Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 405

Xia Tian did not remember one have met in this all the way many have assassinated, in any case dozens, moreover this assassination all the way is really makes her chest cavity be dumbfounded, various, changed the flower was the same. However only invariable is on them that bomb, how regardless of therefore they change, Xia Tian first can recognize them to come. Therefore Xia Tian is shocking but not dangerous each time. I went, this group of insane women, I was really sufficed they.” Xia Tian must arrive in Jianghai University immediately. Sees Jianghai University time, he also relaxed, this time he did not need to assassinate facing these finally. He believes that these Assassins will not go to the campus to carry on blatant assassination. Because such influence will be very big. All Assassins organizations have this custom, does not want to cause trouble to open fire, do not kill people in the school, because the strength of this farm earth theory is very big, once the news reported them, then they will shut out by the customer. Later might unable to receive business very much. Comes, you come.” When Xia Tian just about to enters the school, he saw female Assassins, this female Assassins long is very attractive, but Xia Tian absolutely does not have that thoughts to go now aesthetically, he is beckoning to female Assassins directly. He has soon been driven beyond the limits of forbearance. These people probably are never-ending is the same. „Were you calling me?” That female Assassins does not believe that own camouflage can expose, because she is Chief of black rose Assassins organization. She has the sufficient confidence to her camouflage.

Naturally calls you, you came.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. Chief trend Xia Tian of black rose Assassins organization gradually, she prepared to hide the pin in finger at the same time, she thinks that this was a good opportunity, she while the Xia Tian most negligent time got rid to Xia Tian. „Did you have not to have?” Xia Tian looks that female Assassins asked. Em?” Chief of black rose Assassins organization frowns to look that asked to Xia Tian: Your words are any meaning, I cannot understand!” Do not install, the people of your entire Assassins organization all hide a bomb, therefore my admitting mistakes person, I only does not want to ask you, you had not to have.” Xia Tian serious looks that female Assassins asked. Chief of black rose Assassins organization knows one have exposed, from the Xia Tian words she knows that Xia Tian truly discovers her, but she was very curious, actually Xia Tian how discovered her, hid the bomb right, however own bomb should hide very secret was right: How do you see my bomb?” Do not shift the topic, I asked that your is, you had not to have!” Xia Tian looks that female Assassins asked again. I am last, if I could not kill you, I gave up mission.” Chief of black rose Assassins organization looks at Xia Tian to say. Good, you come.” Xia Tian very earnest looks at female Assassins, since female Assassins said that she was last, that Xia Tian did not miss this last. Wait / Etc.!” Chief of black rose Assassins organization shouts suddenly. How?” Xia Tian depressed asking. I am very curious, why you do not kill these people, instead will also save them!” Chief of black rose Assassins organization asked the question in oneself heart. I always do not hit woman, moreover I do not like the heavy hand destroying the flower, although you are Assassins, but you are also the women, I think that you definitely have your difficulties, otherwise who likes going, when Assassins, why bother I feel embarrassed you.” Xia Tian answered.

Chief of black rose Assassins organization hears the Xia Tian words, her unexpectedly cried. Cried! Saw the opposite party to cry, Xia Tian may on ignorant, his anything weaponry see, has not seen Assassins to cry, moreover was female Assassins. Hey, do not cry, I also do not have you to be what kind.” Xia Tian became is thrown into confusion all of a sudden. Hum! That Assassins grasped Xia Tian to cry directly. Xia Tian has not felt any murderous aura from her, therefore has not gone to prevent her. The female Assassins crying sound is louder, probably could not stop was the same, surroundings these ambushes hoodwinked in female Assassins of hidden place, just started them to think that Chief this was the new dark Assassins section, but looked has met them to discover does not suit, Chief unexpectedly cried. Do not cry, has any matter, you said that so long as does not kill my, to be how good.” Xia Tian really did not have means with her. No person such forgave us, the sisters, came out.” As her sound falls, walks probably more than 50 women in all directions, their Xia Tian has seen, because these people have assassinated Xia Tian, but has not succeeded. Yeah, you.” Xia Tian looked at surrounding these person of helpless shaking the head. Thank you, you are first understand our people, is first respects our people, I decide to give up to your assassination.” Chief very earnest saying of black rose Assassins organization. Ok, I thought that you give up making Assassins this line, I thought that you do not support easily.” Xia Tian looked that said to Chief of black rose Assassins organization.

Does not make Assassins, what can we also make? The woman like us, without any craftsmanship, except for killing people our anything, is unable to base outside, making us get married, that is a little not realistic, the sisters see the countenance of these bastards, is very difficult the object who found to admire, moreover our line cannot contact any good man.” Chief pitiful saying of black rose Assassins organization. I have the means that your people all in this?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Chief of black rose Assassins organization. No, our altogether 100 people, other is making mission.” Chief of black rose Assassins organization said. You summoned Jiang Hai City to come them, from now henceforth Jiang Hai City was your families, I will arrange the work to you, helping you live the life of normal person.” Xia Tian very earnest saying. But our anything Ah! Chief of black rose Assassins organization will not say. Since you will kill people, that was also certain the meeting guardian, you worked as the bodyguard, female bodyguard.” Xia Tian also sprouts up the fantasy. Bodyguard, sounds probably well.” Chief of black rose Assassins organization nodded. I felt that I hit it off well with one another with you very much, starting today you when my younger sister, you do name?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Chief of black rose Assassins organization. I do not have the name, our entire black rose Assassins organizes inside all people to call the black rose.” Chief of black rose Assassins organization said. Good, later your black rose Assassins organizes all people surnamed Xia, with my surname, you later is my Little Sister, you called Xia Xue.” Xia Tian like this received a big younger sister.