Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 404

Xia Tian just sighed with emotion, hides that two female Assassins near bus discovered that Xia Tian must walk, has killed directly. Xia Tian wanted to distinguish this group of female Assassins status is really too simple, regardless of their Qiaozhuang, on them that bomb not to change how, therefore the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye looked at one to the crowd, which could see is Assassins. Hey, do not come, I do not want to injure you.” Xia Tian looks that two Assassins shout. That two Assassins saw their status exposed, put out the dagger of waist directly, their useful blade, useful hidden weapon, used the dagger, useful (spear|gun), but used most few of (spear|gun). These two use is the dagger. Yeah, said many again also useless.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. The foot hemorrhaging light dodges. Divine Art Dragon Claw hand.’ Xia Tian grasped that two female Assassins bombs directly, after opening was rotten, Xia Tian directly leaves, he this time was disinclined to say including the words, after he knew one left, these two female Assassins automatically will leave. Poisonous Rose Assassins organization uniform beauty, moreover after strict training. Generally speaking each of them's strength is not weak in these Special Force, before the average person they absolutely is Expert, but bumps into Xia Tian this monstruous talent same existence, they absolutely did not have the opportunity. Ok, walks, only then walks is going back safely, has not needed to implicate the person.” The Xia Tian being stranded intent vanished completely, he knows, once rode the bus, the person on that entire bus had the danger. If he rides the rental car, the driver of that rental car will have the danger. Therefore he has chosen the safest method, 11. Sir!” At this moment a white car(riage) stopped in the Xia Tian side. shit, how is you.” Xia Tian saw that safe male.

You how, on my car(riage), happen to I can continue to speak our insurances to you on foot.” Safe male very polite saying. He he, I quite liked 11.” Xia Tian awkward saying, even if nobody chases down him, he does not ride this insurance male car(riage), after he is afraid himself to get out, will be insane. Good, this is my name card, if after you, need anything insures, can call me.” The safe male has given a Xia Tian name card directly, saw the opposite party sincere look, Xia Tian can only receive the name card. After that white car(riage) leaves, Xia Tian starts on foot walks toward the urban district. On this road has not seen female Assassins, thinks that these female Assassins have not thought Xia Tian will go back on foot. I am fortunately intelligent, was then quiet.” Xia Tian already own quick-witted being charmed. He fell in love with himself quickly. Bang! Bang! Bang! At this moment Xia Tian side comes black Jetta, the Jetta glass opens, altogether presented three female Assassins simultaneously to approach Xia Tian to open fire. I have scratched, my 11, your unexpectedly also drove to pursue, were you concerned about face.” The body of Xia Tian is moving fast, runs directly to that car(riage). Has not hit, acceleration! Leaves here.” That several female Assassins said. Xia Tian also opened the speed. Thump! That several female Assassins heard suddenly has knocked the glass the sound. Em?” When they turn the head to look to out of the window, discovered that Xia Tian unexpectedly appears in out of the window, moreover his unexpectedly by running, is impartial with the speed of car(riage).

to open fire.” Several people open the glass, wants to open fire. But opens the flash of glass in them, the (spear|gun)s in their hand were opened a pulp. Girl each family plays any (spear|gun), you several went according to bomb individually, could not explode me, you quickly walked.” Xia Tian said to slow the tempo, that black Jetta fast opening to distant place. On that several female Assassins forehead is the sweat, although they have projected on very low temperature the air conditioning, however their hot perspiration are flowing. Terror! Their several first time sees such terrifying person. Speed unexpectedly that runs can the car(riage) is equally quick, moreover he lifted the hand to give to open the (spear|gun)s in their hand. This chapter should be safe.” Xia Tian does not believe this group of Assassins the similar method use two. When Xia Tian is rejoicing, he saw a truck suddenly, right is the truck, the truck does not have what strangely, what is strange what drives the truck is a female driver, moreover on her also has the bomb, what is main is she is driving to hit to Xia Tian. Mahler desert.” Xia Tian had obloquied, body dodged has evaded the hit of truck directly. That truck installed on the bridge directly, crashed the bridge, under the bridge was the sea. Danger.” Xia Tian body, the whole person jumped, jumped side of truck directly, the right hand has made an effort, will sit in inside female driver has drawn. The truck has fallen into the sea, female driver was saved. I with some of your big enmity, must be used to kill me, this all the way many people.” Xia Tian saw the movement of female, she wants to detonate to hide in bomb. Divine Art Dragon Claw hand.’

Xia Tian has drawn the bomb directly, then opened a pulp to feed, my good intention saved you, do you also want to kill me?” Female Assassins has not spoken, bites the toxicant in oneself tooth directly. ! A clear palm of the hand sound. I usually do not hit woman, but I cannot visit you dead before me, I do not want to be what kind of you, you as for taking poison?” Xia Tian looks at female Assassins depressed saying: Good, you walk, I have put you, this chapter did not need to commit suicide.” Xia Tian said that direct turn around leaves. That female Assassins strange looks at Xia Tian, she has not seen such person, he was assassinated obviously, finally also rescues itself. Has marked a formula in her heart to Xia Tian directly, odd person = SB = Xia Tian. However is good because of Xia Tian does not know how she thinks, otherwise certainly by living irritation. Chief of black rose Assassins organization looks at information that begins to upload, deeps frown. All failed, moreover own person has not died, not only has not died, instead had been rescued several times by Xia Tian, where has by the stabber is also saved the Assassins person. Ok, I personally get rid.” Chief of black rose Assassins organization this time altogether has brought these people, her 32 assassinations were defeated, that also can only she get rid personally, if links her to get rid unable to kill Xia Tian personally, that this mission is unable to complete. Moreover she felt that Xia Tian this person was too strange, therefore she must see this odd person personally.