wants to move forward, but in front of her was sticking to the gate, moved radically motionless. Snort!” Gu Lijing felt that Xia Tian is occupying her to be cheap, can only stare Xia Tian one wickedly, afterward has turned the head , to continue to look outside liveliness. Outside situation turned superheating. Finally must finish, really suffers the person.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, this work little has in the inland, only then Hong Kong this developed place will have. Xia Tian is a normal man, saw outside how fights him to bear, but his front is having big beauty, but he also absolutely is not the fellow of that taking advantage of somebody, therefore he was advising himself diligently. Gu Lijing also felt that behind the Xia Tian unusual form, she has not thought will have this matter, early knows that she did not bring Xia Tian to come. Now she also can only implore time to pass a bit faster. At this moment, the Xia Tian within the body residual ancient Buddhist Relic strength has played the role, his heart calmed down spatially, the strength of Buddhism, this strength regarding Xia Tian is very terrifying strength, this strength makes Xia Tian feel one place in Shaolin Monastery is the same. At this time his body is having the subtle change, this change is mysterious, at this moment the comprehension of Xia Tian to Buddha as if entered a brand-new domain, although he has not gone to read, but his within the body has ancient Buddhist Relic, this ancient Buddhist Relic strength is walking randomly his whole body unceasingly.

My body unexpectedly is stiffening.” Xia Tian stares slightly, this is sits idle and enjoys the fruits simply, has not comprehended the Confucian classics of Buddhism, can obtain the addition of Buddhism strength. World Martial Arts leaves Shaolin. These words are are not boasting, because Shaolin is hundred foundations, the foundation is strongest, the foundation looks like the root of big tree, the ground of house is the same, only then the foundation can grow the lofty tree steadily, only then the ground can build up the hundred zhang (333m) building reliably, every skyscraper starts with its foundation is this truth. Now the Xia Tian foundation was being repaired by ancient Buddhist Relic is getting more and more steady. Martial Arts of Shaolin is the foundation, so long as the foundation were steady, that later cultivation anything Kungfu will be easy, unexpectedly of Xia Tian in this environment saw the light suddenly, this makes him very excited, before he does not know how should use ancient Buddhist Relic. Now ancient Buddhist Relic unexpectedly direct helps him automatically. Bang! Xia Tian within the body as if exploded to be the same, his strength was promoted once more, a pure strength entered to his within the body, this made him feel that own whole person has fallen into the strength sea. His strength is stronger, the opportunity that he later lives is bigger, his exceed can protect own family member and friend. Broke through?” Xia Tian immediately on face one happy.