Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 401

No, has not broken through.” The Xia Tian original manuscript thinks one broke through, but he has not broken through, but was between the breakthrough has a thin film. Although has not broken through, but was similar, so long as has some turning point again, I can break through.” Thinks that the strength can break through, Xia Tian very excited, he has not thought that in this case his strength unexpectedly broke through. Moreover he has also sensed the religious texts of some Buddhists, although he has not known that this religious texts are useful, but he knows that own future can certainly be useful. It seems like had the time I also really to go to a Shaolin Monastery Xia Tian to respect Shaolin, after all Shaolin became the Martial Arts highly respected person. The Xia Tian present enemy may be many, he wants to promote the strength, that must go to the true Martial Arts sacred place, Shaolin Monastery. However mentioned also strangely, Xia Tian was so long outside, had not seen that any Shaolin Expert walked Jianghu: „Did they live in seclusion to chant scripture?” After the consciousness of Xia Tian restores to come. That two people were just about to leave gentleman WC, after the two left, Gu Lijing hurriedly has stood, but this stood her leg to feel weak has almost not sat on the ground. Be careful.” The Xia Tian left hand embraces, has drawn her directly. At this moment Gu Lijing felt really Xia Tian was that put on airs. You are all right!” Xia Tian looks that Gu Lijing asked. All right, was right, has almost forgotten the proper business.” Gu Lijing has put out his cell phone, she turned on the map, then on the map presented the localization, on her map also has another localization. „Are you doing? You just probably were photographing surreptitiously!” Xia Tian puzzled looked that asked to bo Ba Nvgu Lijing. Naturally has been photographing surreptitiously, this was my occupation.” Gu Lijing mysterious smiles. Occupation? You are not the tabloid reporter.” Xia Tian asked again. Naturally, I was not a spy, moreover was the detective, that male his wife had given me a moment ago a sum of money, making me find out the evidence that this man went off track, like this they brought a lawsuit, the bride's side got the advantage.” Gu Lijing answered. „, Weren't you a moment ago that arrived at the evidence?” Xia Tian asked.

Evidence naturally the more better, moreover I forgot to make the picture a moment ago.” Gu Lijing said. „Do you make me come for together to be the detective with you?” Xia Tian strange looks that Gu Lijing asked. Was good, do not result in cheaply has also shown off cleverness, the matter did not permit to say.” Gu Lijing warned, she said said should refer to cannot say to her Little Sister Gu Liya. Xia Tian knows one were in the wrong also only to nod with. After they went out of WC, Gu Lijing started to search that man with the vision. „Are you looking for him?” Xia Tian patted Gu Lijing the shoulder saying that wants to find a person by his power of observation here, that simply was easy as pie. Is he, your look is good, inborn works as the material of spy.” Gu Lijing said. They have not depended too nearly. He is prescribing medicine probably!” Gu Lijing saw the movement that man said that moreover he was saying anything to nearby that several people. They said that wants to play exciting, several pairs play together, they altogether have related three pairs, one to these female after having put that medicine, leading them to go to 201 theater boxes.” Xia Tian saw their spoken language. How you know that what they did say?” Gu Lijing looks puzzled to Xia Tian. „Can I the spoken language, on the other hand, we think so?” What Xia Tian said is that several female students by below that medicine matter. Naturally looks that these female students are leech on moneybags, even if he does not prescribe medicine, agreement that these female students can also yield with a show of reluctance.” Gu Lijing answered, afterward she held up the hand of Xia Tian directly. Why do we go?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally went to 201 theater boxes first, looks place that can photograph and record, this evidence has sufficed absolutely, moreover his unexpectedly played this set, this video patted, this completed only.” Gu Lijing draws Xia Tian to go to two Lou Pao. They arrive at 201 times, inside nobody, this is in wraps.

Here has the independence washroom, there is a closet. conceal goes in!” Gu Lijing referred to the closet saying. Is so small, how to hide.” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Makes you hide, you hide!” Gu Lijing said that begins to push directly, at this time out had also broadcast the sound. Xia Tian and Gu Lijing hid hurriedly. Has saying that this closet was really too narrow, could not put several clothes, moreover now in this is also hanging several bathrobes, but Xia Tian does not know that in the theater box closet in bar put the bathrobe to do. Here cannot take a bath. However he does not have that many time to consider, because outside these people have come. Xia Tian and Gu Lijing two people hide in the narrow and small space, Xia Tian simply cannot halt, can only be slanting by in inside, but the bo Ba Nvgu Lijing's body is the tight post on his body. Gu Lijing also can only depend there. Actually comes in later Gu Lijing to discover here narrowly, for the job requirement she also can only endure, she can feel the body temperature on Xia Tian transmitting now clearly. Xia Tian has not moved heedlessly, but she first time with a man in such narrow and small space, he is not familiar with, to work he also can only endure, if not Xia Tian, he is very difficult to discover this person. Although before her, has looked for the Gu Liya boyfriend, but these people had been deceived by her finally, has not handled anything to her. She felt that her body is very dry and hot. After all here space was really too small, the air circulation was not good. Here, if had a vent to be good.” Xia Tian said in a low voice.

Gives you an air conditioning to want?” Gu Lijing discontented saying, she is also very hot, but has been enduring patiently, Xia Tian is so big man unexpectedly also these many matters. Good, good.” Xia Tian excited saying, he heard Gu Lijing a saying air conditioning time became very energetic. Gu Lijing thorough was speechless. She thinks that Xia Tian present idiot degree is 200%. Hey, our several do play interesting how is it today?” Outside that person said suddenly. You said that plays?” We play the dice, who has won, who escapes clothes of person, escaped till them did not have.” If escaped does not have?” Who has won, who can have one minute, in this minute can only handle something to a person, makes any casualness specifically.” Good, this game is interesting.” These people fit in easily, this game really suited their appetite, was exciting and amusing, moreover there is an anticipation feeling, has won the person can first enjoy the game. Outside these people start exciting game. Xia Tian in closet may not feel better, here was really too narrow, moreover this room was also very hot, he a little cannot breathe heavily to be mad now.