Almighty Student - Volume 5 - Chapter 408
As Ye Qingxue yells, Xia Tian grasps the forehead of Bing Xin hurriedly, protected Bing Xin with own body, this was his instinct movement, but he discovered at this moment vase unexpectedly has not pounded him, that flash when he turned head saw inconceivable one. Bing Xin turns the head to look that similarly saw inconceivable one. Vase in the hand of Ye Qingxue, but body unexpectedly float of Ye Qingxue in midair. Ye Qingxue also noted their change. I am flying right?” Ye Qingxue looked that asked to Xia Tian. Em.” Xia Tian and Bing Xin also nodded. Right, Ye Qingxue is flying, sees float Ye Qingxue in midair, Xia Tian can affirm that this absolutely is the super big variation, moreover is the best variation, because in his cognition, even if Bai Yu is impossible to fly, is more impossible to float in the midair. This is not the martial arts float, is more like the different functions, special different functions. older female cousin, you get down first.” Xia Tian looks at Ye Qingxue to say. „.” Body landing of Ye Qingxue slowly. How do you control yourself to fall to the ground?” Xia Tian opens the mouth to ask directly. I, so long as thinks whereabouts place, I fell to the ground, then I am thinking must fly, I flew.” Ye Qingxue said complete individual float in the midair. older female cousin, are you perhaps high?” Xia Tian asked. Perhaps is not high.” Ye Qingxue replied. That is good.” Saying that Xia Tian rejoices, he may be afraid Ye Qingxue, because is perhaps high, if flew the later fear to fall that to trouble Xia Tian heard Ye Qingxue saying that controlled by thought that Xia Tian guessed that she was the same with herself, was own X-Ray Vision eye, was different functions one kind, needs to consume Spiritual Force.

older female cousin, I, if has not guessed that wrong, your flying controls by Spiritual Force, if controls too for a long time, you will have the dizziness disgusting phenomenon, after you, Spiritual Force promoted to fly to meet.” Xia Tian present Spiritual Force obtained the obvious promotion. He discovered that he Spiritual Force speed promotion in the refiner is quickest. On that day after the refiner had finished, he discovered that his Spiritual Force has promoted a big truncation. Possibly is related with the refiner, may be is related with that stone, because his refiner time consumes very big Spiritual Force, then the stone compensates his Spiritual Force, so this repeatedly is also to a temperance of Spiritual Force. How long I first try me to maintain this condition.” Ye Qingxue proposed. Great idea, after like this, can avoid the matter that flies half to fall.” Xia Tian nodded. Ye Qingxue direct float, Xia Tian and a Bing Xin face envies visits her. After five minutes, Ye Qingxue head inside dizziness, the body falls downward, although not high, but such falls suddenly, definitely meets wai to arrive at the foot, therefore the Xia Tian form dodged hugs Ye Qingxue directly in the bosom. Was too natural, was too graceful, if this I old should be good.” Bing Xin in saying that the one side envies, she saw the posture that Xia Tian clashes and grasped the Ye Qingxue posture is too graceful, like idol drama in such, but she responded immediately: „It is not right, he is my husband.” All right!” Xia Tian puts out that stone hurriedly, grasped in the hand of Ye Qingxue. Instantaneous, both eyes of Ye Qingxue opened the state of mind fully to restore. Any thing, is so mysterious.” Ye Qingxue looks to that stone in hand. Good thing, but this cannot give you, above has recorded to my useful thing.” Xia Tian mysterious smiles. Had fainted a moment ago suddenly, scared to death me.” Ye Qingxue felt own that flash probably died was the same. Has not related, the custom was good, that feeling was the Spiritual Force consumption light, later remembered, most over four minutes, otherwise you will feel that the condition was not very good, moreover this ability do not use before the person, this was the rule.” The Xia Tian reminder said.

What rule?” Ye Qingxue puzzled asking. Unspoken rule!!” Xia Tian very earnest saying. „Did your boy line, my you want the unspoken rule including your older female cousin?” Ye Qingxue lu has own sleeve to start. older female cousin, do not misunderstand, what I said is the Jianghu unspoken rule, is not my unspoken rule.” Xia Tian answered hurriedly. Xia Tian now has felt finally relieved, had the protection of snow and ice necklace, in addition Bing Xin and Ye Qingxue they two abilities, the average person was impossible to injure to them. After telling some Ye Qingxue taboos, Xia Tian left Ye Qingxue residence. Just exited, he has bumped into an acquaintance. Bai Yu. shit, you track certainly me.” Xia Tian despises looks at Bai Yu. „The Quicksand information is not a vegetarian.” Bai Yu looks at Xia Tian to say. You and Sister Hong how?” Xia Tian saw that Bai Yu has remembered Sister Hong, Sister Hong and Bai Yu their is falls in love. You later changed a statement to call her sister-in-law.” Bai Yu light saying. shit, has not looked that you start to be very quick, did this take Sister Hong? I did not call her sister-in-law, strange, I called Sister Hong to be freely spoken.” Xia Tian did not change a statement. That as you like.” Bai Yu had not insisted. „Did you tell him your status?” Xia Tian asked.

Told, I do not want to hide the truth from her anything, I do not want to bring the injury to her.” Bai Yu said. Sister Hong did not mind that you are the Quicksand person?” Xia Tian asked again. She said that I am everyone am unimportant, what she likes is I, but is not my status.” Bai Yu said here time, on face presented a happy expression. shit, cannot bear you, selects properly, is the specific speed how is it?” Xia Tian looked that said to Bai Yu. Good, you in Jiang Hai City, I do not have the meaning strangely, now you came back, naturally compare.” Bai Yu nodded. Xia Tian rubbish with him, who strikes the first blow has the advantage, while the Bai Yu speech time starts directly. Together blood color break-up. Bai Yu stares slightly, he discovered that the Xia Tian speed was also fast, moreover this unexpectedly quick oddness. ! Bai Yu overtook Xia Tian. How did your speed change quick these many?” Bai Yu felt own this time cannot keep the hand again, otherwise he may lose to Xia Tian very much. Ha Ha, naturally found the winding speed the means that you full speed, actually making me have a look between present me and you some speed also big disparities.” In the heart of Xia Tian the Bai Yu speed is quickest. This time he has been flickered body technique, the speed was promoted once more. Therefore he must have a look at itself and some disparity also many between Bai Yu.