Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 403

Next morning, on Xia Tian the airplane, Gu Lijing had not come to deliver him, perhaps when does not want to understand the distinction feeling, but the mayor came. Your boy, such hurriedly walked, next time will come to Hong Kong to me call.” The mayor patted the shoulder of Xia Tian, Xia Tian has helped his busy, the imperial jade seal that lost also looked. Brother, has the place that anything needs to help to call me.” Xia Tian also polite. Good, such settled.” The mayor complies directly, he waits for Xia Tian these words. Hey, I am only polite polite.” Xia Tian awkward saying. What did you say? I had not heard a moment ago, the signal is not possibly good, I know that you are the person who a heavy commitment is loyal, I remembered your words, had the matter I certainly to call you, will be absolutely impolite.” The mayor looks at Xia Tian to say very earnestly. Xia Tian thorough was speechless, he felt that he has fallen into the snare of mayor, they are away from are less than one meter, his unexpectedly is not good with own time signal. After on airplane, Xia Tian felt that is very comfortable. He left Hong Kong this place is apt to get into trouble finally. He to the Hong Kong biggest feeling was too dangerous, the illusion in legend unexpectedly was so dangerous. This I may be safe.” Xia Tian feels relaxes, has closed both eyes directly, although only then two hours of flight, but Xia Tian wants to rest a meeting, after all yesterday evening worked as the spy with ancient Lijing, comes back was too late, he has not rested well. Finally can rest well.” Xia Tian felt that a happy heart heads on. Gentleman hello.” When Xia Tian wants to close eye rest, by him that person opens the mouth to say suddenly. Volume, what matter?” Xia Tian puzzled looks to the opposite party, young of opposite party, 28 or 29-year-old, the body wears the western-style clothes. „Do you drive?” That person asked. Does not open.” Xia Tian replied.

What transportation vehicle you usually ride?” That person asked again. 11!” Xia Tian replied again. Public transportation.” That person just wants to say anything, was broken by Xia Tian. 11 are the meanings of two legs, 11 are the meanings of walking.” Xia Tian answered. „, You are really humorous, is your usual physical condition how is it?” That person asked. Good.” Xia Tian does not understand that he must say anything: Wait / Etc., you directly me told that you must do.” Hello, I am the China Pingan Insurance Company.” The opposite party extended own right hand very in a friendly way. „The ancient does not bully me honestly.” Xia Tian surprised looks that this person said that if he does not break, this person can chat till under the airplane with him absolutely. Sir, ancient has not related with our China safely, they at that time, do not have now this welfare benefit, we had the car insurance safely, the person the life insurance, the medical insurance.” Stops!” Xia Tian stops directly: Elder brother, your resting meeting? I want to rest a meeting.” Gentleman you rests slowly, I know a moment ago what you want to say that ‚a person sells the insurance, family is not concerned about face, this we have been used to it, on the successful path will always be misunderstood by others.” That insurance man inflates to say to oneself. Good that said that I support you, protects your dream, I rest the meeting first.” Xia Tian closes the eye to start to sleep directly. Passed through the small interlude, Xia Tian has fallen quickly asleep. Sir, awakes, your this alit from the airplane.” The stewardesses arrive at Xia Tian saying of side very politeness. „, To.” Xia Tian looked at around one, the person were exposed, remaining he.

Sir, invited to bring your personal effects.” The stewardesses reminded. Recently possibly was too tired, unexpectedly will rest excessively.” Xia Tian shook own head, he is so ripe, the unexpectedly under airplane that the first time rests does not know, if some people must injure him a moment ago, perhaps has succeeded. Xia Tian does not have what baggage, that several little things, had been put away by him. Shouted!” Xia Tian long inspiration of: „The Jiang Hai City air is good.” Xia Tian walks toward front, at this moment, a female walked from the Xia Tian opposite. Puff! On the arm of Xia Tian was delimited a blade, if a moment ago were not quick, this blade that he hid pricked his heart, this female was Assassins. shit, I just now under airplane, have not awaked.” Xia Tian says with emotion, his flash of X-Ray Vision eye opening saw familiar one. The body of this female Assassins has the bomb. Is you.” Xia Tian walks toward that female Assassins directly. Blade direct thorn in that female Assassins hand to Xia Tian, in the knife point must move the heart of Xia Tian immediately, the Xia Tian whole person disappeared. Well, person?” That female Assassins stares slightly, at this moment she feels herself on one cool. Divine Art Dragon Claw hand.’ Xia Tian had just used his unique skill, has removed female Assassins bomb directly, afterward he decomposed the bomb fast, he was familiar with this type of bomb, the speed of therefore opening is fast. Goes back to tell your leaders, you could not kill me, do not waste the time.” Xia Tian stands in female Assassins said.

How possible?” Female Assassins has turned around hurriedly, traces own body, a face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. I do not hit the woman, you walk.” Xia Tian said that direct turn around leaves. That female Assassins sees the mission failure, does not have the stay to leave directly, this is the custom of black rose, the mission failure, first detonates the bomb, the bomb is unable to detonate runs away, if cannot escape on the breaking by biting mouth surface toxicant. Xia Tian had already guessed correctly their mouths have the toxicant, therefore has not felt embarrassed them, the heavy hand destroys colored matter Xia Tian to be possible unable to do. Bang! A gunshot transmits, two fingers of Xia Tian lift, gripped this bullet directly, what the opposite party uses is the ordinary pistol, moreover is away from him to have 50 meters far, therefore his Finger of Consonance grips this bullet not to be difficult. Comes one.” Xia Tian foot hemorrhaging light dodged the whole person to vanish in same place. Divine Art Dragon Claw hand.’ Xia Tian has used his unique skill once more, before using unique skill, he (spear|gun) in that female Assassins hand opening, the speed of his group (spear|gun) is fast, opens the speed of (spear|gun) to be faster. The response of that female Assassins was just the same as that female Assassins. Xia Tian has removed a pulp the bomb. Such has the demeanor man not to feel embarrassed the woman like me, you walk.” Xia Tian said once more stand forth, but this time turned around, because he sees behind of bus also to have two female Assassins. That female Assassins watches the mission failure, leaves directly. shit, were this group of women insane?” Xia Tian feels speechless immediately.