Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 406

Reason that Xia Tian can so relaxed the biggest reason that accepts the black rose Assassins organization is because, she has not killed the person of any black rose Assassins organization, words that therefore she spoke, will be convincing. If Xia Tian has killed the person of black rose Assassins organization, then he these words, some people will not believe a moment ago. Xia Xue is black rose Assassins organizes the Chief new name, she just started the doubts Xia Tian procedure, when Xia Tian said that segment Hua she felt sincerely, therefore she with emotion will cry. Gives up Assassins this occupation, she does not think, when Assassins, she also knows sisters' pain. Therefore Xia Tian urged she reformed, she will directly comply. After the research of Xia Tian and Xia Xue, they give the members of black rose organization to give the name that was good to record, the summer one, summer two, Xia Sandeng and others. They use the digit to come their name. Xia Xue summoned all black roses Assassins of outside directly, because these people are the orphans, moreover various countries' people have, therefore Xia Tian must handle the China ID card for them first. If normally, they handle ID card that are very difficult, even can be said as impossible, because they of unknown origin. Who however is Xia Tian? The special Operations Office chief teacher, the special Operations Office person investigates the person of unknown origin specially, Xia Tian knows that their status, naturally did not need to investigate anything, he has made a phone call to that several Leader directly, making them help to manage, but Xia Tian also needed the pictures of these people. Although that several Leader do not know that such a woman of important goods is any status, but undergoes their research, enrolled in them the Xia Tian family directly, the age was smaller than Xia Tian one year old, was Xia Tian own Little Sister. Has saying that their several absolutely is the stupid idea, if makes others see, will discover that the birthdays of these people are one day, moreover same month and same day live in the same year, in other words a Xia Tian mother butcher has given birth to 100 children, moreover female. The first requests of Xia Tian to these Little Sister cannot kill people, cannot begin casually, in the junction gets rid the (spear|gun), the bomb and toxicant of body conceal. Moreover does not allow them to touch these things. Xia Xue understands the Xia Tian really care they, therefore also deferred to the view of Xia Tian to manage.

Those who made Xia Tian surprised was Xia Xue is very rich, was richer than him are too many. After all before Xia Xue, but Chief of black rose Assassins organization, black rose Assassins organization most famous is the mission finish rate is very high. Therefore she has made a lot of money. Xia Xue wants to give Xia Tian money, but was rejected by Xia Tian directly. Money you are taking care, these money are Little Sister trade with the life, I give your first mission now.” Xia Tian very earnest looks to front these Little Sister. What mission?” Xia Xue asked. Person who shopping, is bringing your shops, but you cannot walk together, because such an important goods person was really too scary, I will arrange the person to you, leading you to shop, but first I will make the person lead you to buy a house, this money you left, because must buy to stay your many People houses, the environment was also better, I may unable to afford.” Xia Tian answered, house that 100 people of living, that was the villa group, his villa could not afford, let alone villa group. Money is not the issue, key point is we do not know that which buys.” Xia Xue said. I send for leading you to go, then your second mission tidies up to me your families, I will inspect tomorrow.” Xia Tian looked that said to these people. Good, the sisters, starting today, in this world did not have black rose Assassins to organize, we changed name are the Xia Family armed forces.” On the face of Xia Xue had smiling face. Xia Tian has made a phone call to Xu, has arranged, although Xu does not know that these people concrete are any status, but heard Xia Tian saying that was own Little Sister, he naturally does not dare to neglect, led an important goods person to catch up directly personally. Xu handles matters, Xia Tian compares to feel relieved that although the problems and customs of Xia Family armed forces these people are impossible to change immediately, but Xia Tian believes that so long as gives him the time, one month of these people can integrate this metropolis absolutely thoroughly. Said goodbye to Xia Xue they, Xia Tian entered Jianghai University, school that this he deeply loves, although his day of class has not gotten up, but he after is the Jianghai University student. After Xia Tian Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin have made a phone call, directly toward Literature and Art Department walks.

When Xia Tian opens the Literature and Art Department door, the form threw his arms together directly, was Bing Xin. The short separation wins the new joy is this meaning. You also know.” Ye Qingxue walked from side. My this does not have mission.” Xia Tian awkward saying. I told you, Bing Xin has confessed that I also wanted the variation, you look at the office.” Ye Qingxue said. Sorry, I have not hidden the truth from her.” Bing Xin suffering from injustice saying. Fool, said anything to sorry, I must let the older female cousin variation.” Xia Tian blew the nose of Bing Xin to say. What gift brought, looked at your appearance, was penniless, is not what won't have brought?” Ye Qingxue discontented looks at Xia Tian to ask. Xia Tian looks their mysterious smiles, afterward both hands turn, bypass their necks. Their two both felt that the difference on neck, simultaneously looked to the opposite party. „!” They simultaneously were shocked. Was too attractive.” Ye Qingxue and Bing Xin also said. Their two look is the necklaces on opposite party neck. Hey, you, that side has the mirror, has a look own.” Xia Tian looks that two females said.

Before two females directly runs to arrive at the mirror, their two looked at their necklace, looked at the necklace of opposite party, has been shocked thoroughly, what Ye Qingxue is the snowflake falls, what Bing Xin is the ice crystal falls. Their two felt that Xia Tian was really too careful. You two individual happy is too early, saw that middle that attractive stone nearby hanging did fall?” Xia Tian asked. Saw, there are six.” Ye Qingxue replied. This is the defensive accessory, that six hang to fall is six opportunities, can counter-balance six injuries for you, after waiting for six times to use, needs to restore voluntarily, the speed of restoring will be very slow, therefore you must pay attention.” The Xia Tian reminder said. What? unexpectedly can also defend, extraordinary, that in the thing with god modern drama was not similar.” Ye Qingxue shocking saying, Xia Tian really has also given her today too many were surprised. bo! Bing Xin ran over directly on the face of Xia Tian has kissed one. bo! Ye Qingxue also ran over on other Xia Tian one side face has kissed one.